Has anyone gone through post partum pre-eclampsia?

My question has any gone through postpartum preeclampsia? Which happens after birth and not during pregnancy like preeclampsia? Thank you


Oh wow. This is rare but serious. Hopefully you’re under doctor’s care.
How many days / weeks post are you?

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Had my daughter in 1988 everything went fine had normal delivery after 24 hours went home 3 hours later in ICU spent 6 weeks there before I came home to my daughter . I really don’t remember to much.

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Yes, with my first child! It started two days after she was born and was so rough :sob: I was on blood pressure meds for the first time in my life and hospitalized four times. However, It only lasted a couple months and then everything went totally back to normal. No more bp meds - nothing. During that time I remember having to watch my sodium intake, I ate very bland, no salt, and drank water by the jug.

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I did it was rough! I ended up in the hospital the day after I checked out. Was in there for a week on magnesium sulfate drip. They had a nurse at my side 24/7 and I felt so messed up I couldn’t even feed myself. Had to stay on meds for a year after.

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I did! My son was 5 days old and I was admitted to the ICU and they were afraid I was going to have a stroke. So much swelling in my legs and the worst headache of my entire life. Mag sulfate IV and I was eventually moved to a regular room. He is 17 and I am still on BP meds. I never had high BP before that. It never went back to normal on it’s own.

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Yes, I had preeclampsia was hospitalized for about a week after my twins’ delivery. I was on a magnesium drip during most of that time. Once my blood pressure stabilized, I was released with no long lasting effects.

I did after I had my Twins…it caused Bilateral Carotid Dissections and I had a stroke. The doctors said they don’t know how I’m alive. My BP is now stable, but my Carotid arteries have still not healed and my Twins are 20 months.

Yes. When I was released from the hospital I went home and stayed one night then was right back in the hospital the next day. Worst experience ever. Was minutes away from a stroke. Couldn’t hold my son because I was so weak from the mag. They wouldn’t leave my son in the room with me without someone else over 18 there because he was a “liability”. Threw me into a serious depression. My son is 3 years old and I’m still on blood pressure meds and antidepressants. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I did, I went into labor 4 weeks early then they diagnosed me with post pre-eclampsia. Put me on blood pressure medicine for 6 weeks or so if im correct(my daughters 7 so im not 100% sure on that) and I had to go get checked sooner than a normal postpartum check up bc of it. I had a ton of swelling. Luckily the medication helped and I didn’t have to be on it long term

I had postpartum pre-eclampsia and was hospitalized when my daughter was 12 days old. I had lots of excess fluid, including fluid in my lungs. I could hardly breath. They gave me oxygen as soon as I got to the ER. If you suspect you have it, get to the hospital ASAP!

Yes I did. I was in the hospital for a week and had two blood transfusions. After I was home I had to take my blood pressure three times a day and call the nurse everyday so she could adjust my meds accordingly. I did this for about 2 weeks. I suffered from PPD due to the trauma of it.

Should go away in about 6 weeks to 3 months unless u already had high bp to begin with, i bought a bp monitor just to keep checking

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I did. Almost 21 years ago, with my first child. I had all the signs and symptoms at the hospital, but noone realized what was happening. I was sent home. I had extreme swelling. Within a few days I was in the ER due to a headache so bad I could not function and extremely high blood pressure. My local ER did not know what was happening, and sent me, by car, to the hospital where I had delivered (an hour and a half away). I started having seizures on the way there due to swelling in my brain. I don’t remember much of what happened over the next week, just bits and pieces through flash backs and nightmares. I had to be put in an induced coma to stop the seizures. 21 years later I still deal with PTSD due to the trauma of this delivery and the aftermath.