Has anyone gotten pregnant while on nexplanon?

I was wondering, has anyone got pregnant while on nexplanon implant? I’m close to my three-year mark with my nexplanon, but I have been having pregnancy symptoms. I took two tests that had faint lines, and the other 3 I took said negative, so I’m confused. I have three boys, 3,4, and 6, and I’m not ready for any more.


My sister did but all 3 of her happened on some form of bc

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The same thing happened to me! It was a false positive.

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Only way to know is get a blood test

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It’s super hard to get false positives. Last July I was a day late, took several test they where positives, then I had a normal period and tested negative. Next month I was late again took test had a bunch of positives that time it took. No birth control is 100 percent effective and the test are obviously picking up some hcg if they are showing faint lines. Go to the dollar store and also make a appointment with your gp. I was so upset the whole entire fourth pregnancy, and I felt like crap for not being happy. But let me tell you this little guy has been the best thing to ever happen to us, he just turned 2 months.

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I got pregnant with my son hes 4 on the IUD. After that it caused major fertility problems i had 7 miscarriages.
After that I decided it was not in the cards for me to have another I had nexplanon for a year and had a molar pregnancy… Super pain full
I let my body heal and now im pregnant with my rainbow 32 weeks today so yes its possible

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Go to your doctor to be sure

It’s not likely. Retest in a few days, if it’s still negative maybe make a doctors appointment to be sure.

Also make sure you’re throwing the tests away after five minutes so you don’t get evaporation lines making the test look positive when it’s not

Currently 33 weeks. Had it placed for just over a year and a half. Got a positive test, went in. They pulled it out at 5 weeks…

It happens no method is 100% effective. Just depends on the person and body

Or if negative now could’ve been what’s called a chemical pregnancy

I had pregnancy symptoms too my last year with my nexplon, i took it out because I couldn’t deal with the symptoms anymore :sweat: I had one month with my period after i took nexplon out and i got pregnant :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:

Yes!! My last baby I got pregnant while on nexplanon. Boy was it a shock but hes 1 1/2 now and the sweetest little guy. It does happen :sweat_smile:

Yes. With my now 3 year old

As far as I know if it’s even a faint line saying positive it’s definitely positive. :see_no_evil:

I would get a blood test. Technically false positives don’t exist.

Get it out ASAP. My ob said that it can be dangerous and cause ectopic pregnancies. Get in to a doc and make sure everything is good. Congrats!!

Never got pregnant, but I bled from thanksgiving to Easter on nexplanon and had the worst cramps. I don’t recommend it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Nothing but a hysterectomy is completely fool proof. There are stats that say that a certain percentage may get pregnant. Go in and see your OB/GYN and have bloodwork done, the only way to definitively know at this stage, and then make whatever decision(s) you feel necessary.

That’s crazy… I’m waiting to get mines in right now :rofl:

Im a triage nurse for an OBGYN office and yes you can get pregnant with a Nexplanon. You can either call your OBGYN to request labs or you can wait a week and retest at home.


You can potentially get pregnant on all birth control. That’s why they never say its 100% effective. When I got nexplanon, both times they say its 99% effective.

Yes u can i have friends who have

No birth control is 100% effective which I’m sure you know it’s always possible

Yes you can, I fell pregnant with the implant with my beautiful little surprise number 5. I think statistics say 1 in 200 chance?
…go for blood test for a better result. :grimacing::heart: good luck.

It’s says the first year you can but after you shouldn’t be able to. I got pregnant my first year the second time on nexplanon. I had it 31/2 before I got pregnant. I miscarried

I always get pregnancy feelings just before my implanon runs out. Right down to certain smells making me feel sick.