Gender reveal ideas?

I find out the gender of my baby tomorrow (so long as baby cooperates!)… I did a big gender reveal party with my now 2 year old little girl, but have relocated to a different state and not around the friends and family I’d typically have there anymore. So i was trying to brainstorm some ideas of how to reveal via Facebook the gender of this baby. If possible, I’d like to incorporate my 2 year old, but not necessary. I can’t come up with any ideas that don’t take an outrageous amount of effort and time to do or money (photoshoots). Id like some ideas of some homemade diy type ideas if possible… anybody have any ideas? Thanks!


do the colored balloons in a box and let the little girl open the box :slight_smile:

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This isnt a DIY idea but u could have someone make a cupcake with the color in it

Balloons in a box and let your little open it.

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I had my 2 year old put her hand on my belly with my husband on the other side took that picture. Then had them both reveal their hands. Both had blue paint on . It was simple and inexpensive. I also liked it because I could send the first picture and then have the reveal sent.

Have 2 yro hide in box that looks like a present and when ya pull the bow she pops out in a dress that is blue or pink with the matching baby doll :slight_smile: (could get baby doll, or even most of that at dollar store)

Have the 2 year old hold ultrasound and have the ultrasound say girl or boy.
Or post a pik of 2 year old asking girl or boy and then another pik with onsie that says the gender.
Can always just have her bite into cupcake and show color.
Or colored smoke bombs. Or confetti . google these is a lot out there