Has anyone felt pregnant a week before their period was due?

Has anyone ever felt pregnancy symptoms one week before period? I’m a week away from it; I just feel full, can’t sleep at night, I’m having nausea, cramping in different parts of my stomach, lower back hurts, stabbing boob pain; sometimes when I’m walking right above the left side of my vagina hurts and back to butt pain when I’m walking or sometimes when I’m laughing. I would be a first-time mom, so I’m new to all of this, no rude comments, please!! I feel bloated as well as a burning sensation when I lay down (in my stomach) could it be implantation?


With my second. I felt weird and decided to take a test. Found out about her a couple days before my period was supposed to start

You can have symptoms before a missed period.

I started having kidney infection symptoms sounds crazy but that’s how I found out went to the doctor to get checked for it and I was pregnant instead

With my second pregnancy I knew for two weeks before missing my period. It felt like I had a baseball in my stomach. I took a test the day after I was supposed to get my period and it came back a flaming hot positive :joy:


Yes I had food diversion and I knew instantly…I took a test everyday for 5 days straight until I finally got a faint line…it got darker each day…hes 2…lol

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Period symptoms can be very similar to pregnancy symptoms. Wait until your period is at least a day or two late and then take a test. Take it first thing in the morning so it will be more accurate.


Might just be a bad case of PMS . Kind of what it sounds like


Sounds like PMS before a period

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I knew before I missed my period. My boobs were real tender and I just knew I was. I was sensitive and felt different. I took a test and their was a real faint line. After I missed my period I took another and the line was brighter.

My 2nd child. I was nauseous and I thought I was catching whatever my boyfriend had. Turns out he was nauseous just a cough. When I kept getting sick at the smell of everything is when I figured it out. And honestly that was like a week before my missed period. 12 years later I have an 11 year old daughter lol

I had symptoms pretty early on, took a test before my expected period and it was a very dark positive!

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Yes! I knew on my daughter’s bday I was pregnant! I could just feel it. I told my step mom that I would be calling her in two weeks to make shirts. And she laughed. I called her two weeks later with a positive pregnancy test :joy:


Ive found out a couple times i was pregnant very early on. One of them the doctors said i couldnt be more than a week pregnant cause of my levels :woman_facepalming:t2:

Yup!!! And I was! With my last 2 pregnancies this happened :slight_smile:

Had this a few times with Depo shot as well.

For all 3 pregnancies I feel “off” a week before my period was due. Nausea, lack of appetite, breast tenderness. I’ve taken my test the day my period was due and have been positive all 3 times.

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Yes. I have symptoms of pregnancy every now and them before periods. Been like that since i started my period.

Yes ma’am. I knew I was pregnant with both of my kids before the pregnancy test showed positive. My first symptom was not being able to sleep.

Yep with my third pregnancy. I was nauseous and emotional my boobs hurt. I took a test it was negative. Then I missed took another and it was positive

Honestly, I’ve been feeling all of these things too and I’m not prego. I blamed it on how hot it’s been. I live in South FL, lol. But I’ve had all those same symptoms and was worried about it. For some reason this time of year it always happens to me
But from experience, these are all symptoms of early pregnancy! If it’s not the norm for you I would say you are pregnant

Yup both my third and now fourth I tested two weeks prior to my period due date and sure enough was pregnant

Yep with my 4th my period wasn’t due for about a week and I just had a feeling…took a test and was a very faint positive

Yes!!! I found out relatively early with all four of mine, but especially with my third and now my fourth. I wanted to test a week before my period but it didn’t show up on a test.

I found out I was pregnant 1 week before my period was due ! With my son who is now 19!

Yes to all of it! Pregnant with my second now lol

I found out before I missed with my first

My first time pregnancy I did not even know I whas pregnant 10days before I gave birth the doctor confirmed that I’m pregnant, we’re in shock cause that whole 9months I’ve got my period, but with my second boy I knew we’re a week pregnant and I just knew and docter confirmed it took a pregnancy test it was positive and docter just added that it was true so make sure

It depends. You can have the same symptoms when your period is about to come on. I mean if you were actively trying then you might possibly be pregnant. I NEVER had any symptoms of pregnancy but I have the symptoms you listed above when my period is about to come on. I know it’s crazy. :woman_shrugging:t4::joy:

I knew I was…
I felt something different with my body.
My boobs ached, I could barely shower without them tingling.
I was an emotional wreck, I stopped eating, I was always nauseous and tired.
I waited till my period was a week late though!
My first test didn’t work, my hormone levels were so high it broke the test.
Next one was positive

Yes exact like a period. I actually was due for mine and thought it was coming but was cramping still, wasn’t getting it, boobs were sore. The only thing that was different is I had nausea and bad headache

Find out I was pregnant at 5 weeks

Well if you go to a mirror look at your nipples if they appear a little darker with a ring around the nipple area you might be that’s how I found out . Then I took a test to prove it.

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I knew I was pregnant 3 days after conception. My mother even could tell.

I was like that with my second pregnancy

Yes! I found I was pregnant at 3 weeks. I immediately knew, it was fourth pregnancy

I knew I was and found out I actually am.

Yes and it was a girl

I did with #2 through #5. Tender, swollen breasts, and my uterus got firm.

