Giving birth while petite

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Looking for advice on labor and birth in petite women.

I have two months left until my due date. I’m 5’2 and petite. I’m a FTM and am wondering how many petite girls delivered vaginally/ via c section? I know it depends, and everyone is different. The ultrasound tech told me my baby measures exactly to my due date; she just is a little more significant weight wise. I’ve heard from multiple people my doctor tends to be c section happy. I am interested in delivering in whatever way is best for my baby. What was y’all experience? Also for FTMs how far along were you when you had your baby? I know they rarely come on their due date. I’m anticipating her being a week late. TIA


I’m 5feet (was only 138pounds when I delivered her) delivered vaginally and my babe was 8pounds 4.5ounces
She was 3days early

You only get a csection if you’re high risk or something is going wrong in labor or the baby being breech so if they telling you that everything is fine then it most likely you’re going to do natural but if labor turns bad you will get a csection and With my oldest I had her on my due date at 40 weeks water broke the morning of

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I’m 4’11 and 92 pounds before pregnancy and I had my son vaginally at 40 weeks, no complications. My mother’s the same height as me and had five of us vaginally

My mom was only 5’1 and had 4 7lb+ babies vaginally.

Im 5’2" and my oldest was born naturally, although she did have to cut me about 4 inches which sucked :confounded: he weighed 7 lbs. My middle child was born naturally but was almost rushed to be taken by csection because his cord was small in girth and he wasnt getting sufficient blood flow. My last was born via emergency c section because his cord was in a knot from him flipping in utero and he was not getting enough oxygen. Your size shouldnt matter much unless you have narrow hips, but go for a natural birth if you can its much less recovery time. And all 3 of mine were exactly 5 days late :joy::joy: go in for that last one which was a scheduled induction and before i even get on the bed shes like “youre having contractions”…it was like he didn’t wanna break the 5 days late tradition lol

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I am 4’6" was 89 pounds planned c section.

I am 4.8 and weigh 80 pounds and I had a c-section

I’m 5’3 and had three 7pond baby’s vaginally

It depends how big is dad. And vaginal birth was easy for me and even the contractions for mine were less painful compared to most people but at the last minute since baby was sunnyside up and 9.10. I choose to have a c-section. They wont just give you one for no reason. If your smal garunteed 6.5 maby 7 lbs . 8.4 was my smallestwith 2 stitches and i I am 5’5

I am 5 foot 1. I had a water birth. No pain relief besides a tens machine.

He was 7lb2oz. He was due 9.9.12 and born 12.9.12 x

Our bodies were made for this…go with your gut…

I had my first baby at 39 weeks
Second baby at 38 weeks
Third baby at 38weeks 6days
All natural births

Some Dr’s will recommend a C section simply because they are able to schedule their time. Unfortunately, with natural labour , if your baby wants to meet you at 2am on a Tuesday morning, there is no schedule. Go with what YOU feel. Not what your Dr needs :woman_shrugging:t2: Also, if you go natural, you’ll do great if your body responds to labour as it should…dilating etc

I was 5’4 and delivered my first child at 129 pounds.
My second I delivered at 130 pounds. Both at 39 weeks. I had them both vaginally with no real problems.

I’m also 5’2 and delivered natural apx 10 days after my due date to a pretty big baby, I hope you have a smooth delivery whichever they decide to make they’re entrance💕

I’m 5’1” and delivered vaginally! My son was 4 days late, 7lbs 4oz

I’m 5’3 and ended up with gestational diabetes. I had my son vaginally but he was 8 days early due to my uterus not having the room for him to grow anymore. They said he would just continue to grow longer and not just baby fat. I was induced and my water was broken so I could deliver early. My son was 6 lbs 12 oz and 20 and 3/4 in. long .

I’m 5’2 and was 125 prepregnancy. I had a vaginal birth after a scheduled induction. Advocate for yourself. Our bodies are made for this and unless there is a legit medical reason for a csection, they can’t force you.

I’m 5’2 and when I had my daughter I was only 120 when I had her. She was 5lbs and 7 in a half oz. I was only 95lbs when I got pregnant.

