Has anyone dealt with diastasis recti?

Has any mama here dealt with diastasis recti? My doctor told me the only solution is plastic surgery. It’s so depressing because I’m 10 months pp and still look super pregnant (even after losing 37 pounds). I feel like it’s not something talked about enough…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone dealt with diastasis recti?

Search Ashley Black Guru. She has ways to help without surgery

Oh yeah. They talked to me about surgery but it was a no for me. So I wear shape wear :disappointed:

Have you looked into this program? it’s non surgical

I had a 4-5 finger gap diasti recti. Doing simple diasti recti exercises for 3 months has helped reduced it to 1 finger gap.

I had a 3 finger gap but I went and saw a physio and now it’s probably only one finger gap.

It does cause me back pain at times and my core is still week.

But it is better than it was.

They only reccommend surgery if it’s over 3 fingers or 3cms usually.

I went to rehabilitation therapy for mine for a bit to help some. I’m pregnant with number 8 and was told I’ll need surgery but I want to do more therapy after this baby to see what I can do on my own before getting invasive.

Yes I had this and had to have surgery to repair it. Life changing tho

You can do core strength exercises. My friend had surgery as hers was superbad. I’ve also found shapewear helps me use my core muscles so mine has improved without surgery.