Halloween party for kids?

I am wanting to have a halloween party for the neighborhood kids and need some cheap and yum food/snack ideas along with games…has anyone thrown a halloween party for kids?

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Marshmallow Treats with Halloween colored M& Ms, get a brain or real heart-shaped mold & make pink or red Jell-O, or make hamburger “gray matter” brains. Put almonds in the ends of hot dogs for “fingers”. Dip pretzels in melted white chocolate colored orange with food coloring. Halloween Oreos from the store. Baby carrots served with ranch dressing dyed red for “blood.” Mold hamburger in the shape of a forearm and hand with fingers for spooky meatloaf.

There’s a game where you put stuff in a bowl that’s passed under the table for people to feel. Grapes are eyeballs, cold spaghetti is brains, jello is fat, etc. I’m sure you can find info on the internet.

Pin the broom or hat on the witch like pin the tail on the donkey.

If it’s at night go for a walk & have friends make eerie noises, moan, rattle sticks, cackle while out of sight, jump out of the bushes in costume, lie like a dead body with fake blood. Gauge the level of scary based on the ages of the kids. You don’t want to give them nightmares.

Check the dollar store for toys, games & ideas, get a CD or playlist of Halloween songs (Monster Mash, Werewolves of London, etc.). Any Halloween store should have inexpensive options, like orange tinsel with black spiders or black garland with orange pumpkins you can drape around your house. Bags of plastic spiders , pumpkins or skeletons—they come as rings too, chocolate “eyeballs” etc. Oriental Trading Company has a lot of cheap options. Lots of dollar store craft projects like gluing felt pieces together to make something Halloween-y. Nothing too messy so as not to spoil costumes. Skip the goody bags as the kids will already be hopped up on sugar.

I’d say bobbing for apples is a fun game but not with COVID.

Instead of regular mashed potatoes, use sweet potatoes. If the kids don’t like the taste you can use 1 sweet potato to 2 white potatoes and they’ll still be slightly orange. Healthier too.

Have an opportunity for the kids to run around. Maybe blowing bubbles outside, making a simple obstacle course (step over a piece of firewood, circle the garbage can 3 times, touch the tree trunk, climb some steps, limbo under a broomstick (not too low)—nothing where they’re likely to trip or rip their costumes.

If you have a Jack-O-Lantern save the pumpkin seeds. Wash & air dry them, then put them in a bowl with enough olive oil to coat them along with paprika, chili powder, onion and garlic powder, salt & a little cayenne pepper. Fry in a pan or spread on a cookie sheet & bake until crispy but not burnt. Let cool & put in a bowl for a cheap, tasty & nutritious snack. Popcorn is also a snack that’s cheap, filling & that most kids like but can be messy. You can also or instead make popcorn balls using a recipe off the Internet.

You can stick almond “fingernails” in the ends of mozzarella sticks to make waxy-looking “fingers” too.

Have fruit on hand for kids to munch on: grapes, strawberries, bananas, apple slices, and melon balls or cubes may be less messy than other options.

You can make kid canapés by making a 3 bread slice layered peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cutting it into slices or squares. Some kids love olives & they’re easy to eat. Anything a kid can fit into their mouth whole will be less messy. Cucumber slices & baby carrots are kid friendly. Also frozen pizzas from the grocery store are cheaper than ordering out, plus you can make them hot & ready as needed.

Hide things around the house & have kids find them like a scavenger hunt. The younger the kids, the more obvious the hiding places. You may want to restrict this to certain rooms or outdoors. Adults go with kids or teams of kids who can’t read yet to find items on a list. You can have one of everything to find or enough so each kid or team can find one of each item.

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