Has anyone failed the 1 hour glucose but passed the 3?

Any Mama’s failed their one hour glucose test but passed the three hour? Currently stuck doing the three and I feel like I’m gonna puke :nauseated_face:


I failed my first 1 hour and passed the 3 hour

I always failed the one hour and passed the three hour with both kiddos!

I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour. My midwife said it’s common.

Failed the 1 passed 3 :slight_smile:

Ive failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour

I’m in the same situation at the moment. Never failed the one hour with my 2 boys but I finally have a girl and I failed the 1 hour

I did and I freaked out but I passed my 3 so :woman_shrugging:

I passed my 1 hour and because baby is big i had to do the 3 hour and still passed

With my youngest i failed the one hour test and had to do the three hour one. It ended up being longer cause at the end of the three hour test i was too low

I have twice. Yuck made me so nauseous

Failed the 1 hour passed the 3

Me! Didn’t know I was taking my hour test before the appointment. Failed miserably after eating half dozen double stuff Oreos.

Passed the 3 hour test and almost passed out from lack of sugar on my way out of the hospital.

There are alternatives, tou do not have to drink the crap. Tou can monitor bs daily for a week,

I am taking the 3 hour tomorrow after failing my one hour. I never had this happen with my two boys, but this little princess is doing everything differently.

Yep! It was 20 years ago but that’s exactly what happened.

I failed the first one because I ate crackers in the middle of the night. I passed the 3 hour. That test sucks

I failed the first and passed the second. The 3hr one is HELL but it’ll be over before you know it! Good luck…sending good vibes you pass!!:heart::heart:

Failed my one hour because I drank a little orange juice. Passed my 3

I failed both. Failed the first and puked up the 2nd. So they made me prick my finger 3× a day for a week and my sugar was normal.

I failed the one due to eating like shit the night before and passed the 3hr and my BG was down to 67 at hour three and I was miserable

The alternative is testing your sugar 3× a day for a week.

You probably failed the first because your sugar was low. That’s why they make you drink the drink. Don’t skip the test like some have mentioned above.

I failed the first one passed the three hour

I did with my first child.

I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour

Failed the 1 hr, passed the 3 hr while laying in the ER because I passed out right before the 1st hour was up.

Yes I did went back and took the 3hr it made me wanna puke too made me feel like crap the rest of the day my dr told me most people fail the 1hr test which is dumb if they do why not just make people do the 3hr one instead of the 1hr I passed my 3hr test though

Yup! :raising_hand_woman:t3:. Failed my 1 hr “by a hair” , passed the 3 hour!

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I did! I passed my 3 hr one

My daughter failed her 1 hour glucose test and pass the 3-hour one

:raising_hand_woman:t3: with both my daughters I failed the one hour and did fine with the 3 hour one…the 3 hour one sucked cuz they make you fast

I’ve been putting mine off was supposed to do it today but I drank a coffee instead lol doing it tomorrow

Me! 2 out of 4 pregnancies.:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Just my second baby. After my third found out if I drink or eat something really sweet, my BS bottoms out in about an hour. Now I’m 61 and don’t know what it is.:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I failed my 1 hour with my 2nd only because I was unaware I was getting it and ate ahead of time but passed my 3 hour I think the 3 hour one tasted better then the 1 hour for sure

I failed my first and passed the second

I failed my 1 hour by ONE POINT with 2 out of 3 of my pregnancies and passed both 3 hour ones no problem! You got this!

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I did. Ask for your own room during the 3 and try to sleep.

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Yes I failed 1 hr ones after my first pregnancy i failed 1 hr and passed 3 hr so my last two pregnancy I refused one hour ones and went straight to the 3 hr ones because I knew it would fail the 1 hr and I didn’t wanna drink that shit more then once :joy::joy::joy:

Yep my last child i did 1 hr and 3 hr three times during my pregnancy. And after each three hr i passed. But he was also 9lbs 15 oz.

Me 3 times out of 5 pregnancies currently needing to do one but I don’t wanna

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Just failed my 1 hourhave to schedule for the 3 hour but really don’t want to do it again

I did. I failed one hour and passed the 3 hour. Doctors are setting the threshold for the one hour lower there days I believe due to the high incidence of diabetes. I felt nauseous the whole 3 hours as well plus the 4 pokes are not fun. I hope they don’t frequently miss.

With my first I had to do the 1 hour one twice (because she forgot to set the timer the first time) and the 3 hour one all within a week! Ended up failing the 3 hour also! With my second i failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hr.

I did, I failed my 1 hour and then passed my 3 hour!

Yes. I think it was because it’s very time precise and when I arrived for the first test they had me wait over my 1 hour in the waiting room. When they finally called me on my OB thought they had already drawn my blood when they hadn’t. I wasn’t surprised that they said I failed it. Went for 3 hour test and passed without a problem.

I did with my younger son. Failed my 1 hour by a point. Passed the 3 hour with flying colors

I failed my first and passed the 3 hour test.

Yes, I failed the 1 hour & passed the 3 hour. It’s not that bad. Bring a laptop, book, etc to occupy your time.

