Has anyone every had hip and back pain with an iud?

I got my first one about 8 months after my daughter was born and it was great. Then after I had my son I got another iud (same type as before) put in at my 6 week appointment. Ever since then I have had debilitating hip and low back pain. It’s to the point where I’m going to call and have it taken out. I can’t handle the pain and not being able to move with out pain. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone every had hip and back pain with an iud?

Go see your dr. It could be that or it could be something else. They also migrate. I hope your able to figure it out.

Yes!! Had one with my son and lord I thought something was wrong!!! My lower back hips legs and everything was always constantly aching!! Went to the dr my obgyn took it out told me to come back in 6 weeks and said just be careful your not on any Bc…… went back tried another IUD did the same thing!! Got it out and never went back!!! Hell no!! I’d rather go thru child birth again!!!

Mine ended up twisted and causing pain just like that. I had to get it out.

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I have the arm implant and I’m having the same issue I feel like I can’t even stand up straight. The cramps are out of this world. This is the only birth control that has done this

Id get it checked out. I had an iud for years and loved it. Pregnancy is tough on women, as you know it changes your bour. After my first had back problems and 36 yrs later, still have back and hip problems! Again, get it checked out. Could be totally unrelated to iud. Good luck!

This photo of what a 7 year IUD looked like upon removal was shared on a support group and shared with permission. “Where did the copper go?” The answer is that it is embedded in this woman’s uterine wall and now needs to be removed surgically. Sending warm support to her in that process:( Unfortunately, this problem is just one of a long list of adverse effects from both Copper & Hormonal IUDs.

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I was in pain the whole time I had mine, doctor said it could not be the cause. well I decided to have it removed anyways and all my pain suddenly was gone :thinking:

I had back pain with iud Dr Said it couldn’t be because of the iud I ended up I’m hospital with the pain and it had moved and got stuck in cervix the back pain was my body in labour trying to remove it itself. Always best to get checked.

I had severe pelvic pain and some lower back pain with my 4th one. All were the same brand and never had those issues before it got so bad I went in they couldn’t find it had an ultrasound and found it. I had it removed and opted for the pill. They said it was in place and everything was fine. My bf could feel it a lot too which was odd. Oh and when they removed it the strings were completely missing. No idea where they went. Def get it checked.

I had severe cramping with mine after having my 2nd child went to the doctor’s for them to try and fix it and they couldn’t find it so they had to make an appointment for surgery to remove it. That was almost 12 years ago and I’m now pregnant with my 3rd child

I’ve had 2 iuds, the first one was perfect but the second one was awful. Terrible back pain! As soon as they took it out, the pain went away.

Could it have moved out of place? Mine did and it was so painful. Had to have surgically removed. It was a stabbing pain. Hope that isn’t the case with you! IUDs are def not for everyone

Maybe this is why I’m having lower back pain. I did not think of it till this posts.

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Didn’t have a problem with mine at all…but I did end up with sciatica after my pregnancy so worth a visit to the Dr to get checked out

Had mine less than 2 weeks before I had to have it removed because it was forcing itself into my uterine wall. Never again and will never tell anybody it’s a good choice.

I had super bad lower back pain and developed cysts with the mirena. But of course the doctors told me “it’s not the cause” :unamused: got it taken out and my back pain went away, now I’m just dealing with my cycles trying to regulate.

Mandy Hoch read these :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Please get it checked. They are not safe. Idc how small the percent is, for those in that percentage they can be debilitating. I almost died from mine, and I had a friend that had to have a full hysterectomy because of hers.

Yep. And they had to do laperoscopic through my belly button to remove it. Now I can’t get another one even if I wanted to. And I wouldn’t. Seems like second time around people have issues

I knew a girl that every time she had sex it was so painful it’d make her cry. My bestie had to have hers removed from her RIB. Where it was traveling to get to her heart which would have killed her. Also she probably can’t have anymore babies

I had one for almost 5 years before I had it taken out, got pregnant, had my son. And at the 6 week checkup I had an iud inserted. Well like 4 months later, I experienced pain in my groin area into my hip. My obgyn checked through ultrasound, the iud lodged into my cervix, hurt like hell when they pulled it out. I allowed another, and several months later it shifted again, reluctantly tried one last time because I liked the iud for controlling heavy bleeding…well the darn thing migrated so far up into my uterus they couldn’t even get it through ultrasound assistance. I was scheduled for outpatient surgery to remove it. I am now on the mini pill that does what the iud does just nothing inside me. I’d get it checked hun. Everyone is different and sometimes our bodies change and can’t do what we once did. Blessings.

My nerve pinched first. Couldnt move my left leg for 6 months. It just fell like it was asleep. 3 years later ive had two hip replacements. Its not a fun journey. All you can do is scream and call 911. Its literally the freggin worst

I had the mirena iud and had horrible back pain. I couldn’t bend down or pick up my kids at all. At that point, I had it taken out and got immediate relief. In just days, things were back to mostly normal.

First one was fine and I also had pain with my 2nd one… its fine now but it took 10+ months and lots of irrigular bleeding to settle down

Yes i had the same thing…i ended up in hospital with an infection…i ended up again with another infection and ended up getting it taken out and replaced with a mirena . The back pain i had was like back labour with the iud