5ft 43kg here and both vaginal natural births 5pound 1 and 6 pound 8 no tears grazes or anything

5’3 labored just shy of 2 days and pushed for 7 hours baby was stuck behind my pelvic bone facing up right and required an emergency section. My water broke 2 weeks before my due date and baby was 6 pounds 8.8 ounces. Good luck hun you got this.

I’m 5ft ND had a c-section. He was breach and stuck by the time the doctor realized it. He was butt first.

Im 5ft ive had both vaginally. My first was 8lbs oz and my second was 6lbs 2oz. I did tear pretty bad with my first but once i got to moving around it didn’t hurt so bad it was just tender.

I’m 5’3 and have delivered vaginally. I’ve also had c sections but they were unrelated to my size they were because my doctor is lazy, not allowed to vbac and another was a true emergency.

I’m not petite but I was a first time mom last october. I had my child vaginally without any medication and I personally would not have had it any other way. Every womans body is different and every baby is different. I have heard from mom friends that c-sections take longer to heal and recovery time is often harder. But, like I said, every woman is different. I have a really low pain tolerance and I was able to do it vaginally no problem. It’s basically what you want to do unless otherwise determined by your doctor for your safety and babys safety.

98lbs and 5’1. First baby I was 124lbs and went into natural labor at 38weeks. No problems, had two small tears. Labor was 22hours. 7.2lbs 20.5in
2nd baby I was 125lbs and was induced at 39.3weeks. Labor was about 6hours. 8.1lbs 20.5in. No tears

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It’s all in the pelvis and hips. I know a 4’10" gal that delivered a 10# vaginally.

I’m 5’2 and delivered my son vaginally but I was also induced early due to diabetes and some complications… I almost had an emergency csection because he was stuck and my blood pressure kept bottoming out and my sons was high… but he was suctioned out and now were both fine & 5wks 3days old

I was 5ft 2 and a size four with my son I didn’t just fine with just gas and air. No issues he was 8.9lbs

The weight estimates are incredibly inaccurate. I wouldn’t bother listening to the tech. Definitely advocate for yourself. I would only agree to a cesarean in an emergency

4’11 delivered both babies vaginally with 8lbs babies in 4 hours and 1 hour

I’m only 5’ and was 104 lbs when I got pregnant. I had my daughter vaginally and she was 7lb 8.3oz. I was induced the day before my due date or she probably would’ve waited a week or two

C sections are only for medically emergencies not because u just want one. Baby being big is not a reason. U being petite is not a reason. Ur dr wanting to go home and watch the game is not a reason. C sections are only if I or baby are in actually danger

When I had my first baby I was a teenager, 5ft even and only weighed 124 at 9months pregnant. My baby weighed 8.3 at birth. Honestly it was the easiest delivery I had and I had three more.

My 16 yr old was 5”3 112 lbs when she got pregnant n had a 7lb 1 oz baby ALL naturally no meds but tore bad

It all depends on your body. I’m 5’5 and with my first I probably weighed 125 pre baby 150 after and she got stuck on my pelvic. She was 3 wks early and 6lbs 11 oz 🤷

What does height have to do with giving birth vaginally. The vagina stretches.

I’m petite and had my lad, healthy 7lb baby, via emergency c section at 40 weeks but hes a happy and healthy 8 month old, my circumstance was rare, I’m sure you’ll be just fine

I’m 5’6 and 115 pounds. I’ve had 4 csections… it had nothing to do with my size or the size of the babies , only the fact that I don’t dilate , which is dangerous for me and baby :slightly_smiling_face: good luck mama !

I am 4’-10" and weighed 90# when I got pregnant. I got the hips though so never had a problem. She never dropped so I had to push extra hard and extra long. I went 40w3d and she was 6 lbs 14 oz, 21.5" long

I don’t see the need for a c section unless it is absolutely necessary. Try to delivery naturally if you can. You’ll be just fine.

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I was at 37wks when my daughter was born by induction. She was 4lbs 15oz and I have always been very small. I delivered vaginally and didn’t tear or anything. It was perfectly smooth and great.