My first 2 yes… my 3rd failed both and had GD.

Failed the 1hr passed the 3hr. Dr. for prescripted something for nausea cause I couldnt go that long without food.

I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour good luck

That 3 hour one is the worst! Can’t eat for 24 hours omg that’s torture when you’re pregnant.

Yes! For both babies!!!
Both times after the 3 hour I couldnt eat sugar for like a week :neutral_face:

With my first pregnancy I failed the 1 hour test but passed the 3 hour

Me :raising_hand_woman: i liked the drinks though lol

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Yes… Since I passed the 3 hour, they just put me and baby off as ‘high sugar’

I did had to repeat it twice I never took the 3 hour one

Yep, failed the one hour and passed the 3 hour. Good luck!

I puked every where doing the 3 hour one I only lasted 2 hours

I always fail the 1 hr and then pass the 3 hr. It sucks.

Don’t puke hold it tight momma !!! You’ll have to do it again

I failed my 1hr, my 3hr i passed the first 2 hrs so i was able to leave and go home.

I passed with my youngest daughter so never did the 3 he and I’m supposed to be high risk for gestational diabetes because my mom has it with me. I’m only 21 weeks right now so haven’t taken the glucose test. I’ve heard of you don’t pass the 3 hr they have you do it one more time.

Yes with both boys! Don’t puke you will be even longer lol

Not me. I had the 1 hr one and threw up so they made me repeat it a couple of days later, then I failed the second 1 hr. Had to do the 3 hrs test and felt extremely sick the whole time and sure enough failed it.
My dr later told me that if you start feeling sick during any of those test usually it means your at high risk for gestational diabetes. It’s how you’re body warns you that something is wrong

I have with both of my pregnancies.

Yup failed the one and fasted for 12 hours before the 3 hour and passed. Currently 35 weeks 3 days :baby:t3:

I failed the 1 but passed the 3 :slight_smile:

Failed the one hour with my first kid then passed the three hour just fine. You will do great don’t worry mama

Yes, it’s fairly common.

I did! Sip on water and breathe .

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Failed the 1 hour bc they didn’t tell me I was gunna take the one hour n said I didn’t need to be fasting. I had just had a candy bar and a soda right before the test. Took the 3 hour n had to be admitted to the hospital bc my sugar went so low smh it was low when I went in that morning at a 69 they went ahead n started the test it was horrible my blood sugar went scary low

I did on both my girls. And both times, I didn’t have gestational diabetes

With 2 of my kids I did this. Don’t worry so much and if you do have the condition it’s not life changing cause it usually goes away with delivery of the baby.

I get to take a 2hr right off bat next week :cry:

Yes i had them done last month and failed the first hour but passed the other two! My doc just referred me to a dietitian who really shook me with food knowledge😅 I had been worrying about sugars on labels all this time when we have to watch our carbs! I’m definitely watching myself a little more closely now😅

Passed 1st n 2nd but I didn’t feel good during the 3hr 1 n I passed out for the 2nd time during it cuz of the fasting but my sugars were ok!

I failed my one hour one. I tested really high. Went for the long one and found out I actually had low blood sugar.

Same boat. Doing the 3 hour now. I passed.

Meeee, failed my 1 hour. Sat through the 3 hour stressed… and passed

I failed the 1hour but passed the 3hpur early in my pregnancy and then i had to do the hour agaim at 28 weeks. Currently 32 weeks now

First time… I had 4 hrs! 2 failed and finally 3rd passed… and at 28 weeks I will have another glucose test with my 2nd child… right now I am 22 weeks… it taste good for me… :yum:

Yes. I failed my first one, but passed the 3 hour. It was rough. Couldn’t eat and I was starving. Almost passed out. They took blood 2 times out of each arm.

Yes failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour easy! The drink is the worst :face_vomiting:

Failed the one hour. Just barely failed the 3 hr. They let me stay longer for a couple more tests since i was so close to passing and i passed those. Baby girl was 8 lb 4 oz but born with low blood sugar spent the week in the nicu and hasnt had a sugar problem since. However she is small for her age (10-15 percentile) she doesnt gain weight in the nicu they were mixing my breast milk with high calorie formula and she was still losing weight. Im sure youve heard babies should triple their birth weight in 1 year well my 8 lb 4 oz baby girl is 2.5 yrs old and only 24 lbs. However even though shes small shes perfectly heathy rarely goes to dr meets and excedes all milestone expectations.

Yes, I have. Just hang in there and if you get sick you’ll have to do it again! Yuk!!

Yes, failed the 1 passed the 3 then had to have it done again 1 week later

My first set of glucose tests I failed the 1 hour passed the 3. Then I had to do a second round later in pregnancy and failed both

I failed my first one, but passed the 3hr.

With my daughter (1st pregnancy) I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour. With my son, I failed both.

Yes, with all four of my pregnancies.

With two pregnancies I failed the one hour and passed the 3 hour

My daughter did but they said it was because the had her drink the wrong amount of that drink

I failed both of mine

I did… TWICE this pregnancy

thats what google is for lol

With both live pregnancies

yesss I have
my baby is healthy came out 13lbs 1oz

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