Has anyone ever had signs in dreams that you are pregnant?

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YES. It was hilarious and then I found out I was pregnant shortly after and then it was a bit terrifying. :joy:

My mom did. She called me and said “ur pregnant I had a dream” and shit u not that was in October and I’m having baby girl #2 in less than 2 weeks❤️

I had dreams with both my boys… the first time I didn’t think anything of it because I’ve always had dreams of having a child… just never that I was pregnant… so after the first time… I never had them again… until I did … which then prompted me to take a test. The first one I had dreams that I was pregnant and being chased down by my friends mom and she wanted to take my baby lol… and the second time I dreamt that I had a little girl and I could never see her face but she was always following me around calling me mom, we were at the hospital and I was magically having another baby and both of my deceased grandpa’s were there telling me they loved me and we’re proud of the mother I was, one of my grandpa’s told me he wished he could meet his grandsons…

Both times I was pregnant… both times they were boys. Baby #2 will be here in 5 weeks.

Yes! I knew I was pregnant before even missing my period, and before I went in for my first ultrasound I had a dream that I walked into my room from another persons perspective and I was holding two twin boys in my rocking chair

At my my age that would be a nightmare :crazy_face:


I saw my son as a 3-4 year old just before I was pregnant with him. Then when he was born he smelled just like my grandfather who died years before

I did with my oldest son before I knew I was pregnant. I dreamed he was crying and I asked my grandma to quiet him down. Grandma asked me about it the next morning and I didn’t know what she was talking about. 2 days later I found out I was pregnant with him.

I dreamed I would give birth to a boy on October 13. The dream occurred around the time of conception. The biggest surprise was that I delivered a beautiful baby girl on October 13!

Ive had dreams of others being pregnant.

I only have dreams of other people being pregnant

They say dreaming about Fish means ur pregnant

I had a dream I was pregnant and my daughter called me the next morning telling me she was pregnant.

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Yes but I’m a virgin :flushed:

If you think you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test. :crazy_face:

Not that I remember.

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With both children, I knew the sex and hair color. This was before sonogram. Dreams worked well!

No, but I once dreamed I could fly.

Another dumb question.

That would be a nightmare for me