Father's Day gift ideas?

what are you getting your husbands/dads for fathers day? i wanna do something i have never done before


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Father's Day gift ideas?

Do his chores for the day.

My idea is to x rated


Ever what you do it sounds exciting

I’m going to burn a quote and decorate a peice of wood for him to hang up, got everything to do it with I’ve just been procrastinating, but after I do that I’m going to paint my daughters feet and place them on the wood like a heart and swipe some glitter paint across it as my little touch cause he knows I love sparkles


I don’t get my dad anything… He died in 2007. My guy’s kids are old enough to do their own gifts.

song finch or something like that, they have artists that’ll write a personal song for you. they ask the occasion and some details to put in the song, you choose your artist and how you want the song, how you want them to feel when they hear it. i think it’s a really lovely gesture, it is quite pricey tho but i think worth it

My parents are very a healthy 85 & 89 y/o
But they don’t like dining out any more and don’t need/want
ANYTHING , especially clothes, things that are cute & collect dust, another plant, or another darn coffee cup…
I go to Walmart.com and send a breakfast meal for 2 that requires no cooking or prep: bagels, smoked Nova Scotia salmon, cream cheeses, fruit bowl. Snack of berries, nuts and cheese. Lunch : 2 chicken Caesar salads, dessert and a bouquet of sunflowers
Mom doesn’t have to cook/prepare, dad gets his favorites and some nice flowers, cause why not dudes like flowers


Get him something you know he would enjoy … tickets to a sporting event or concert, or new power tools if he’s into that kindof thing … or take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant. I use to embarrass my husband with a flower delivery at his work … usually with balloons attached, and a mushy card to go along with it. The flowers would be arranged in a huge coffee mug. If he drinks coffee, you could get him a really nice travel mug. Just try & think of something you know he would really enjoy. Men kindof get a raw deal on father’s day … even though most men act like they don’t really care one way or the other, I think it really makes them feel good to know we appreciate them.


I make customized domino’s with matching box. I posted my favorite lol. Yes I ship


I feel like it should be “from the kids” kind of thing. It’s not exactly a holiday that’s supposed to be extravagant. I find men usually enjoy time alone or doing whatever they want.

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I’m getting him the Dior Sauvage Elixir or one of the gift sets. He loves colognes and has recently gotten into the more expensive ones. Plus Johnny Depp is the face of this one I think he will appreciate it since he’s been on our radar a lot the last few weeks. We will also do lunch and ice cream.

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Last year I my husband a dnd and video game related objects and some of his favorite snacks. Yeah before I got him a personalized coffee cup with our daughters name and a picture of a baby dragon.

For my dad I have gotten various things like pin-up pictures for his garage, a painted ceramic dragon I made, coffee cups, blankets, taken him to dinner, new clothes, dvds, cds, nicknacks, cool rocks, display swords, a fish tank with fish, family hike or beach day.

My husband’s dad I usually ask my husband to pick something because his dad is really particular and I can never figure out what he wants or needs.

It really depends on the likes/needs of the person you are getting for and what type if person they are.

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Mine asked for a bj and steak that’s my easy gift our boys make cards and he picks a fun activity

Worry about the gift for your dad not your husband. It’s father’s day not husband day. Have your children make lil gifts for their dad, and you honor your dad.

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Buy him a crater on the Moon. Sign him up fun activity like a hot air balloon ride, or a day out doing something new.

I’m taking my parents to get a pedicure

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Speaking of Fathers Day, I remember when my Dad was living, Fathers Day meant picking out shirts and ties. He liked to dress up. Tie tacks and cuff links. And we always got him the Old Spice Aftershave and Cologne. I can still smell that to this day. That’s my Daddy! Nowadays I live in a different state from where he is buried and I don’t have a car. So I send money to my cousin and he buys flowers to put on my Dad’s grave for me. But sometimes I wonder what I could get for Daddy for Father’s Day if he was here today. He loved cars. I would love to see him check out one of today’s cars. He passed away in 1967. He would be fascinated by the cars now. But I couldn’t afford to get him one. And he wouldn’t expect it. Back in the day, you could get a brand new, full sized car for $3,000, give or take. And gas was $.29 a gallon. I’d like to take him traveling. He’d be wow’ed by today’s theme parks. He remembers Cypress Gardens in Florida and Sea World. Disney World would blow his mind. The new interstate highways would be a surprise too. They weren’t there in 1967. Or in the years before when we used to journey to Florida around Christmastime each year. We always loved to go fishing. I think I would like to rent a boat and a hotel room at Barbee Lake near North Webster, Indiana… then get us some fishing gear, fishing licenses, bait, and spend a whole weekend doing nothing but fishing on the Chain of Lakes. Then we could filet those babies out, deep fry them, and have a feast. That would be the most fun ever. But I guess that’s enough daydreaming for today. Happy Father’s Day to you Dads out there.


