Has anyone gotten pregnant shortly after giving birth?

Has anyone gotten pregnant within a few months of giving birth? I gave birth to my first child in March. I had a very hard pregnancy and was scared to have more children because of my experience with my first one. My husband and I planned on having more children, but I wanted to wait a little longer than three months… I haven’t been to a doctor yet, only taken a home test, and it came back positive. I’m excited to have more children but also scared and worried about being pregnant and taking care of my little one since my first pregnancy was so hard on me physically and mentally. Any advice from others that have been through the same thing?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone gotten pregnant shortly after giving birth?

Yes I have my son is 10 months n have a newborn 1week

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I got pregnant a month after having my son 10 months apart

My youngest two are a little less than 10 months apart their both the same age for 2 months. It was hard but you can do it! Prayers to you! :purple_heart:

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Had my first june 6th 2017
My second
Gave birth October 2nd 2020
Due for another October 1st 2021

Yes my sons are 11 1/2 months apart, I found out I was pregnant with my second son when my son 1st son was 3months. Totally not planned very very much a surprise but I definitely believe I had him for a reason and I am a proud mommy of a 3&4yr old :relaxed:

My Youngest was due on my oldest daughters first birthday! Its hard but once you get into the swing of things it gets better

My brother’s girlfriend had their first 2 kids 10 months and 2 days apart. Both born in 2009.

My sister got pg with twins 5wks postpartum

My oldest two are 10 months and 9 days apart. They are Irish twins. As of today they are 18 and 18. The oldest will be 19 next month.

I got pregnant when my 2nd was 6 months old

I did as well. It’s been very tough. The youngest has Autism and the two are constantly fighting. :sweat_smile:

I got pregnant when my first child was 6 months

With my oldest when she was 5mths I found out that I was 3mths along . I Was freaked out cuz I didn’t know how we was gonna afford 2 babies but I ended up loosing the baby

My son was 3 months old when I got pregnant with my daughter

Each pregnancy is different love. My 1st was a breeze aside labor and delivery. It wasn’t long only 6 7 hours long. But I couldn’t handle the pain at all.
My 2nd. I was always tired, I was always feeling blah. But my deliver and labor was so quick I didn’t even have time for the epidural and I barely made it to the hospital to deliver. Water broke at 645am I delivered at 702am.
I’m currently wondering if I’m pregnant now and my little one is only 4 months. I got my 1st period back a month ago and now its “due” yesterday but it hasn’t came yet.

My oldest is 11 months older then my twins.

My son was a little over 4 months when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I was scared at first but the pregnancy was easier on me. It has been almost 3 years now and I am 18wks with my 3rd and last baby.

I had my youngest 2 16 months apart, it was fine x

Second pregnancy is usually easier than the first. Having them close isn’t as hard as your think. Some think it’s better that way.

I have a 23 month old and 8 month old and I’m 28 weeks pregnant. Xx

My mom and her sister are 10 months apart, it can happen. Good luck!

Yup! 2 babies 1 year apart. It was so easy back when they were super small. Now there 3 & 4 and scrap ALL DAY LONG :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

you’re at your MOST fertile after having a baby which is when most women get pregnant again

My kids will be 3 years apart. So not close in age. But my first pregnancy was much more difficult than this one. I had alot of complications the first time around, but this one has been totally different. So each pregnancy is different, so I wouldnt worry too much. You got his. :two_hearts:

My boys are 10 months apart and are considered Irish Twins, I felt bad when I found out I was pregnant so soon after giving birth bec my son was born premature and spent time in a nicu and all I could think was I want to spend as much time enjoying him as a baby and the only baby at the time but yet I was pregnant and trying to enjoy that as well. I hate to say that I wish I would of waited but I have to wonderful boys who are my world even with them fighting all the time lol they are 5 and 6 now…

You probably need to see a doctor your levels take a while to go down but idk about months it will be hard but not impossible to take care of a child while pregnant. I was pregnant with my daughter and have a 3 year old. It’s easier pregnant with another child than after you already have 2. Lol.

Yea after I had my twins I was pregnant again four month later didn’t find out till I was 11/12 wks had no clue

My son was 4 months old when i got pregnant again, with twins! They are 3 and 4 now. Biggest blessing of my life!

My first two are 13 months apart

My closest pregnancy was my 4th and 5th, they are 17 months apart. You definitely need to make a Drs appointment.

not all pregnancies are the same, And yes one can get pregnant very quickly after after a baby, It’s called having sex, without any protection & please don’t think breastfeeding will protect you. Please see your OB Dr


Ya I got pregnant not even a month or 2 later, my daughter was born the day before my son turned 1.

No my gf had her first two girls exactly ten months apart. Got pg two wks after her first was born!!

Happens a the time, you’re super fertile the 1st 3 months after having a baby. Its called Irish twins. My first 2 are exactly 13 months apart. The first few years they grew up like twins and everyone thought they were. Now they don’t have anything to do with one another, teenage years lol.

My niece and nephew are only a year and a few days apart

My girls are 11 months apart…while it was exhausting being pregnant and taking care of an infant they get along so well and always have somebody to play with

Yes my 2 kids are exactly 10 months 1 day apart my daughter aug 15 my son june 16

Wow! Whoever is pregnant soon after giving birth yal are the real MVPs :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my first and would take all necessary measures to avoid that because I’m not able! :sweat_smile:

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Yup. My grandmother had twins, then a little boy 11 months later, then a little girl again 10 months after that. She was the mother of 4 by 18.

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My mom did and ending up having twins me an my brother and sister are the same age for a month

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I’ve got two daughters a year and a half apart and I’m not going to lie… that last pregnancy was AWFUL on my body. I didn’t give my body enough time to replenish and heal itself. It took about 4 years afterwards to start feeling somewhat normal again.

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I didn’t personally but I was married to the father of my 2 boys who also had full custody of 3 from his first marriage. I came into their life when they were was 5, 3 almost 4 and 1. I didn’t get to experience the getting pregnant again after 4 months nor can I help ease the fear of having children back to back like that. When I came into their life and married their dad, their bio mom gave up her custodial rights and skipped town. So I had the pleasure of watching them grow up to best friends and only 14 months apart. Now the oldest is going to be 20 this year and her brother will be 19. They still maintain that close bond and still do everything together. She even allows him to tag along on dates with her boyfriend. They had their differences tho. It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies with them. I think that comes with the fact they are different genders.

I had my second baby in January 2021 and now I’m due with my 3rd in January 2022

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I have 2 sets of Irish twins (born within a year of each other) they are now 12, 11 (boys) and 7 and 6(girls) …
It was easier when they were little… Now all they do is fight and bicker :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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My first 2 are 18 months apart my 2/3 are alittle more than 12 months apart. Some days are hard but I don’t think i would go back and change it if I could

My youngest grandkids are 10 months apart. Apparently my son and daughter in law didn’t waste no time.

Alot of people have Irish Twins.

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It’s called Irish Twins… I had a terrible 1st pregnancy( Scarlett fever, toxemia on and on) 2nd wasn’t bad at all.

They will be closer when they are older.

My younger sis & bro 10 mos apart won a cutest twins contest

You guys are crazy having sex so soon after child birth. I stayed away from it for months. My health was more important than getting laid…


I’m just genuinely interested in why people laugh at questions like this.

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Aren’t you supposed to wait 6 weeks to have sex again? :joy:
You guys are troopers… mine are 3 years apart!

Yeah the day i was suppose to get my 6 week check up. I was on my way to our local health department to get a confirmation on being pregnant.

Welp looks like you’re having Irish twins

I conceived 4 months after I had my son, him and my daughter are born a day apart lol

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My dad and uncle are only 11 months apart. My Kids are 12 years apart lol

Between my oldest 2 there is 10 1/2 months and between my 2nd and 3rd there is 11 months apart

You got this! Its actually not too bad, they will learn on the same level, and you’ll be even more stronger!

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Me and my older brother are exactly a year and a week apart. My mom got pregnant with me @ 3 months pp

Yep, I found out I was pregnant with twins when my daughter was six months old.

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It’s done now, you’ll be fine

i had a friend who literally was pregnant 6 weeks after her first and her and baby were okay. it was definitely a little harder on her and a little more exhausted than normal but she wouldn’t change it for the world and now they’re the closest of brothers because they’re so close in age. mine definitely aren’t that close but they were 18 months apart and also are the best of friends and i wouldn’t change that. personally i think it made it a little easier because i got it all out of the way fast and at once including potty training lol.

My partners kids are 11 months apart. 1st was a single, second was twins, everyone was ok but they were schedule csections so one of the twins went to nicu for a few days, two of my boys are 15 months apart and are fine apart from their nicu stays. Irish twins are a thing for a reason!

My grandson’s are exactly 11 months apart…6/3 7/3.They are like night and day!

We have Irish twins 10.5 months apart :hugs: besides anxiety because my first pregnancy was so complicated the second was actually more of a breeze (even with one at home) and the delivery was much easier.

I had a baby in January 2011, had another January 2012… I got pregnant 3 months after I had my first.

Yes it is possible. The doctor should have informed you that you will be more fertile after birth.

My brother is exactly 10 months younger than me

Yep! My kids are 12, 11, 10, 7, 3, 2, 1year in 2 weeks and then I’m due two weeks after our youngest son turns one with our youngest daughter :upside_down_face: i honestly prefer them being close in age over having an age gap. It does kind of suck being pregnant and having to wake up at night to feed and change another baby, but it usually mellows out by the time you’re hugely pregnant. Honestly my labors and births have been easier and quicker with back to back pregnancies also! If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me via comment or PM.

