Expecting moms... how long are you waiting until after baby arrives to have visitors?

I’m due in less than 4 weeks. We have been social distancing since March. I’m really nervous about what it will be like after our baby arrives. Our doctor told us at least 2 weeks, but only a few people that have been socially distancing. No one is socially distancing anymore.


Your baby. Your comfort level. Your rules. Period!


I would listen to the doctor. You’re responsible about social distancing but many people aren’t. Your baby’s health is worth any inconvenience or hurt feelings it may cause


Oh man I wouldn’t allow anyone to come to my house with covid19 and the stupid people that won’t practice social distancing and even if they did, still it’s your baby but remember if a newborn gets this virus I can’t even imagine the suffering or even death

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My baby is 4 months. Ive social distanced from day one

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I have a friend that kept all family and friends away for over 3 months after giving birth and when they did see new baby and other children masks can’t say that I blame her


They can meet the baby via Zoom… I wouldn’t even risk it.


Dont risk it… 2 weeks isnt that long… A month is better…

I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant! And have a feeling baby will be coming before her due date… I have been quarantining since March. Twice I have been in contact to very close family members testing positive for the Covid. (Including my significant other)… This was earlier in May. I don’t get why people still ask me why I don’t go out? Why I decided not to have baby shower. ? Like really?! I’m not having family members visit baby when it’s born right away … they can wait till baby is 5+ months and with a face mask on…
But that’s just me lol

I waited 4 months and they don’t kiss my baby and wash hands before even coming near her. This is only for immediate family that I’ve talked to the whole time. Everyone else gets sent pics and video until this crap is safer.

You & babys safety comes first considering whats going on, so if 3 months sounds good for you do 3 months or whats good for you. Another person said to zoom visit thats a awesome idea do it at your own time and ppl get to see baby

My daughter is 5 months tomorrow and I’m still not ready. A baby has no immune system and I think if they love us they can wait a little while longer. I take lots of pic every day and send to our love ones!

They can look my baby from the window

My daughter in law was told 6 months. Life is hard right now. :frowning:

I would honestly wait the two weeks then before people are allowed in your home your take their temperature (if they have a temp they cannot come in) and they have to wear a mask and also hand sanitizer. Do not warn them either you’re going to take their temps either for they don’t take fever reducing meds just for they can meet your baby.


My son was born April 3rd. We waited about 3wks before anybody at all saw him. Then slowly took him around other people after that.

I had my baby July 8th, my pediatrician told me to wait until he got his 2 month shots until I let people outside the household to see him


Do what makes you comfortable.


Following. I have a c-section tomorrow and nervous about what to do.

Personally think this is on a Plandemic lol. I haven’t changed anything since march and im not about to now. Planning a water or home and everyone welcome xx


My kids are all teens but if I were having a baby this year I would not allow others to visit inside my house or close to the baby… FaceTime!

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I waited 3 months from the time she came home. She was a 27 week preemie and came home on oxygen for 2 months at home

It’s up to you if you want people around your baby or not. You’re the one who can say yes or no. You don’t want visitors around your new born baby then people need to respect that. No matter if it’s family or not. No means no!

Umm when you are comfortable with it… We have 6… Never waited any amount of time… Im also due in 3 1/2 weeks and will prob not restrict at all… Sense evey one ia gonna be here for delivery as is…

My niece was born 3/21. We met her in May.

The waiting for visitors is up to you ,but I would advise you not to let people kiss the little one and make sure they wear a mask

i waited a month, but that’s because i had almost died i lost 3 pints of blood, and when they shut everything done no one was allowed to see my son expect on video chats or car visits

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It’s up to you momma! Do what makes YOU comfortable, if the people who would be visiting love you, they’ll respect your wishes. I’m due in 3 weeks. Only close family here and masks are required.

We did social distancing but have relaxed it some so that my in laws can come visit my 2 kids. I’m due with #3 in about 3 weeks so I understand what your saying. My mother in law and sister in law will probably come to visit the first weekend we are home but other then that it’ll probably be a month or so before anyone else visits. Other then that, I may get a mommy helper for a week or two after I get home just to help with the adjustment for my other two because my hubby can’t stay home for more then a week or so

I gave birth on June 10. Doctor told me if no fever or other COVID-19 symptoms then whenever I’m comfortable. He said we were more of a threat to them than they were to us since we had been in the hospital. My immediate family came about an hour after we got home from the hospital. We are healthy and my husband is immune suppressed. But we aren’t taking many unnecessary risk either.

To be honest I wouldn’t chance it with anyone coming to visit I’m sorry. I’m due with my 3rd in December and I’m not allowing absolutely nobody in my home for whatever reason. Better to be safe than sorry.

