Favroite brand of shorts?

Hi Momma’s! I had a C-Section in October 2017 and still do not feel comfortable in shorts. I live in Upstate New York and it gets very warm here. Any favorite brands of shorts anyone reccomends? Thank you :raised_hands::raised_hands:

CS twice over here plus a hysterectomy momma. Lands End, Target, Old Navy, Ann Taylor and some J.Crew and I also love linen (several brands) you just have to shop for the mid rise brands.

ugh…in had c section in Feb of 2018 and everything lands wight where my scar is?

Just dont wear tight clothing so it dont rub it… I’ve had two c sections and the second time was so better then the first

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I wore thick elastic banded shorts, everything rubbed or irritated me, with the thick band it made it to where it didn’t rub

I did not have a c section, however, I’ve had friends who have. They would use aloe and palmers cocoa butter lotion on their scar. They would rub it on there a few times a day and it helped them with being uncomfortable in pants and shorts. It helped minimize the scar and softened it up enough. :blush:

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I would try “mom shorts” they’re just high waisted but longer in length so your butt doesn’t hang out. I found some at meijers or target.

The best I have actually found, is buying old American Eagle jeans from thrift stores and cutting them into shorts. I roll the raw edge up once, press them with an iron to get them to stay rolled, sometimes I put a couple stitches in the edges, and then wash them to let them fray and then they look like you bought them like that. And I buy them in a size or two bigger than I would buy new in the store. They have a wider and looser waistband than most new shorts

If I’m buying new shorts, I look for mid rise or high rise. These seem to work best for me. Low rise end it want to cut right into the space above my incision, which is actually more sensitive and uncomfortable than my scar. I have found some at Target that I like a few separate times

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American Eagle. I’ve had hernia surgery and the mid rise hits at a place that doesn’t put pressure on that area. I’d think a high rise short from them would work well for a csection mom they have a lot of stretch too.

Old Navy has some CUTE bermudas :smirk::dancer:

I get Under Armor or athletic shorts that can breathe.
I have a pair of denim shorts I love but I prefer the sports brands. I’ve had 2 c-sections and thankfully, that “numb/kinda hurts/weird af” feeling is mostly gone.
Took alot of flutter kicks and crunches though. Lol

I’m still numb after 4 csections but I wear either men’s basketball shorts they can go higher up, or maternity shorts

Maternity shorts might be comfy

Right after my csection last summer I wore lots of loose fitting dresses or rompers. My undies are always all up in my scar, so every now and then I have to rub lotion on it. It gets sore from time to time. Around the house I have some shorts that are elastic that don’t bother it. Unless my jean shorts have an elastic band like my pants, I stay away from those. I don’t like high waisted anything, but if you can take it scratching at your belly button go ahead.

Get a pair of denim with a bit of Spandex in them. Also, you’ll want to assure the shorts have a real waistline - not hip hugging or low cut.