Has anyone gotten their tubes tied after a C-section?

Yup. During my c section.

I had my tubes tied during a c section many years ago after difficult pregnancies. There is no extra time or pain involved at all

I got my tubes removed at 35. My last pregnancy was something else, never will I do that again.

Had mine tied during c-section and it doesn’t change anything except my doctor didn’t want the nurses palpated my abdomen for 24 hours. Plus it’s cheaper because you don’t have the extra surgery charges!

I had mine removed a month ago during my c section, after my daughter was born of course. I’m doing fine. No pain, almost healed. 3 kids ages 19, 17, & 1 month.

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No different then a C section

Recovery is the same as without it. The only thing I had was I got very nausea while ding the tubal due to extra movement internally they had to do for it. After they were done it went away.

I had a tubal ligation. Painless.

Yes i did…after my daughter was born they tied my tubes. All at same time. I wasnt taking ang risks lol

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I did!!! :raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2: 6 years ago! Everything has been fine for me.

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I had my tubes tied after my 4th baby was born, I had a c-section with him (My 2nd c-section). Recovery didn’t feel any different than it did with my first c-section :blush:

they can do it while they are in there delivering the baby

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I did it. Had the baby and an almost 5 year old. Recovery was basically the same as a regular c section.

My mom had hers cut and burnt. Idk if they still do that anywhere but tying them…they can come untied and you can have another one. Its happened to my moms bestfriends daughters. 2 out of the 3 had their tubes tied…couple months later for one…she was pregnant. A couple years for the other one…pregnant. If you decide to still tie them…use other forms of protection.

They did it immediately after no problem cut and burnt the end

I got my tubes tied when I had my c-section. With my 5th kid. Healed all good.

Yes I did , medical issues

Sure did. 16 years ago :heart:

I had a c-section with tubal ligation back in March of 2018. My periods are a bit more painful, in my opinion but I cant say if that was from the tubal or my second c-section. And the recovery and healing seemed the same. But I was also 6 years older

I had a c section on october 1st and my tubes taken out. There does seem to be a little residual pain on either side near my ovaries but it’s not bad it just reminds me not to lift too much. I have a 6 year old as well so understand the concern of chasing one and dealing with a newborn. Honestly best decision I’ve made.

Talk to your doctor about full removal of the tubes, my obgyn recommends it over ligation. Less risk of cancers later and no chance of tubes growing back together. I had it done at the time of my csection, absolutely no regrets.

I jad mine done durong my last csection. No problems at all. But due to dysfunctional uterine bleeding I ended up having a hysterectomy 2 years later. Best thing I ever did. If u are positive u don’t want more kids ever…get a hysterectomy… they can leave your ovaries so u don’t need hrt

I’m 35 with 4 kids I had mine done when I had my c section with my youngest who is 3 now, I regret it

Yes I was 37… second child , no problem at all.

I had mine done with my c section. I have 2 kids both c sections. My first was one hell of a recovery but I’ve heard it was a pretty normal recovery. For 6 weeks I couldn’t drive, no stairs, couldn’t push or pull anything, & bending was painful. My second one was so easy. I was back to normal in like 2 weeks driving & everything so at least for me it didnt make anything harder.

Yes I did. Absolutely does not interfere with your recovery.

They can do it after you give birth… and u have one recovery… just take the class of they require which is one day few hours and you can have it done.

I had mine tied, cut and burnt while I was still open from c section. I’ve had no problems. Been 19, almost 20 years ago.

I had it done 19 yrs ago.

I got mine done, they were in there anyway lol

I got tied 5 years ago with my third csection, must say was a little bit more sore than the other 2. I then had a 4 and 3 year old at home. Periods is much more painful for me now and longer, went from 4 days to 7. I were 27 then. Probably depends from person to person but i bled alot after in hospital they wanted to take me back to theatre, luckily it got beter 24hours later. I still dont regret it, i hate contraception it makes me sick.

I had mine done with my last c section. The recovery was the same

I’m 25 had my second baby and my husband and I decided we are done having kids so I had mine tied and burned after my c section it took a little longer no side symptoms I had a wound vac and it helped close my cut so much faster my husband had to go back to work 2 days after being home and I was able to take care of myself, my then 2 1/2 yr old and my newborn

Nope they wouldnt let me. Even though I have 6 kids.

I had my tubes removed after my 4th at 23. The pain only lasted about 2 days.