Most certainly!!! I found out 3 days BEFORE my period was due…I felt OFF 2 days straight before the day I tested and it wasn’t a PMS off either…Due in 7 weeks but high possibility I deliver within 4 weeks

I been feeling like some of those symptoms but I know I’m not pregnant but is so weird :thinking:

Yes, but I also felt this way and wasn’t pregnant. What your experiencing is hormones whether your pregnant or not

With every pregnancy.

I was like this with my second apart from nausea, just had the implant removed, 3 weeks later I was pregnant. Go do a test xx

I had one day of spotting 1 week before I found out I was pregnant, no nausea. Very tired all the time, sore nipples (about the same as right before my period) Other than that had no other symptoms til 5 or 6 weeks along. I took a test 2 days after my missing period and was SHOCKED that it was positive because I didn’t feel pregnant

Yup. Boobs hurt and I tested positive at 3 weeks with home tests with both of my kids and my miscarriage. Had I not been someone who tested so early it is likely that I wouldn’t even have known I had miscarried.

My boobs deff hurt before I knew I was pregnant. That and feeling more bloated then usual. I never got nausea the whole pregnancy so that I was lucky.

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No offense but What does this have to do with “My Favorite Holiday”?

Some of these pains and burning doesnt sound like pregnancy.
Grab a test.
And see a dr

I had terrible lower back pain,diarrhea, headache and nausea a week before my period was due. Went to the doctor for unrelated issue and just thought I had caught a stomach bug for a few days. Found out I was pregnant at the doctor after my period was 3 days late

I felt that way before my last 3 periods but I also remember feeling very similar with my 2nd and 3tr pregnancy. My first pregnancy I was 3 months before I even knew. Each person is different AND each pregnancy is as well. Wish youthe best of luck and for whichever result you are hoping for at this time. :heart::hugs::heart::hugs:

With this pregnancy a couple days before my period was due my family had went on a trip to the mountains and I was so mean to my SO like everything he did made me pissed that’s how we knew something was very off

Yep and I had 2 kids from the same feeling. The only thing I didn’t get was morning sickness…very lucky. And I had a boy first then a girl a year and half later. Test darl…everyone’s symptoms are different.

Yep 2 weeks later got a positive test, I’m now 9 weeks 2 days :sweat_smile:

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Yip I’ve always tested positive had a period then still be pregnant, I had 3 periods with my daughter. Bodies are all different if only male doctors could understand it.

Doesn’t sound like pregnancy to me. I never had any symptoms till at least 5 weeks

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I’ve had all of those symptoms one week before a positive test

Sounds like my first son, I had 6 only felt like that with him and I ended up spending the whole pregnancy on bed rest he was born at 30 weeks

I had cramps that weren’t like normal, extremely tired, moody, boobs hurt and ate corn dogs and Funyuns like crazy and found out a week before my period. Each person is different though, my mom didn’t even notice a missed period with me and was almost 2 months along when she found out. There are tests that will show up if done a week before but I suggest testing a few days before at the earliest. Sometimes hormone levels aren’t high enough yet

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I knew I was pregnant and tested positive 1 week before my period. However I had none of those symptoms. They don’t sound like pregnancy to me.

I knew a week before my missed period that I was pregnant. My boobs hurt and a couple other things as well. Tested positive a week later

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Ugh, constantly. And I have an IUD so my periods are minimal, if any. So I’m always in panic mode when I experience these symptoms.

Sounds like my regular periods. Not so much how it felt with any of 3 kids

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Take a early test to ease your mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nope. I’m on my sixth pregnancy and never gone through any of that that early. Maybe wanna get checked. Tubal?

I had symptoms before I was late :slightly_smiling_face: it depends on the person, but you can always take a test before your period, it just might not be as accurate. Clear blue is usually the best for detecting early

Yup, ovulating sometimes is the reason!

Stabbi g boob pain is a sure sign of a real pregnancy

Go to a health clinic and get tested.

I was not feeling to good went to the Dr he said I was pregnant there was no way I could be I was missing my periods my x husband and I new I couldn’t possibly be after arguing with him and getting a letter for my three month scan I went only for them to say there was no baby and that I had had a miss arrange I couldn’t have had I no I couldn’t of been pregnant they still didn’t listen to me they messed my head up completely and my marriage as I explained I couldn’t have been pregnant to my then husband he didn’t believe me either so he thought I had been having an affair not true I new I was pregnant

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It definitely could. Of course many pregnancy symptoms are caused by hormones so sometimes It’s just hormones, but your symptoms seem like they could be early pregnancy signs.

Yep, exactly a week before. I woke up and knew I was pregnant, I was right and she’s 7

I knew 12 days after conception I was really sick nausea vomiting and my breasts itched like crazy

I kinda knew withing a week of conception. The tests were negative but could feel my body, you gotta think a baby starts as a parasite that attaches to you, it makes some people ill or feel off. Until it adjusts to you. It took me until 8 weeks for a positive test but my nipples were sore and I felt butterflies and like I was gonna throw up the same time. The smell of wverything was strong.

If you take an early response test you may be able to find out already. They aren’t as accurate that early, but if you have symptoms it is possible.

I know it’s full 10 days before it would show up on a test

I always knew I was pregnant before I had a missed period.