Has anoyone spotted during ovulation?

Has anyone ever have spotting DURING ovulation? I had my period two weeks ago, but for some reason, I am spotting, and that has literally never happened to me before. What could it be from?


Yup. It’s common. I also spotted both times when I first got pregnant.


I do. It’s very very light, I can only tell when I wipe

Yes, I do sometimes, not always and not very often.

Yes, it’s not uncommon to spot during ovulation! Happens to me quite often!

Every once in awhile.

I’ve been having slight cramping and breast tenderness during ovulation.

Yesss I do. But it’s very very light and I only notice it when I wipe.

Could be implantation bleeding. I’d start by taking a pregnancy test to rule that out.


It wouldn’t be implantation bleeding, as implantation bleeding happens around the end of your cycle. Sometimes women just spot and theres not really a guaranteed answer as to why. Probably best to talk to your doctor about it.

I’ve done it for years :woman_shrugging: don’t know why ? But the doctor told me it could mean I’m very fertile ??? Also Due to have my 5th baby in 5 weeks… lol :joy: he could have been right :+1:

It’s possible but it could be just because. Sex could also cause spotting.

Spotting happens. Nothing to worry about. Just hormonal variation

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Implantation bleeding

I actually went through something similar a few weeks ago and my doctor said that I had fibroids. It happened about two weeks after my period I started spotting. I also occasionally have spotting after sex. My doctor just recommended that I keep track of my periods and any spotting and to see her again in two months.
I would definitely recommend speaking with your doctor though. Mine came along with pain on my right lower side of my abdomen. Good luck sweetheart, everything works out well for you.

Yes. I didn’t used to but after a few kids later any time I have a super healthy ovulation it happens. Just like I never used to have ovulation cramps and I get that now too

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I just currently had this start happening to me also. I had never had it happen before, but now that my period is somewhat regulated I have been spotting about halfway thru a cycle.

Yes once and my doctor said it happens when your ovaries are working hard!

Might be implantation bleeding

Probably just pregnant

I do, almost every month. I had my tubes tied 8 years ago, so it’s not implantation bleeding.