Gift ideas for in laws?

What should I gift my in laws for Christmas? They are so hard to shop for and I want something meaningful I just cannot think of anything


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Gift ideas for in laws?

I gathered an array of photos and made a personal calendar using the photos as a collage for each month on Walgreens photo website. It was hugely received!


Get the kids to make homemade Christmas decorations. It could be something for the tree, or you could have some photos put on a cup, or something of that kind. We’ve done things like that over the years. It’s quite easy and I just have it shipped right to my door.

How about a date night? Gift cards to their favorite restaurant, movie theater (or other activity) etc.

Coupons/promises to do certain things for them. From cleaning the house, yard work etc. Your kids can involved by making coupons like “read to grandma”.

Make a family tree. A wood plaque (square or round), clay & glue. Make each person’s face from clay. Once dry glue to the plaque.

Pay a bill or towards a bill.

Ask your husband about stories they told him growing up. Get them that toy, book etc that meant so much.

My adult son did this. He got me an old game system I had a child. Now he’s adding to it with new games accessories. Its so sweet & thoughtful. It’s not just the object itself it’s that he listens to details that mean so much.

A blanket w family photos maybe.

Find old pictures & recreate them. Frame a copy of the original with the recreation. This can be hilarious, sentimental or both.

A picture of his dad playing with him & a picture of him doing the same thing with his child. Or a silly picture of siblings.