I waited 12 hours with my child

I had twins June 2nd. Most friends and family have seen them but only a few got to hold them or get within distance. I’m being cautious

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Whenever you are comfortable with it. I had my son not during covid and other than immediate family it was probably 2.5-3 months before others met him. That was just my preference because I didn’t want 800 “friends” in my face. I wanted to take in being a mom and I don’t regret it.

I’ve always had visitors when I’m ready to. Some people stopped talking to me because of that but I don’t care. Covid or not, babies are not born with strong immune systems.


I had a baby in May. Had people over the day we got home, took her out at 4 days old, and she has been around people and on town since.

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I would probably let a few of the closest people to you visit with baby as long as they wear a mask and haven’t been running a fever or anything recently. Then let everyone else FaceTime

My Dr said 2 months. I’m waiting at least 3. The only people he’ll see besides me and my hubby are my parents because my mom is babysitter

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With my oldest, because he was five weeks premature, for the first several weeks I did allow a few visitors at a time but I had a look but don’t touch policy for his safety. If you’re not comfortable having visitors or people holding your baby because of this virus, it is 100% okay to say no and you don’t have to feel bad about doing what you feel is best.

I wouldn’t risk it id honestly wait until it’s a lot more calm… if u truly want people to meet ur baby have them stand on the outside of ur front door while ur holding ur baby on the inside… I wouldn’t let anyone get to close or touch them…

Don’t feel the need to wait. Our next baby is due nov 23rd and I’m sure as soon as we’re home family & friends will be over. Just make sure they wash their hands and aren’t sick. Same precautions from previous children.

I had my baby 5th May, people came to visit within days after birth but sat outside and social distanced as best as possible. I waited until he was 4wks old before anyone other than me, my partner and my sister (who had been there at birth so held him in hospital) could hold him. At 4wks I staggered immediate family only holding him so not everyone held him in the same week, I made people wash their hands before holding him. This week is the first week someone other than family have held him and he’s 3mths old x

Baby was born June 4 in nicu for a week after that we didn’t wait my sis n kids brought us hone from nicu went shopping on our way home and all family greeted us…

I’m 36 weeks, and how ever long I want!! In all reality it up to your comfort level and whom it’s with! I won’t be having anyone in my house probably all winter!! Some might be laughing at me but I’m serious… I also have 3 other kids and don’t even want a sniffle!! :rofl:

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My son is 13 months i let no one out side of the house around him he has chronic lung and respiratory issues

I always wait 2-3 months because my family is always sick and they have no boundaries lol but during COVID? People will be lucky if they meet my newest daughter before she’s a yr old. :grimacing:

Most waiting periods are the first month, but with what is going on today, It would most definitely be the ones, that I know very well, & who they have been in contact with, most of all, yes, tempature should be taken before visits!

I’m having a c section September 8th the only people who are gonna see my baby is my sister her husband and son an only because they are going to watch my other kids when my husband come to get me from the hospital we’ve been social distancing since March as well and those are the only people that’s coming to my house and all that time and only a few times so I could watch her son but I’ve told just everyone were not having visitors until it’s safe

I’m due in 6 weeks I’m not planning to let anyone at all visit until COVID is over with.

My son is almost 6 months old and still had no visitors

For both of mine I waited till they were 6 weeks and had first vaccinations. Prior to that was my family only. Do whatever you’re comfortable with. If people are pushy it’s ok to put your foot down. And if they won’t take no for an answer ask them to take measures-for example, negative covid test, wear a mask and gloves etc. people can visit without holding or touching the baby too.

Another firm rule for my husband and I was that anyone who intended to visit had to be up to date with all vaccinations. This was long term.


This is the most important sentence you will need as a parent, “We are her (his) parents. We will decide what we feel is best for their health and welfare.” My oldest grandson is 20. They know Gramma does NOT overrule Mom. Yes, there are special things they get to do when here but that is a grandparents blessing.


My daughter had her son in april noone saw him but me for a month it was very hard she had to be firm with people family members got tested and then were able to see him wearing masks now we all see him none of us are sick but she still doesn’t take him out or around others

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i would ask a kind nurse if they had an extra gown or two to take home for people to cover themselves with when they do come visit. as long as there’s proper hand washing and precautions taken it will be fine but it’s YOUR baby—you decide what’s best and no one else


I personally wouldn’t really let no one visit. Our grand daughter is five months and it’s her parents and other grandparents and younger aunts around that’s it. And grandparents are working from home. And going out is for basic we aren’t running around wild.

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I work for a pediatrician. He recommends at least a month. Then outside. No kisses. Make everyone wash their hands. Tell ppl if you are sick stay away. And wear a mask if holding the baby


I had my parents over to meet my baby right away (they don’t go anywhere), my sister still hasn’t met her (she’s a bartender) and she’s 5 weeks now. I think it depends on who you’re inviting over to meet your little one. Who do you trust to be doing the right thing?


I had my 5th at the end of February. She still hasn’t left the house aside from her well being doctor appointments. No one has been over to see her other than my mom and grandparents (because I help take care of them). Itll probably be a while before we are comfortable with the idea.


I would wait a month and only have a few people at a time for the babies sake and for yours. Your immune system will be down for awhile after having the baby, so not worth the risk. I would also tell anyone who wants a chance to see the baby or who is planning to help with the baby that they better start social distancing immediately and when the do see the baby they have to wash hands and wear mask as well as no kissing period. Put your foot down and tell them these are the rules for family and friends. If they don’t want to respect your rules then then won’t be alloud to see the baby. It may seem harsh, but it’s your job to protect your baby. Set up a plan with your spouse as what to do when people don’t want to follow rules. A plan like we get up and leave if people won’t respect rules or something. It will be easier to handle the situation if you have a plan.


Its very much your own personal choice. If you want to wait 2 weeks, then wait. If you feel like 4 is best, then its 4. And if you feel in 6 weeks it should only be the grandparents then its 6 weeks and only them. Anyone, and yes that includes the grandparents, aunts, best friends etc that make you feel bad for the decision you make in regards to your child, well that is their issue not yours! Your concern is the health and well being of your child (ren)!


It’s really hard to say. On one hand… you have to protect your family. On the other hand…this isn’t going away any time soon, do you want your mom missing this part? We isolated from my mom for 3 months, then I couldn’t take any more. If we get it, we get it. Everyone getting it is inevitable… just limit it to close relatives, no one that’s been sick, hand washing. 95 masks.are.more readily available.

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Anyone who’s not showing obvious signs of being sick is allowed for us. Just wash your hands and you can hold the baby but no kidding or getting near her face. And I’m not even due until feb

So with mine pre pandemic…family was allowed of course washing hands. But I didn’t bring him to stores until he had first set of shots, also wouldn’t allow younger family to visit until shots either.
My 2nd I had to be out and again family same as above.
Now I wouldn’t allow anyone but my mom, and she would have already been on notice to be socially distancing. Other family probably would be a while, zoom and Skype until cases were under control. But like all these other mommas have said, you do what you are comfortable with.


My newbie just turned 2 months old and I have only had 2 grandmothers and one friend over. It’s whatever you feel comfortable with. My friend waited 3 weeks, but I’m waiting until he’s had his 2mo shots

I don’t risk my child’s health for other people’s happiness. My baby is first. Period. I would never take that risk EVEN with a neg covid test (it would have to be same day results) (Note: I gave birth in May, smackdab in the middle of pandemic)


I would announce to your whole family that however long you personally want to quarantine after your baby’s birth. It is your decision. Don’t let your family bully. It is YOUR BABY. Not theirs. And it is what you feel comfortable with. Set your rules before you go into the hospital. Then, they already know. Frankly, I would allow no one but my husband and other children around for a minimum of two weeks. No one. You cannot be too careful with a newborn. My daughter locked her house down as soon as she could. I haven’t been able to hold, love on, or kiss my grand babies since March, I hate it. But I totally understand. I love those kids dearly and would be devastated if by my visiting, they got the disease and died. YOU AND YOUR NEWBORN COME FIRST.


I suggest that you go with what your Dr. says. Having said that, as grandparents we had to have our shots updated to protect our new grandbaby. So check on that for any and all visitors. Also have hand sanitizer they use when entering your home and perhaps wear masks if you feel necessary. Or…you may decide visitors can look but not touch your precious newborn. Remember…you are in charge of that angel’s safety!! Congratulations!!

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When my child was born 20 years ago. I didnt wait. Visitors were welcome.
Today i’d be more cautious and dont really know.
So i say its up to you and your husband.

During a pandemic? No visitors until further notice.

Pre pandemic we let grandparents visit us once in the hospital before going home, and then we wait 2+ weeks for more visitors at home, unless I need some extra help when SO goes back to work.


Both mine went to the NICU and both came home in the middle of flu/rsv season. Everyone had to wash their hands, use sanitizer and if they felt sick they were not to visit. No one visited for a while after we brought our first home. But 2 people came the day after our youngest came home and i wasnt happy!

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It your baby do as u feel is right there no right or wrong answer ur to what u feel comfortable with when mine was little I only allowed grandparents the first 6 weeks but see these days we have facetime and all that stuff so do social viewing it sad that u cant share this special moment

My baby was born with a heart defect, so she only sees a select few people. I haven’t been back to work, and my twins are going to be doing distance learning this year.


I’m due August 31st getting induced the 27th. I’m only allowing grandparents and my siblings and my husbands.


