Good chapter books I can read to my child?

what are some good chapter books i can read to my kid before bed? she is 5 so something kid approproate…something we can read a chapter a night would be perfect


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Good chapter books I can read to my child?

Charlottes web, magic tree house series

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Hotel Flamingo
Junie B Jones

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Magic tree house books

Magic tree house books

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I remember the boxcar kids as a kid my dad loved the hardy boys my mom loved Nancy drew I also think the babysitters club could be fun. Also most important make sure it’s something you want to read too!

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June B Jones was a favorite of my now 12 yr old

The magic tree house books? My kids love them (7 and 10).

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Junie B Jones is a fav here

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June B books, BabySitters Club, Captain Underpants

Owl Diaries are my kids favs

What Kelly posted above and there are mini stories of the princesses. It’s a big book. I know it’s pink.

When shes a bit older, island of the blue dolphins!

Where red fern grows

Junie b Jones
Boxcar children
Magic tree house


Usbourne books are my favorite and you can look them up by age. Lots of chapter books for girls. My daughter has about thirty of their books.

Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Wizard of Oz


The nevergirls series and rainbow magic fairies books are great too my daughter loved them

Junie b Jones are good too

Junie B. Jones series
Amelia Bedelia
The Phantom Tollbooth
Harry Potter :black_heart::zap:
James and the Giant Peach
The Boxcar Children


We just finished a book called Lemonade Wars. Cute book!

The Narnia Chronicles

Pearl the Magical Unicorn is great. Lovely, funny and engaging. Plus there are several different Pearl stories you can buy. My daughter is eight but has been reading them since she was four. You can pick them up for under $10 at Kmart.

My daughter loves the Humphrey books. They’re about a hamster that’s a school pet.

Magic tree house
Little House
Epic books

My mom used to read the Narnia Chronicals to us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I absolutely love Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

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Junie B Jones or Magic Tree House


Definitely the box car children!

I loved loved loved my Sweet Valley Twins/Kids/Elementary books! I saved them and my daughter loves them too!

My older girls loved Amelia Bedelia, they both disliked Junie B. Jones. My youngest(6 years old) says she can read all by herself. My son loved Magic Tree House

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Magic Tree House
Magix School Bus

Junie B Jones series. They have kindergarten, first and second grade. My daughter loved them

Box car children, the babysitter club, magic tree house, junie b jones,

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Any of the Ramona books!


Alice in the looking glass, charlie and the chocolate factory, the wizard of oz…Nancy drew? Goosebumps?

Charlottes Web & Stuart Little :gift_heart:

little house on the prairie books are awesome , loved em when i was little

Elephant and piggie! My 5 yr old loves the books and she can read them

My 5 and 6 year olds LOVE Magic Treehouse.

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Louis Sachar books … Wayside school, Holes!

BFG, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach…


The “good dog” series. It’s suspenseful and so cute. My 8 year old reads them but would be appropriate for you to read to your 5 year old. It’s about a dog that got adopted and takes and adventures with his new family. They live on a farm. Super cute stories

Junie B. Jones books are awsome

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The “Ramona” series by Beverly Cleary


Magic tree house, Julie b jones

If you can manage to find the Famous Five books
They are great

Junie b Jones is the best


the bailey school kids

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The Land of Stories series is absolutely amazing. I read them to my daughter when she was 4 and she is now 6 and still talks about them. She is also reading a grade above.

Enid blyton- the faraway chair or the wishing chair.

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Little House on the Prairie, anything by Beverly Cleary, The Boxcar Children.

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Junie B Jones. Very age appropriate and great teaching tool.


I think it kind of depends on you and your kid to be honest. We’re not really restrictive here…so for us it would be Harry Potter…Percy Jackson…how to train your dragon…little house on the prairie…(all things I had for myself) or whatever my kid would sit and listen to. We’ve tried…goosebumps…Junie b. Bad guys. Minecraft. ECT too.

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My parents read me the Narnia series as a child and I have read them to mine. There are 9 books, we are reading them for a 3rd time through my kids upbringing/ bedtime stories and they are phenomenal. Perfect for her age and older. I am a firm believer these books helped my kids read at a high reading level.


Ralph the mouse, flat Stanley, little house series, Junie B…

My mom used to read super fudge to me as a kid

Idk if they still make these books, but my mom used to read chicken soup for the soul books to us. Each “chapter” is a different story.


I also like book on tape, or even you can look on line too.

Anne of Green Gables

My littles loved the magic tree house serious.

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Fancy Nancy, Junie B. Jones, Amelia Bedelia, Magic Tree House, (MTH, maybe for age 6 and up), there’s a bunch I could recommend, but it depends on your child’s personality and preferences.

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Nancy Drew, any horse books, etc…

Tales of a 4th grade nothing (and the sequels) …I read it with my kids aged 5,6,11 and 12 and they all loved it !
Now we are reading a book called baby island…it’s super old …my mom read it to me as a child and her mom to her as a child but the kids are loving it !

Harriet the spy so cute

The Maggie series is good. I don’t remember what the actual titles are but my daughter loved them.

My daughter (6) and me are five books into Narnia, she understands it all perfectly

The Land of Stories is really good!

For something wholesome - Anne of Green Gables. Sweet innocent fun. I have also read Little Women with my daughter. She owners the diary of a Wimpy kid collection and love Harry Potter. She is 12 and has loved books since she was tiny.

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I loved the magic tree house. Or Box Car Children. Maybe go to the library and pick one out together

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Mine always liked the wayside stories

The babysitters club

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder


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My girls loved the Junie B. Jones books!

The big book of tashi :heart:

Bad kitty book series!

My parents read me and my siblings little house on the prairie we loved it

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I love when my mom read us the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe series when we were kids. I read that series to my kids when they we’re about that age also…

Madeline or pippy longstocking