Has anyone felt their baby shake in the womb?

Hi, I have a question for any moms that have experienced “shaking” or “shivering” from their baby inside the womb? I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have noticed my baby will shake or shiver for a few seconds. He moves a lot, so I don’t think it’s an actual concern, but I’m just curious if anyone has experienced it and what your doctor said it was caused by? My doctor told me it’s just the baby getting excited, but the movements are super quick, and I never experienced it before with my other kids.


My son did it… it felt wierd lol

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My son did it when he was in my tummy. I cannot remember what it was…I want to say it was a yawn but I’m not 100%. Its generally normal though. But you can definitely always call your doctor for any questions or concerns

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I felt it to around your stage my baby is absolutely fine she also done it outside too I could recognise her movements x

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Could it possibly be hiccups??


I’ve felt this and I’m wondering the same thing! It only lasts a few seconds

My daughter had hiccups a few times… My whole belly shook! So cute

I had that during some of my pregnancy dr said was ok . I have a perfectly healthy baby boy 7months now​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

I have a 6y old son… When I expected him I felt the same… Sometimes even the father could feel it through my tummy…

Whrn he was born he continued to have this episodes a few times, but they never found what these shivers were…

I believe it might be from a medicine I ate until I relized I was pregnant… An antidepressant that I stopped tsking as soon as I found out… I experienced similar episodes of glitching up to 8 months after quitting Cold turkey…
Another girl I talked to at work noticed the same thing… From the same medication… But she didnt connect them until we spoke…

Hiccups rarely last a few seconds,lol. Does it councide with any of your meals? Maybe a little ‘surgar rush’ :slightly_smiling_face:

If it last a long time or the shakes are intense, go to the doctor. I’ve heard of breathing concerns for this.

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I have felt hiccups!

I wonder if its similar to the movements newborns do. Kind of twitching, its always been defined as their neevous system developing.

My baby did this and I was worried, she would shiver when she was born anytime she was cold she would do the same thing or her leg would twitch. It was completely normal and she grew out of it. Hope that helps!

Had one jump in utero when I dropped the toilet seat once.

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I know they cry in the womb… I recall my last baby shaking his hands a little bit as a newborn. Maybe it’s just that

Can’t say I ever felt that sensation but hiccups for sure. Lol…a lot

I’m sure its their diaphragm practicing, so I’ve been told

My doctor told me years ago that it was a active baby. When my son was born. He hasn’t slowed down until he hit 40.

I have in my past pregnancies and I always attributed it to ligaments stretching.

I experienced different things with all 3 of my pregnancies. My third pregnancy it seemed I felt alot more. I definitely had some crazy sugar rush moments. May be that your more sensitive to differences this pregnancy. As long as your doctor says it’s normal then dont stress yourself out too much. I know that’s easier said than done.

Honestly if they haven’t already they are probably turning into the head down position or just shifting to a better position in anticipation for birth.

I felt it whenever I was feeling afraid of my surroundings.

Hiccups? Mine had them for MONTHS!

yes my daughter used to do it all the time. its almost feels like the shake after a really good stretch. and once she came out, she did the same thing. DONT WORRY I did that & it was literally nothing to stress over !


F cause second pregnancy and same. I’m 34+3 and I know the difference between hiccups and this. And this feels like those shakes you’d get after stretching really good. It’s weird.

All the time he did daughter didn’t son did born 4 months ago and is healthy

My youngest when I was pregnant with him, and my current (30 weeks) do this

It is probably hiccups


Yes. I thought I was experiencing my baby having a seizure. Doctor said it wasn’t, and that it’s nothing to worry about

I had that happen during both pregnancies

Both mine did this , lots of movement is a good thing, I would be more concerned with no movement at all

Probably just underdeveloped nervous system :heart:
I didn’t experience that though but that is my guess as to why :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. Maybe they have an itch and can’t reach…


Im 30 weeks and the movements feel more jerky or shaky as you stated. Does not feel like hiccups at all. I meant to ask my doc about it but will hopefully remember to do so at my appt on the 2nd

My baby does the same thing every once in a while…definitely WAY different feeling than hiccups! My OB said it’s normal and not to worry.


My son did the same. My midwife said it was startle reflex or then experiencing bouts of rapid movement. The ultrasound tech caught my son doing it at my 20 week scan. It’s definitely not hiccups, but it’s totally normal and nothing to worry about. I brought it up to my midwife because I thought it was seizures and it’s definitely not that either.

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Mine had shaking and my dr did some test and my baby was having seizures I delivered him by induction at 35 weeks.

