Has any one gone through this and had a healthy pregnancy?

I found out I was pregnant on the 12 I should be 4 weeks . But my levels were originally 32.2 a day later they were 68.7 . My last period was Sept 15th. I’ve had several misscarrived but nothing like this . They’ve done 2 ultrasounds and can’t find a fetal pool or sac. But my levels are progressing. Has any one gone through this and had a healthy pregnancy ?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has any one gone through this and had a healthy pregnancy?

You’re still way too early

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4 weeks is wayyyyyy too early for the average Doppler this why they tend to like to wait till 8 weeks plus… your levels doubled in a day so I’d say your on a great track! Keep your head up!!

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Either to early or ectopic or even but not likely gestational trophoblastic disease

4 weeks isn’t to early lol, I had a vaginal ultrasound was 5 weeks and you could see the baby and heartbeat and everything.


Not to burst any bubbles but yes, have heard of this…
very well could be a miscarriage and the levels are still showing bc your body is still detecting that hormone.

*this is what “could be” happening and I just wanted to explain “the why”.

As long as you’re not spotting or bright bleeding you may be fine. Try to elevate your lower half. (Prop up on some pillows-lower half):ok_hand:t5::+1:t5:

My last two pregnancies were like this. The first of those pregnancies ended on miscarriage. The second I’m now 6 months gone. Its really early. Both my pregnancies couldnt detect a sac till 6 weeks. 2 weeks later with the first is when I started bleeding. X

Okay long comment! My son had a death date same situation as yours except my hcg levels dropped so low I was told he was dieing if not already dead sent home for him to just to pass asked for another ultra sound was told no it was pointless impossible for my son to survive! I went back and got second opionion and ultra sound (lost a baby at 17 weeks well I actually gave birth but unfortunately baby was deceased) so I was already like fuck but I wasn’t bleeding this pregnancy so long story short I was high risk my son was said to have cystic fibrosis preferrated anus he had swollen Bowels etc etc! Then came out with a golf ball sized knot in cord! It was also mentioned my hcg levels where abnormally high at one point as well it was a night mare my son mr miracle will be 2 in nov! Get a second opinion change drs get 1 2 3 4 5 more ultra sounds if that is what it takes to get answers! They tried to kill my baby! Wait a week as well so u no it’s not to early! Praying for you! *sorry if comment confusing

My doctor always waited until I thought I was at least 9 weeks before he did an ultrasound because it’s so hard to detect before then. Don’t stress just rest if you can


When i had that it was an ectopic

My son I had exactly this 2 internal ultrasounds bloodwork doubling but low third ultra sound they found an empty sack. They kept trying to prepare me for miscarriage I kept insisting I was pregnant by 5th internal ultra sound they found a fetus still no heartbeat 6 ultrasounds within a few weeks to finally find a growing baby and heartbeat he’s 3 today. They ended up saying I was just too early

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I went through something similar and kept being told they couldn’t find the fetal pool or safe multiple ultrasound and hospital visits along with being told possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy I was terrified after having previous miscarriages. At 8 weeks they found the sac and heartbeat. And from then on I had a healthy pregnancy and my son is now 8 months old and super healthy. So thankful I was persistent with telling myself I know I’m not miscarrying I’m pregnant and that everything was fine it was just too early.

My doctor didn’t listen for a heart beat until 12 weeks

Yes I did they never found even a sac until I was 12 weeks but my levels kept going up. Praying for you :heart:

I just went through this a fee weeks ago. I went for an ultrasound and we couldn’t find the sac or baby. 2 weeks later went back and seen heartbeat and sac. I am 8 weeks now and everything is going great

You might ovulate later in your cycle, making the development of your fertilized egg further behind in development. Just wait a few weeks. Your levels are going up, which could be signs of a viable pregnancy, but it may still be too early to tell.

My sister ovulates closer to the end of her cycle. When she made her first appointment, they had to do bloodwork twice before they had her come in for an ultrasound. She was technically around 8 weeks then but the baby only showed closer to 6 because of her late ovulation.

You won’t see a fetal pole or sack at just 4 weeks. That’s too soon. 6-7 weeks minimum.

My clinic where I live won’t even see you until your 9 to 10 weeks along 10 weeks is where they want to see you at

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I bled the first 3 months. Had a sonogram and blood work at 7 weeks. There was nothing there. HCG was so low they said according to it I was only 5 weeks. But I absolutely was 7, the dating was not wrong.
Had my hcg rechecked several times and had a second sonogram. Still nothing. Hcg did not rise normally…it was rising at about a rate of 23 to 25%. Had my progesterone checked and it was severely low. I was put on progesterone, but everyone thought miscarriage was unavoidable.
Then, around the 12 week mark, bleeding stops. So the doctor is like…OK. let’s look again. And sure enough, there that baby was, measuring right on target with the original dating that they had initially said could not be accurate.
These doctors cannot give you anything more than a medical “opinion”. God is always the decider of fact. :heart:


Main thing in early pregnancy when you are high risk for miscarriages ( recurrent miscarriages) i making sure your hcg level doubles every 48 hours.

You are way to early. Re scan at 8weeks

You’re only 4 weeks, they shouldn’t even be able to see any of that yet

When I was 4 weeks there was nothing. 1st ultrasound really shouldn’t be done until 8 weeks. As long as your levels are rising you’re absolutely fine