Has anyone had their child taken away for post partum and things you did as a child?

I just need support and kind words please don’t be mean… I am wondering if any moms have had their baby taken because of what they claim as bad postpartum depression … And they brought up things in court that I did when I was a child in my teen years. I am currently only seeing my baby supervised, but I have custody of my other kids not supervised. I’m so upset, and None of this is fair, and I don’t understand any of this. I’m doing everything I have been asked to do by GAL and will continue to. I want my baby back, and I will do everything I can to get her back. Please just give me some support, moms. We got back to court in a few months.


Why am I reading this and thinking there is more to this story? A judge has to deem you as an unfit parent in order for your child to have been taken away. They would not base it off of something you did when you were a child. So something isnt quite adding up…


Never heard of this happening before. Im very sorry sweetheart :frowning: how did this happen? Prayers!

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Hang in there and keep doing everything they want you to do. We all have made mistakes not knowing what yours were I really can’t make a opinion one way or another. Just stay strong and believe in yourself.

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I’ve learned that attorneys will attack you for anything! Steal candy when you were five? Well then you’re a criminal!!! Even Gals can be your worst enemy. It’s the burden of proof that’s important. Make them prove it and don’t be scared. Fight for you and your children’s rights because no one will fight for you but you


Who intiated this?? Someone must have thought you were a danger to your baby. Judges RARELY take babies from their moms for depression. They would intiate treatment etc. There is much more to the story. If you want advice thats real, be 100% real


I know a woman who had post partum depression, and a mental health worker convinced her to give up her child to adoption. She deeply regretted it. I don’t know about losing a child due to things done when you were a child. If those were actual crimes done as a child, that record should have been sealed. I hope you have good legal representation, and a mental health counselor that is truly supportive.

What is the reason they took the baby exactly


You know let’s all just pray for a wonderful ending, no one knows any answews but the Mom the end

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Wrong judges and cps do take children from parents all the time

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Nope never had anything but joy when I had my boys and never had my children involved in any custody issue.

I would say this Dont write anything on public FORUM like this because it can be used against you in court .

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What ever you post on facebook is considered public and its out on social media and it can be used against you in court .

No one knew much about post partum depression back 30 years ago when I had it… You need alot of support… You’ve nothing to be ashamed of… You are a good person… Fight for your child back. :heart:

I truly hope you get your boy back, sending all my love and luck to you. You can do this!

Love and light. Keep your head up, you got this

That seems very unfair to be using things from your childhood against you. I’m sorry that you are going through this.


Depends on what happened as a child. How bad was the ppd? Was it severe as to cause concern for the safety of the child? This seems unfair

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Work on yourself so you will be ready when the time comes for court . Good luck .


It all depends on what happened in the teen yrs an why didnt they take the other kids makes no sence


Hang in there mama. Just keep doing what you need to do. There’s a happy ending

I have no advice, but I remember being afraid of asking for help for my ppd because I was afraid of my baby being taken from me. :’(


Im sorry , keep fighting for your baby , dont give up. :heart::butterfly:

It depends on how bad the PPD was, but its baffling they only took the one child?? I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I hope you are getting help for your PPD and get your baby back. :heart:

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As long as you are doing exactly what’s been asked of out, there shouldn’t be anybody at all that can take your baby. Keep the lines of communication open between GAL and case worker especially. I don’t know the reason as to why you would have 2 children and be supervised with one,so it seems as if the baby has already been taken for something… If they start talking about terminating your rights then 9 times out of 10 there’s something you aren’t doing as far as a treatment plan goes. Depression alone is bad,I couldn’t imagine having it post partum.

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The weird thing is removing the child for months can break any type of bond that you would have with the child, making PPD even worse. Unless you have postpartum psychosis then they would take the baby away from you. Use any support you can get so you can get your baby back.


Be true to yourself take this time to work on you. To ne the mum you want to be. the mum this child needs. Go to councilling if you feel you need more

You’re experiencing a legal kidnapping of your baby period, all it ever takes is a shitty case worker or GAL for it to happen, what you need is an amazing family attorney and do all of your case plan and save every document, the agency gets money for every child removed and put in foster care and also for every parent they force into their “programs”
It’s a hard defeating heart wrenching process to go through (millions of Fathers go through this only with the mothers and the state not just the state) try your best to stay positive you now possess the knowledge and wisdom of how corrupt our family courts truly are

just keep your head up for your other babies and hopefully everyone will be back together soon.

Where are you from? Some states are more concerned for the safety of the child. Since they didn’t take the other kids, they may be concerned about your baby,s safety due to your depression. What has your legal advocate said? Do you know what your baby and where it is placed? This a very difficult thing to advise without more information.

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Do what the GAL says and you’ll be back with your baby soon. It may seem like forever now, but when you’re back together, it will feel like no time has passed…speaking from experience.


Keep going mama I’ll be sending good vibes your way

Praying for you and your baby. :broken_heart:

Take advantage of any resources offered. Parenting classes, therapy, etc…

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There are many corrupt professionals out there. Do as many parenting groups you can. Get character references, a doctors letter to say how you are medically. Get into therapy, as the courts should admire that and it will help. Maybe ask your children at home to write how they feel about you etc. Stay strong, it will he hard as she is a baby and they do their best to get the younger ones the most. But the more evidence that your postpartum depression has had no change in your ability to be a mother and do the daily chores etc. Will give you more of a chance of getting her back. Good luck and take care


This doesn’t make sense, Im sorry you are going through this. They can’t be worried about your childs safety because if they were they would have removed all the children. How can they remove one child and use your past against you but leave the other children?? Is there more to the story? I can’t see them worrying about your parenting if they haven’t removed the other children. Does the childs father have the baby??? That would make more sense. Perhaps they just gave custody to that parent they found more fit at this point.