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My son did that once or twice it was the strangest feeling! Different than hiccups

I too thought my baby was having seizures… I was told it’s startle reflex or something else but I can’t remember. Was told it’s normal.

I had it with my second my daughter was always moving that feeling was very strange my first baby never did it

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This is my question. Thank you to everyone who commented. I feel much more relieved now. :blush:


Bring it up to your doctor just in case but like most people said it’s pretty normal. my first baby did this too and the one I’m currently carrying is doing it now too.

I have never ever heard of that before an never felt my kids do that either. That’s weird

Yes. To the point I asked my OB about in utero seizures. It’s definitely not just a move, it’s a whole body shake, etc.

I never had it before with my other two pregnancies.

I had it for several weeks a couple times a week. Now we are 37 weeks and it’s been a couple weeks since we have had one. Baby is running really big though, so perhaps he is out of room.

The doctors told me its hiccups

Yes it always reminded me of a rabbit kicking his foot fast😂

Yes my son hated the cold. If I drank anything cold or was out in the cold

Mine does this all the time, 32 weeks. I swore she was having seizures but every thing looks good and so far nothing abnormal is showing up on any scans.

I did. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: i think its when she’s stretching, she gets a good nice stretch she shivers

I felt it! She turned it it ok

Yes. My son would shiver and then stretch/arch his back.

Nothing to worry about tbh…i had it with all my 3 kids…but to put your mind at ease its best to tell your doctor on your next visit.

Yes! I thought my son was having seizures in utero! I talked to my ob about it and he said it was normal. A few minutes after he was born, he stretched and his little leg shook like CRAZY! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I can only imagine he was just getting good stretches in.


Yes!! I had this with my last baby. I would cry and cry bc the dr never felt them and they would just say it’s normal. After he was born he did it for a couple months. I would call the pediatrician and cry! Bc I was so scared something was wrong.
He was fine. :woman_shrugging:t3: he is a happy healthy bossy 4 year old now!

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I’m 37 weeks and my baby has hiccups all the time, but what you are describing isn’t hiccups. I’m not sure what it is but I’ve felt it a few times with the baby. Almost feels like they got the shivers. I haven’t asked the dr and just assumed it’s normal.


My son does the same thing, and I know for certain it isn’t hiccups. You have to remember their nervous system is still developing so they may still have muscle spasms. I wouldn’t worry.

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My second did this quite a few times. I swear I thought it was seizures. Midwife wasnt concerned. Hes 2 now and perfectly healthy. Still not sure what it was but it definitely wasnt hiccups.

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I’ve never been pregnant, but…we went through the pregnancy with our birth Mother. After my son was born, he was twitching and I told the nurse, she said “new babies do that” Then after we got to our birth Mother’s room, he did it again and this time the nurse came and put her hand on his feet. He was wrapped in a huge blanket and she could feel it through all that. She laid him down and unwrapped him and it looked like he was having a seizure. He was taken to the NICU and after two days, we were diacharged with a diagnosis of Benign Sleep Myoclonus

He would muscle twitch/jerk when in a deep sleep. It isn’t a major thing and he outgrew it around 6 years old. He still does it at 9 if he’s had an extremely long active day, but…nothing like when he was little.

It happened to me on my last months of my third pregnancy. Baby was born with severe jitterings. They did ecg, ct scan but nothing came up. He is healthy and very active. I still do have my concerns but every dr i take him they say he is totally fine. Yet still, very active, gets a lot of anxiety, among other things.

I’m 26w and what I felt yesterday was similar to hiccups but way faster than you’d think they’d be like closer together and I thought she was twitching. She hasn’t done it again but was kinda freakin me out!

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Could be hiccups but im thinking more like your uterus having small contractions. Mine quivered like that for a few days before I went into true labor

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My daughter had hiccups since I was 8 months pregnant til she finally came out and had them everyday for almost 2 months so wild . We called her the hiccup girl . Bu5 I never felt her shaking from the hiccups u could clearly tell what was going on

I felt it with my second. Both of mine had hiccups, but this was definitely different! Born completely fine!

I think it has something to do with the neuromuscular system. You ever notice that when you stretch a certain way or use a certain muscle you’re not use to using and you shake. It’s totally normal, especially for a developing baby.

I’ve had this! I was told it was my uterus spasming since it was being stretched to the max at that point. It felt like seizure type movements. They hooked me up to the stress test machines and when it happened babies heart beat didn’t change so they were able to rule out it being her.

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Yes! I did with my youngest. It scared me. Felt like seizures. She is 7 months old and perfectly healthy.