My 4th & 5th kiddos are 13 months apart. It’s pretty hectic with them…

There is only 14months between my 2 boys

My two middle kids are 9 months and 13 days apart. They were both preemies, aside from the NICU they are fine. They are 28 and 29 years old now!

I got pregnant very shortly after giving birth. My kids are 11.5 months apart and both nonverbal autistic. It was very hard but their bond is so strong, they’re my little irish twins. They’re going into 1st grade and kindergarten in the fall.

Yes I have Irish triplets 11,10,9 … you got this , there bond will be unbreakable.

Yep my boy was 4 months when I found out I was pregnant again, I felt like I was pregnant for two years lol :rofl:

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The first pregnancy is the scariest because you don’t know what to expect or do. You’ll be ok hun. Just remember to take it one step at a time

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Not all are the same

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My boys are 13 months apart. I was PISSED at first but it’s the best thing I could’ve done now. They are BEST friends. It’s not as hard as you might think


My brother and I are only 10and a half months apart and are very close even now living in different countries and in our 70’s.


My kids are 16,15,14,12

My baby daddy and his younger bro were born only 11 months appart… I left it a lil longer my sons are 19 months apart lol

Yes, unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage as I think my uterus just probably couldn’t carry another baby so soon. My son was 3 months when I had found out about it.

My brothers arent far apart. all i can say is good luck. she said it was like having twins which ive had

Yep, it happened to me!

Yep. My youngest two are 53 weeks apart.

10 and a half months my oldest 2 are you can not judge every pregnancy is different with each child. You will get through this I had complications with mine and they as well as me are just fine

Me and my sister are 11 months apart, my mum found out she was 8 weeks pregnant when I was fresh… me and my sister have always been super close!

I’m sure so many women have been through this. You are your most fertile after giving birth, I guess a lot of women still do not know this. Anyhoo, you will definately have your hands full, but babies are actually the easiest and cheapest to raise, the later stages become more difficult and expensive, believe it or not. Once they start walking and talking and going to school, you’ll understand what I mean :joy:

Mine are 13 months different.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone gotten pregnant shortly after giving birth?

My brother and I are only 10.5 months apart, so my parents couldn’t have waited long lol :woman_shrugging: You are the most fertile just after giving birth (or so my doctor told me after having my son) so it is very, very possible

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I got pregnant June 2019, miscarried September 2019, got pregnant October 2019, gave birth June 2020, got pregnant October/November 2020, and I’m due August 28th 2021. I had HG with my second baby and lost 60lbs total. It was very hard on my body but luckily haven’t had problems this time. Definitely let your body rest after this baby. Having them close is good for their bond but your body gets wore out.

I got pregnant when my first was 6.5 months old. I struggled with Hyperemesis for both pregnancies, so it was not planned. It was really rough, a lot of hard work and I felt like I wasn’t there enough for my first because I was so sick but now that we’re on the other side of it I’m glad it happened so quickly. It was actually easier to manage a child who couldn’t walk yet being as sick as I was, I was able to put her in her playpen and I knew she was safe when I had to run to the bathroom. I’d never be able to manage now :laughing:
They’re also so close in age that I still have all the clothes and baby stuff I needed. They’ll also never remember a time when they didn’t have each other, so it’s not like my first is “used” to having my undivided attention already and it’s being taken away by the baby. She adores her little sister.

My second daughter was born 6 weeks early so they’re barely 15 months apart. Littlest is currently 3 months and oldest is 18 months


I was pregnant 2 months after having my first. Then got pregnant with my 3rd 9 months later. Skipped a couple years and had an ectopic, 2 months later I was pregnant with my 4th. 5 months later I was pregnant with my twins and due to them being 2 months early they were born 12 days before my 4th turned 1. They are all so amazingly close. They fight at times but that’s what kids do and they always have each other’s backs. When they are all a bit older they will be inseparable. I am so thankful that I chose to have all of mine so close together :purple_heart: it is rough at first but becomes second nature so quickly. Congratulations! :blush:

With my first pregnancy I was sick the whole 41 weeks. Terrible till the day I had her via emergency C-section. She was 2 months old when I got pregnant with my second I was still sick whole time but it’s manageable just got to do best u can and pull through it. I have 3 children back to back but I don’t regret none of them. There my whole world

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It wasnt that soon, but I found out I was pregnant with my daughter a month after my son turned one. Now, it was completely accidental. But, honestly them growing up together and so close (16 & 14) now has made them have a awesome bond. Them toddler years though! Woah! Buckle up!
I should add I currently have a 2 yr old as well :joy: because apparently God knows what we need more than we do at times.
Its going to rush by, trust me. Enjoy it and dont stress the small things mommy…

I got pregnant with my second about 3-4 months after my first was born. It is a little hard to adjust to it all but you do get in the swing of things fairly fast. I am now about to have my third and our first and second are 11 months apart and very close and the second and third will be 18 months apart. You got this