Has anyone given birth at 34 weeks old?

Has anyone ever gave birth at 34 weeks, and did everything go ok? What was recovery like for you and baby??

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I was induced at 34 weeks due to having cholestasis and my daughter was perfect! Tiny (born 5.1lbs) but no issues at all. Nothing wrong with her or me after delivery. Because I was induced, we were forced to stay 5 days in the hospital, but that was the extent of it. She is almost 12 now! :heart: good luck, Momma!

My daughter was 35 weeks when she was induced with her daughter, both were absolutely fine. Granddaughter was susceptible to colds/flu when she was younger and she’s now on the autism spectrum but not too bad if that makes any sense.

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my son was born at 33 weeks, he spent about 3 weeks in the NICU. he’s now 3 1/2 years old and it doesn’t even seem like he was 7 weeks early! recovery was perfect and a breeze for me and him! :heartpulse:

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My first born at 34 weeks was is nicu 12 days. Weighed 5 pounds when born. He had a few minor health issues - got bronchitis a lot like every 18 months. Used a nebulizer but outgrew all that about 10 years old and now just takes zrytec and Is now 31. Straight a student through college. Second was born 32 weeks in hospital 10 days. Born at 4 pounds 9 ounces came home at 4 pounds. He did have surgery for twisted intestine been healthy ever since only thing he had after the intestine surgery was his tonsils out, been very healthy and is now 29. So being 29 yers ago there is so much more known now Of course going full term is best if possible but doesn’t always happen

My first was 34 weeks. We had complications. He was in the hospital for a month. He only weighed 4lb. They have to be 5lb.

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My sister in law at to have an emergency c section at 34 weeks. The baby had to stay in the nicu for about a week to gain some weight and was on oxygen for a few days. He’s now 6 months old, chunky and thriving :blush:

My daughter in law did and my grandson will be 3 in July. He was just watched alittle in the NICU. Modern science is amazing you’ll be fine.

I gave birth at 30 weeks me and my daughter was both poorly. I spent 2 weeks in hospital and my daughter spent 7 weeks in nicu. She is now home and doing really well. She was 3 pounds 7 when she was born x

I have 2 at 35 weeks. Both went home with me with in 72 hours. Didn’t need any extra help.

Had pre-eclampsia delivered at 34 weeks my daughter was 7 pounds

29 week twins both fine. 3lb3oz 2 months in NICU
36 week no issues 6lb 10oz straight home

My daughter gave birth at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia. My grandson spent 12 days in the NICU, weighed 3 pounds 4 ounces at birth. He’s a normal growing boy and has no lingering affects of being a premie.

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31 weeks and 3 days. Zero after issues for me or her. She was only in the nicu for 3 weeks. Home a month before her due date lol

My oldest was born at 35 weeks. She was a little over 5lbs and went to the NICU because she had a fever. She was OK and back with me after observation. She is11 now. Doing well. No health problems!

I just had my daughter at 34 weeks. She was born January 25th of this year. She was in the special care nursery for about 3 weeks before she got to come home. At Bethesda north they gave such great care and answered all my questions. I was definitely terrified having her that early but she has done absolutely fantastic! Thriving each day to say the least.

My step sisters cousin had her son at 34 weeks. Around 4lb8oz n was perfectly healthy went home the next day

I had 2 kids at 34 weeks and they were both healthy and fine and came home in a couple days with me. It’s totally fine. Neither have any problems now that they are older Both are healthy with no problems