Yep! Turned out my little man has a “primal reflex” that was making his leg bounce. He did this often for the first few months, and now at 7 months he very rarely ever does it.

My second daughter u used to get this and I worried myself thinking alsorts during a scan the woman was checking her bladder etc and literally seen her pee on the screen and then shudder so I felt her like shake was weirdist feeling ever and out of 4 shes only one ever felt it with x

no it’s not hiccups. lol. i had the same feeling almost like a seizure type feeling like a sudden vibration movement. happened handful of times never got an answer from doctor. once she was born i remember her leg did the movement i was like :astonished: it’s just a random thing and she only did it once lol


I actually felt this too, with this pregnancy. Brought it up to my obgyn and she called it rapid movement but that it isn’t a concern at all.

I am almost 36 weeks and feel this with my little girl. My doctor said the same thing, especially when I mentioned that I more feel it when my husband is nearby or talking to her. They said she just is already a Daddy’s girl. Lol

My son (now 8) did that often. My last trimester, it felt as if he were shimmying… He’s perfectly healthy, just hard headed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear i could hear and feel my babies bones popping when i was pregnant with my 2nd son. I always told the dr no one believed me. Then one day around 34 weeks baby kicked and popped and my husband heard it and said wtf was that. So yeah when he was born they could hear his bone pop to and did xray and nothing was wrong.

Yes I experienced this, and she still did a shiver or shake after she was born it was her legs doing it, but she was healthy as can be, nothing wrong at all, I think it’s just their nerves developing :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


Stretching!! You ever wake up in the morning with a good stretch and your leg shakes? Babies do it all the time even when they are out!


Yes and I’m in my 6th pregnancy… almost feels like baby has brief jitters? Or a jumping motion but in quick strides… I think it’s normal as I’ve experienced it and baby comes out ok :grin:

I think i have!kinda feels like a rapid heartbeat or rapid kicking on my lower stomach!feels so weird but i like it!lol!

I was convinced my.daughter was having like seizures in the womb. I even googled it. Nothing ever came of.it though and shes 8 months now

Omg I’m 38 weeks mine didn’t shake lol but felt like a bunny rabbit kicking her hind legs feels super weird

I’m 15 weeks and I have a question. Idk if it’s ok to post here but I usually feel my baby ball up and shift in different directions…should I be concerned that I haven’t felt it today?

It could be your baby getting excited, or getting quick hiccups (ones that don’t last but a hiccup or two) :joy: happens to me all the time (33 weeks), and happened with my first one as well lol

My youngest did it after she was born. Doctors said it was normal and she would grow out of it and she did. I was very concerned though.

My oldest had the hiccups and I had no idea what they were until a friend told me what they were! My second had the hiccups ALL the time!!

Yes my son did this a lot. (He’s almost 2 now and super healthy. Even being born a month early)

This doesn’t sound hiccupy to me, it doesn’t sound like anything i’ve ever experienced, i’ve had 3 kids. Idk. You’re obviously concerned or you wouldn’t be asking, maybe you should seek a second opinion? I probably would if it were me.

Let me add that if you have a male doctor, i would ABSOLUTELY seek a second opinion. I was never listened to until i got a female doctor.

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Yes my baby does this all the time here lately I think he is just a little ninja lol

Omg yes with my first 3 it never happened but with my last he did it all the time. Shake really fast it felt so wierd. But dr said it was normal

My last 2 did it. It would make me kind of jump. It was like a vibration on my belly. Just a really good stretch.

I realized after my first babe that she was startling. The startle reflex where their little arms and legs shoot out and shake. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As much as my baby moves around in me now…thats what I feel sometimes. He shakes…flops. Kicks and headbutts me. Guess its normal…but my body does not like it

It could also be small muscle spasms in your uterus

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Sounds like hiccups which when I was pregnant with my son it was several times a day lol

Muscle spasms because they are stretching. Had it with all 4 of my babes :blush:

I noticed it in last few weeks with my last one. Seems that it’s pretty common and normal though

My LO has a lot this pregnancy (my 3rd). I’m 38 weeks and been feeling it since 34 weeks at least.

My girl was transverse for a little while and you could watch jump back and forth. My belly would literally be pulled from side to side

Baby Muscle spasms my daughter had them in the last month of my pregnancy into her 1st month of being born . They went away the Dr said it was normal

My son had hiccups almost every day while I was pregnant and had them for a while after he was born

Yep, my 2nd did that a lot! I was worried bc I’ve heard of babies having seizures in the womb. But it wasn’t all the time, he still kicked and everything. They just want out :joy: