Giving birth during the outbreak

Have any other moms gone into labor and had your baby during all this crazy quarantine stuff? How was it? Will they send me home early? Will dad be able to be there? My due date is next Tuesday…just curious how things will go.

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Following… I’m being induced on Tuesday with my 2nd boy. Confirmed cases at the hospital I’m delivering at. :disappointed: They are allowing 1 visitor which will be my husband. They said as long as everything goes smoothly we would be sent home 24 hours after the birth.

I had my little march 11, my SO and mom were allowed in the delivery room. Once we got to the postpartum floor, only me and my SO were allowed, no visitors.

My sister had her baby Saturday. Dad was there but no one else. She said aside from the masks, business as usual and actually quite peaceful! They wanted to get her home ASAP!

I just had my son Friday (scheduled c-section), I’m in Missouri, our hospital only allowed my husband there and no other visitors. I would suggest calling your hospital or visiting their website to see what their policy is because a lot of them are totally different. I didn’t get sent home early because of it.

It wasn’t as insane when I gave birth but last month on the 23rd I had my daughter and our hospital was on a lock down. I could only have two visitors over 18 the whole two days that I was there . My husband was in the delivery room with me, I could have had my mom but her sugar was high so she couldnt come … So hubby and my dad were the only two people that saw me while we were there … They wouldn’t even let my nine and one year old come in .
It definitely made my stay a difficult time but I understand their policy… I’d rather them be away for a few days then to catch something severe .
Good luck momma sending good vibes and hope you have a safe delivery :relaxed::heart:

Having a baby during a pandemic: Briar Rose Prah’s birth story. March 18,2020

At my 38 week appointment I discussed the possibility of needing an induction. I was induced at 41.5 weeks with my first and my mom had been induced with all 3 of her kids past 41 weeks as well,so I knew there was a good chance I would need an induction with this baby as well. We decided on March 29th as the induction date,9 days after I was due if nothing had happened by then. After this appointment I started reading about the hospital policies changing in other states,some (California and New York) weren’t even allowing the laboring mother to have a support person with her at birth,forcing mothers to labor by themselves and fathers to miss the birth of their children. This made me extremely uneasy,I was planing on an epidural/pain medication free birth and couldn’t imagine doing it without Matt by my side. I sent a quick mychart message to my midwife asking about changing policies for visitors at Fairview hospital and got a response from a nurse to ask about it at my next appointment because she was unaware. After five days of panic attacks and stressing it was finally the day of my 39 week appointment,I got a call from my midwife that morning assuring me Matt was still aloud to be with me during labor but I was only aloud one visitor and Aurora was no longer permitted to visit and meet her newborn sister in the hospital. She also offered to see me for my appointment early,I agreed and got ready. At this appointment my lovely midwife (who delivered Aurora) explained to me that even she has no idea what will change next,last week we weren’t even discussing induction for three more weeks and today she was offering to induce me tomorrow(39 weeks and 5 days) before more restrictions were put on visitors at the hospital. She made a quick call to Fairview hospital as I made a quick phone call to Matt at work and just like that I was scheduled for induction the next morning at 8am.

There was an eerie feeling in the air arriving at the hospital that morning. I used gloves to press the button and take the parking ticket out of the machine in the parking garage. After we parked we had to walk out of the garage and into the main entrance of the hospital because all other doors were blocked off and had CDC warnings on them. All of the employees at the information desk directly inside the front doors were wearing masks,gloves and stopped every person entering the hospital asking them what they were doing there. Normally the people at that desk just smile and don’t bother you unless you have a question or need a visitor pass,but not during a global pandemic. Matt and I walked up to the desk,told them we were there to have a baby and got questioned about cold and flu symptoms if we had traveled out of the country,or if we had been in contact with anyone who has contracted coronavirus. Then I was handed a phone so that I could talk to a nurse on the labor and delivery floor and confirm who I was and that I wanted to be triaged on the 4th floor of the hospital. We both used the hand sanitizer to the left of the desk,walked past the security guard and headed toward the elevators.

On the labor and delivery floor things were pretty calm and normal,except patients were no longer able to access the kitchen. We had to ask a nurse every time we needed water or apple juice.

Labor was intense,but I stuck to my birth plan and had Briar without an epidural or pain medication. Had Matt not been able to be by my side I don’t think I would have been able to do it,he was an amazing support. Currently in New York and California mothers aren’t able to have a support person with them. They are to be alone during labor,birth and their hospital stay. This is very concerning to me.I don’t think laboring alone would be good for a mothers mental heath and because medical staff is already stretched thin they cannot be by a mothers side through her entire labor. A support person would be able to call for help in an emergency were the mother is unable to call herself,these situations are often time sensitive and need to be dealt with right away. Every second counts. I am thankful that both Briar and I were stable and healthy through my entire labor and delivery but not everyone is that fortunate.

Briar and I stayed in the same room through labor,delivery and recovery but Matt ventured down the the cafeteria a few times during our stay. He said tension between staff was high,some were bickering about who got to wear masks and who didn’t and the staff at the front desk had added goggles to their uniforms.

I had Briar late Wednesday night and got discouraged around 11am Friday afternoon. I had to get wheeled out of the hospital with the baby in her car seat on my lap.I made sure I brought a car seat cover that would cover the whole seat and our vulnerable newborn baby as we had to leave out of the same door everyone else was coming and going from. The nursing assistant did her best to keep distance from the front desk where they were now taking temperatures along with the questionnaire for people entering while Matt went and grabbed the car.

Hours after we got home I read about even more visiting restrictions, that had been implemented that day. The only patients allowed visitors are labor and delivery,pediatric and end of life circumstances. One visitor each. These could very well be different now,but I haven’t heard of anymore changes since Friday.

Having a newborn during this time has been difficult. I miss my family and I’m sad they can’t see our baby. It’s also hard for me to think about not knowing how long all of this could last. Matt is still working,his factory has been deemed essential so he has to undress in the hallway after work and go straight to the shower without touching our kids. I Lysol our door handles,kitchen counters,table and mailbox daily. I leave our amazon packages outside to air out before we bring them inside. I feel like a crazy person but I can’t risk my newborn getting sick. I fear for my mental health and that PPD will get the best of me during this time. I am thankful for FaceTime and Facebook keeping me as close to my family as I can be. I hope all of this will be over soon and we can enjoy our spring and summer. :purple_heart:

I had my baby 2 weeks ago.
I was limited vistors ,I was still able to have 2 people in the OR and I stayed 3 days after giving birth.