Has anyone had something called superficial thrombophlebitis?

Has anyone had something called superficial thrombophlebitis? Thrombosis varicose vein? A blood clot in a varicose vein? I went to doctor for the knot on the leg, and that is what they narrowed down to, but since I am pregnant, I can’t take anything for and lost on even what it is!!!??!!!

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You didn’t have your Dr explain? So you ask people on here, heaven only knows where they got their info from…

You really need to ask your doctor.

I hear pregnant girl’s are high risk of blood clots there’s a blood thinner called LOVENOX safe to take when pregnant you should look into it talk to your obgyn hope this helps .

I have had recurring thromb/phebe. For years and it has caused another condition CVI, chronic venous insufficiency. Since you can not take blood thinners, used compression stockings to help blood circulation in legs. Here in the Netherlands, dermatologists handles these case

I have had thrombosis of the umbilical cord when I was pregnant and basically it’s a enlarged area of the vein. Which increase risk of blood clots. I had my doctor induce me because of the risk of blood clots.

I have not had a superficial blood clot, but I have had one in my lung and I am not sure why you wouldn’t need to take a blood thinner to break down the clot? I took blood thinners every day of my pregnancy and after to prevent clots. I would call a Hematologist and make an appt.