After 2 weeks they could do a drive by visit. Like they have been doing for baby showers and such. Depending on weather. No touching. Sorry. Not sorry. Baby and mommas health are way more important

Keep it to people who are not out and about alot themselves for sure. Hand washing practices are absolutely necessary especially if holding the baby and maybe even think about masks on them while holding baby. Some can see the baby too without being in close proximity or holding them. Theres also video chats. Utilize all of that as you see fit. Dont be afraid to follow your instincts especially when its hard or u think someone might be upset. Explaining that you just want to protect your baby in a kind way should allow people to understand and not be so upset if you decide to keep distance for a bit.

My dr said absolutely no one for the first month after my daughter was born and that was before the pandemic. I would wait at least a month for anyone other than immediate family/the grandparents

I have an 8 month old that was born premature and was in the NICU for a month, we still only allow certain people around him. I’m just not comfortable taking him out or allowing a lot of visitors.

If you’re able to keep distancing then do so! Pictures and webcam visits are still pretty awesome.

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Back in my day we had to stay home with our children at least 1 month with no visitors.
Friends of mine went camping with their son when he was DAYS old.
It’s up to the parent

I’m due next month and have no intentions of having visitors. Too risky


My daughter is 6 months and she just met extended family yesterday. We still didn’t let anyone hold her or get too close. Up until now, mine and my husband’s parents are the only ones that have been around her.

You do what is comfortable for you and your husband and do NOT let anyone talk or guilt you into anything else.

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You need to play that by ear. They need to understand you have a new baby and want to be cautious. Nothing wrong with that keeping safe.

Pre pandemic I didn’t allow people around my children until they had vaccines and lets it was immediate family and everybody had to wash their hands and sanitize and they couldn’t be on somebody’s shirt they had to have a blanket and between them and baby

I’m due in 4 weeks. I’ll be at home with baby for at least a month before he leaves our home, only family will be allowed to come to our house to visit before then (if they want). I did this also with our 9 and 8 year old

With my grandson, my daughter only allowed a few close relatives. They were made to wash and sanitize. Of course they were made to wear masks the entire time.

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I wouldn’t really want or worry about having anyone near my baby for months you need personal and private time to bond and get into the swing of your baby and their schedule / routines

With all my kids even before covid I didn’t go anywhere or have anyone other than family for 2 months I needed to know that they had their first set of shots before going out and about

My son and daughter in law had their baby girl on 5/31. The only ones allowed in after they got home were the two grandmothers. We always wore fresh, clean clothes, left shoes at the door and washed up very well with soap and water upon entry. It’s their first baby and they needed the physical support, as well as emotionally. Both of us grandmothers kept as distanced as possible two weeks leading up to the birth. In the third week, siblings were allowed in but had to mask up, in addition to the clean up part.

I had my twins in the beginning of Jan . Which was flu season ( I let very few people immediate family ) . Then COVID started & they didn’t meet anyone extra till end of June

At least a month. Grandparents who are cautious with PPE give them a shorter window. Or just FaceTime or have a family zoom meetings until you are ready to share your LO it’s okay to be more cautious at this time. And no one should kiss baby on the lips that can carry another virus that is very bad ie recent cold sore. This an be fatal I have heard. Good luck.

You can always facetime or video chat that way people can see you and the baby but still be social distancing

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Even without covid doctors recommend you wait to take them out in public for a couple weeks. It gives you and the baby to rest and adjust. Grandparents excluded.

You are the parent and it is 110% up to you when people see/hold your baby. If you aren’t comfortable with people being around your baby until he’s 1 month, 2 months or 3 years old it is your choice.

My sister-in-law just had her first baby in April. They were very strict about people coming by to see the baby. We would meet in parks, outside, with masks on and she would hold him. He was a couple months old before I got to hold him for the first time. I survived waiting, and so will anyone you would like to wait. :grin:

Congratulations!!! :heart::heart:

Before the pandemic when I had my first I waited 6 weeks but honestly hun it’s up to you! Your baby your rules! If your not comfortable with people coming over stand your ground and tell them you got this! Don’t let them make you feel bad or guilt trip you into it, do what’s best for you and your baby

Every parent is different,But with both my boys,I waiting un till first shots.Only had grandparents,and God parents over.No children.But that was just me

Even without the virus i think the mom should hold off on tons of people visiting so she can bond with the baby. That is unless she needs extra help in which case she should ask for some and receive no judgement in doing it.

The pandemic was just starting and not really a big deal when I had my daughter but we socially distanced for atleast 2 months and then even after that I wouldn’t take my kids to the grocery store with me but now they go with me and we’re going around family. Whatever your mama gut tells you!

Mines just turned 7 months and I still will not let others see her outside video chat or pictures. You’re right, no one is socially distancing. They still need their haircuts and get togethers with friends smdh.

Anyone who doesn’t understand and respect your decision to keep your baby safe is selfish and probably needs to be cut out of your life.