I don’t know what you did to your child while depressed but clearly they’ve determined that you were unsafe. Keep jumping through their hoops abs do whatever they ask.


It’s sick that women are scared to ask for help because they could have their child taken. I’m so sorry this has happened to you :disappointed_relieved:


God bless you and your family

Yrs this can hsppen wat did they remove your child on if its a section 20 you can revoke might be different where you am im the uk but keep doing you if youve got your other children its a goid sign but if its supervised one thing in contact can lead to the removal of the rest wat made them knock the door if its just depression you can due at the end for emotional distress but if it just the baby it could lead to forced adoption i no people will say that doesnt happen or that tbey carnt get away with it but they csn and have write everything down keep ur self a communication book eith anyone thst comrs into contact with your child or you get them to sign it if thry refuse thry hiding something your legally aloud to record and make note in public in the uk so try thsy to as long as you warn the person your recording and if there a public servent they definitely carnt refuse act like a ss worker if they can gaver evedence then so can u and in the uk you can request your data protection to hope something i said can help you got this momma dont let the systom break you also find yourself a good mckensie friend google it if you dont no what one is x

I’m currently fighting for my son who was in my care 20 months no concerns I had a mental breakdown and he was removed from my care they’re using my mental health and the fact my mam neglected us as children against me, just keep doing what they say and tick all the boxes x

I guess it depends on what all you did during the post partum? I really don’t know… best wishes tho.

They dont take babies because of post partum
SO many women suffer from ppd and have their children.
Theres more to this that isnt being said.
WHAT did you do in your teens?
They have to have reason to take a child. They must have had reason to beleive the child was in danger being neglected or abused or exposed to drugs or violence.

And why would they only take the baby ?


You are not likely to have any lack of “bonding” with your baby! My friend’s daughter was passed around for six years! She showed up for every visit, used her time away from Baby to get her HS diploma and nursing assistant certificate, and got a job in a nursing home making twice as much as a fast food worker. Right this minute you’re in the darkest part of a tunnel, but you will come out into light again!

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Go above and beyond to follow the directives they give you. Ex: Classes, testing, visitation, counseling etc.


I never asked for help for the fear of this same thing happening when I was a young first time mom. Keep your head up and do what you have to and you’ll be fine

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This just reminds me of when I was stuck living in Ireland with my sons father and social services had to get involved cuz I called the cops on him for knocking me out and running out with the baby. Everytime they visited me they kept asking over and over how I was feeling and if I felt depressed or overwhelmed. I suffer from severe depression on my own. Let alone the shit that came after my son was born and dealing with the cops and my unstable alcoholic ex. But I never gave em anything. Never admitted to it cuz I knew what they were after. Even tho I was the victim in the situation they kept looking for reasons to take my son from me.

What happened for them to take the baby in the first place?

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If this is all true and you have your other kids fight them get a lawyer

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See s counselor, she could turn out to be your best advocate for court! With the right attorney, the b.s. of bringing up stuff from childhood, holy, you NEED proper REPRESENTATION!! I re commend calling EVERY family lawyer and asking if they do pro-bono (free) work? They’ll shoot you down, but keep dialing!! Stay strong, stay connected. Keep up the good work.

The very best you can do is have evidence you are seeing a counsellor or a therapist. As for what you did as a teen, see the court about that and ask what can be done NOW without having to do time if it was that serious. But if they are worried enough for one child, why didn’t they take the other 2 since they are in your care? Please see the baby as much as you can also. Because there has been cases and suspicion about child trafficking. Its a scary thought, i know. But be consistent. Always see your baby. And srgue against them that post partum is normal and for some it gets a little worse. I know for me it was. But take advantage on resources to help you and to get your baby back.

If you have left something out of this post as the others are guessing, you need to first admit whatever the problem is to yourself and get some help. Follow all the instructions you are given and seek out other helpful things to do on your own, that will help tremendously. It does confuse me a bit that they only took the baby and not the other children. I’m guessing its something that happened during birth or at the hospital. I wish you luck, you need to do what is best for your children.


Obviously you are leaving out important details such as what you actually did to the child or threatened to do to her to have just her removed for her safety and not the others

Are we talking post partum depression, or post partum psychosis?

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I hadi cant help youre leaving things out be honest good luck .

I had PP psychosis after my 2nd child and it was the worst thing I ever experienced in my life. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  I never once wanted to hurt my child I just wanted to kill myself constantly and I even heard voices, eventually it got so bad my mother had to take my baby until I got better. My daughter 17 now and I have had 2 more children. I’m very healthy and happy but I got help. I was able to take her back 3 months after it started because I got help. Good luck.

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What does u doctor say.

There is definately something missing here, they wouldn’t just take your baby because of PPD your baby would have to be exposed to something that poses a continuous danger to them, like refusal for a mental health plan, depression (selfharm) drugs or alcohol.
There has to be an inability for you to look after your child.

Nearly same situation, dm me if you want x

What you did as a kid should have nothing to do with you now but you do have to make sure you’re getting help for the depression. Don’t give up and don’t stop working to get better and get your baby home.