It don’t hurt to ask. Ask him would he would want or like for father’s day. But it could be up to his children also. See what they would want for him. Kids gift are unforgettable. It’s father day, not husband’s day. If the child(ren) are too small, search pinterest for creative ideas with footprints and handprints. That may mean more than anything.

Forging a knife class

Same as I got nothing

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Hot air balloon ride.

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As he isn’t my father

But if you want to get him something different
Like a massage (no not the "happy endings one lol)
Or a gift voucher to the local hardware shop


I’m thinking about taking my guy out just us to a cooking class and then something with the kids. Possibly fishing if we dont pass out from heat exhaustion. Lol. He is so picky, everything I have mentioned he kinda passed on. I just want him to enjoy his weekend…and yes we celebrate the whole weekend bc that’s how he spoils me for Mother’s Day! And of course I’m searching online for cute craft ideas for the kids to make him!

My husbands getting what I got- nothing.

For his dad (my father-in-law), probably something with a picture of my son on it.

For my dad (RIP), we usually do a pay it forward act of kindness in his honor. The first year we bought fishin poles for kids, next couple years we’ve paid for peoples pizza (he was a pizza delivery guy)


Don’t get him anything, that’s something you’ve never done before…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Go on Etsy. Lots of unique options customizable

Same as I got. A card

Father’s day was ruined 15 years ago when my sister in law (at the time) decided to have her brothers funeral on father’s day. Taking you child at the age of 4 and 2. To say goodbye on father’s day.

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I seriously rather the spam/scam messages over all these bitter women lmao…
Concert tickets
Night at a casino
Stuff for the car/ car wash /tints/ paint job?
A weekend camping
Movie/theater tickets

a superhero candybar…Hershey bar, construction ppr for the head and cape and write Super Dad on the cape…a frame with the kids picture, kids decorated the frame, a homemade card drawn by the kids…or video games the dad likes, shoes or new swim suit for the summer

It’s summertime where I live! Set up a cookout for him, go swimming, buy a projector and screen off Amazon and set it up in the yard and have an outdoor movie night. :)) Take him fishing, if that’s his thing. Take him out to eat somewhere special. Go chill at the river for a day. Spend time with him/them.

My daughter and I are making her step dad a canvas.

On a cup and tshirt lol

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Professional massage gift certificate

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My SOs first Father’s day with me a I made him a scrap book with pics of him and his son from birth till current

I am getting him NOTHING the same thing he got for me for Mother’s day.


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We let the kids pick out their gifts (they are 5 and 6 years old). They pick something they like that they think we will like and it’s always very sweet and rememberable.

What I’ll get him as a wifey gift is still tbd!

Camping with his side of the family and I’ll be getting him a nice tool belt. Its also our only sons (3 girls!) 1st birthday and he loves that he gets to celebrate with him.

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A pooping timer. Lmao jk


Bought two canvas pictures for him. One of our daughter as a newborn and one of him holding her while she’s trying to suck on his nose as a newborn.

I got my boyfriend / kids dad (same person lol) engraved grilling utensils & an engraved yeti

Most likely go out for a meal with him to where ever he wants to eat.

I’ve enough drawings, paintings and pointless gifts that get put in a drawer.

My eldest two will give him fuel money for his motor bike most likely.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Father's Day gift ideas?

Following for answers lbs

My husband isn’t my father…:tipping_hand_woman:t2:

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I’m gonna do a couple funny shirts, a beer basket with his fave beers a new knife and tickets to a rockies game for the fam


What is he in to? My husband likes star wars, I got him the star wars soap from Dr. Squatch, I got him some stuff from Whitleys peanuts factory, a Dadalorian shirt, and some other crap :rofl:

Shinesty the new ball hammocks!

We are working on a “Girl Dad” t-shirt and a super hero Marvel wall in the living-room above to the pool table with their most recent photos and names in Marvel collaged lettering.

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I got him a mini air conditioning unit for his garage.

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Can never go wrong with a Bass Pro gift card.

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I went with ghostbusters trainers because he loves all that. A new wallet. Trolley Toolbox and some records

My man got a 450$ smoker. Thats what he got for his birthday fathersday and Christmas :rofl:

I had a custom book made for him last year. I don’t know what to do this year lol :grimacing:

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Probably nothing sense I got nothing each day never goes good anyway


Cleaning stuff for his truck, cologne & a Jesus gold necklace.

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Some of these comments….

My fiancé may “not be my father”, but I think with us having a Daughter tougher but he’s well within deserving of being recognized and honored on Father’s Day.


If he is into fishing…a gift certificate for keitechusa.com! Guaranteed to please!

Last one is cup and shirt

My husband is getting an e nail, a f*ck your feelings sweat shirt, an 1800 antique rifle used to show kids in school how to shoot, a book with kids and his name story type thingamagig grill set and I think one or 2 more things . O and a golf certificate for membership to go and hit some balls on the green. And the kiddos will make him whatever their imagination comes up with :two_hearts:

Idk since he didn’t get me anything for mother’s day this year or my birthday and Valentine’s was extremely late and only because I got upset and we had a huge fight because “he don’t like holidays” including doing anything special for the kids!
So I’m seriously considering excluding him from all future “holidays” from now on :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Concert or ballgame tickets.
Hire out someone to mow lawn.

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My husband only wears Birkenstock sandals so I got him a new pair and a new pair of ear buds

Same shit i got. Nothing

Go to Personal Creations.com they have really cool stuff and ships fast. I ordered a personalized grilling platter and got it in 3 days. I’ve ordered from them for a while now. Ornaments, kids stuff. Never disappointed.

Nothing, exactly what he got me lol


some hanging flowers for my porch :joy::joy:

Our son bought him and my husband 2 sets of matching shirts, and then one just for my husband that says, I asked God to send me a best friend and he sent me my son. Then we will be taking him to a water park, then a late night fishing trip, and then I will be the one to finish his father’s day off.

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I’m getting him the same thing he got me Nothing let’s see how he likes it


I bought a case of his favorite Gatorade it’s a splurge for my budget and he will use it.
The kids will make him a card and he will be thrilled

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Probably a card, blunt wraps and well so good ole me :kissing_heart:

He usually tells me lol

I want to try and get him a grill but I maybe not be able too. Money is kinda tight right now. He needs a new wallet but I’ve gotten him a couple of those. So I’m not really sure.

My son and I one day went on my partners YouTube and saw he like ear wax removal videos :rofl: whatever anyways so this year we got him ear related gifts pics in my comments below

My husband has a vegetable garden, so I (on behalf of my little ones) bought him various seeds and tools for it.
Plus, this quirky stake off of FB marketplace. :slightly_smiling_face:

He ain’t my father


Cologne & maybe a wallet if I can find anything good :blush: hope this helps!

I’m putting together a flower pot full of different seeds. Unique and rare. We are gardeners and bee keepers. So it’s fitting. But one year we did a pie eating contest.

Got him a pad man arcade game for 2000 he gets nothing else

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A new l inch box cause his is tearing apart. And a workbelt with straps. And we going camping plus it’s our so s first birthday and he is way to excited about that

My husband will be getting fishing stuff
My daughter wants to get her biodad something that’s deadpool. She’s only 4 so she has no idea what she wants to get him other than something deadpool lol

I bought myself a bulova from Zales with the credit card and gave my wife the bill! I even thanked her lmao!

I bought him Slipknot tickets to Knotfest lol


I’m getting mine the playstation 5, couple new games, playstation cards and plus, new headset, and a new tv for his game system. I’ll be cooking his favorite for breakfast, dinner, and no bake cookies. I’m planning a romantic evening for us without the kids, getting a hotel for one of his off nights, and giving him the best night of his life. He deserves it for loving my craziness.


Hat, koozie, beard comb and oil. Last year I got him a hammer that said thanks for nailing our mom :joy:


As he told me on Mother’s Day I’m not his mom. So he isn’t my dad. But my children are grown. If you have young children help them get something nice for mom dad


He’s been asking for a new shot gun so I’m gonna get him the one he’s been asking for


From myself- the same thing he got me for mother’s day. From the kids I will one up him from nothing and take them to the store to get him a card.


I got a dry bag for our yeti backpack cooler(which is what he got last year for Father’s Day) a new 30 oz yeti tumbler, T shirt, and new decal for his truck :joy:

Commissioned a digital drawing of our family in Bluey style


A custom made corn hole set

I’m having the kids make him shrinky dinks.

A new patio outback :money_with_wings::rofl:

I’ll get my ex from our son a token gift, a mug and chocolate bar and a card. Same as he gets me from our son. It’s not about the cost it’s about sending the lil man off with a gift to give

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