Im 5ft 1 and mum of 5 smallest 6lb 7oz biggest 10lb 3oz all natural births no problems no need for a c section unless there is serious problems orr risk to you and or baby good luck x

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I was a wk late. They come when thier ready. I had mind natural, then u can take care of u baby right away usually they wont do a c section unless thier a problem.

I was induced 40 weeks 1 day with my first, she was coming that day or the next anyways lol I was 4cm when I left my drs app and 6cm the next morning at 6 am, they still did the induction.

I’m 5’4 and my first was 9lbs, I delivered vaginally after 33 hours of labour

I’m small also, like 5’5 130ish… any who my 1st son was 8 lbs 4 oz, delivered via csection. He was face up and was having heart rate issues and would not dop but I was in labor all day. Since then, I have had 3 successful vbacs with 3 slightly smaller babies, even tho they tried to convince me to not saying I was too small. But i did it and am happy I did, one of them was with zero meds as well and one of my biggest achievements. Your body can and will do amazing things.

You’re not too small to deliver vaginally but if your dr is csection happy they might try to bully you into it

Ultrasound tech was 2lbs over what my girl weighed so don’t go by that. I’m 5 feet even but I’m not skinny and had two easy vaginal births. 1st was 40+3 second I chosen induction-39+5 days

I weighed 120 before pregnancy, and got to 168 during. Had my son a week after his due date, vaginally, with a 2nd degree tear. He was 7lbs 14 oz, 14 cm head.

I’m 5’2 and I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. My pre pregnancy weight is about 100. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby girl. My older 2 were both born vaginal. My younger one I didn’t even have time for an epidural. They were both 6.6lbs and both were 2 days late. Make a clear birth plan and make sure that your doctor knows. They shouldn’t push for one unless its medically necessary. Just stay calm and relax. We are built for giving birth. Believe in yourself. And remember no matter what the outcome is for a healthy baby and mommy.

They were off for all of my babies w weight. Said my 1st was about 6lbs, she came out 7lb. Said my 2nd was 7lb she came out 8. Said my 3rd was going to be close to 10lbs!! He came out 8lbs thank God! I’m 5’4 and had all vaginal births.

I weighed 108 prior to pregnancy. I don’t remember how much I gained. And am 5’7”.
I had my baby vaginally. He was 7lbs 3.5oz. 19in. I only needed two stitches. Recovery wasn’t bad.

I’m 5’4 and weighed 125lbs. I delivered vaginally. Baby decided to come 4 days before his due date. All was well and it was super smooth. Good luck :heart:

With first my daughter who was my first. She came on her due date. With my son the tech said he was gonna be clothes to 11 pounds but he was 8lbs 13oz but he came 5days early

My SIL was 5 feet tall and deliver twins weighing 6 l/2 lbs each with no problem.

The little dude came up with his shoulder up by his head and in the sack I would not have changed a thing. Midwives Rock

Typically csections are only for ones that are deemed medically necessary. Both of mine are csection babies but i also had alot of complications before and after. My cervix is also to small to deliver vaginal.

I’m 5’0. Was 100 lbs before pregnancy. I delivered vaginally a 7 lbs 1 oz baby. 16 hours of labor, no pain medication.

Im 4’9 and was about 84 pounds when i got pregnant with my last daughter… With both my daughter’s i given birth completely naturally vaginally and no pain meds… I did have a 4th degree rip with my second daughter… Its very possible for a small woman to give birth…

I’m 5’0 I had to have a c section for a few reasons 1. I wasnt dilated enough
2. Me being small an my son being 18 1/2 inches
3. The epidural wasnt taking right and I was going into preeclampsia becuse he was coming out in the sack. But it wasnt bad after I knew it was going to end up in a c section anyways. My mom is same size had 4 of them

I am 5’0" and petite. My boy came at 38 weeks and 5 days(I was induced for high blood pressure) I tore almost to a 4th degree tear and had 117 stitches. I hear it’s really uncommon for this to happen and it was caused from my hips are twisted. I wished I would of have a c section. Good luck with whichever you choose. I’m sure you’ll be great!

I’m 5’0 and was 170 pds by 37 weeks when I delivered, I had to be cut hole to hole and he had to be suctioned out. :grimacing: