Has anyone had to be induced early?

Most hospitals will not induce before 37 weeks, unless it’s a live saving matter. My doc wanted to induce me at 36 weeks because if complications but the hospital wouldn’t until 37 weeks

I was induced at 36 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. My kiddo weighed 5lbs 11oz, and stayed in NICU for 2 weeks…I don’t see them inducing you that early, unfortunately…too many possible complications.

They won’t induce earlier than 39 weeks unless for a medical reason they deem reasonable. I wanted to be induced at 38 due to my previous labor going so bad but they wouldn’t do it before 39 apparently the baby’s weight isn’t a serious enough issue even when the baby suffered from shoulder dystocia due to it.


I’ve had 4 children. Induced with my last two. My son was 11 lbs. 4 Oz when he was born 2 weeks early due to induction because I could barely walk, and was in horrible pain.

The best advice I can give- is don’t listen to the soap box preachers (who love everything natural) and just listen to your body. You know it better than anyone- including your OB.
Best wishes :black_heart:


They will keep baby in as long as possible regardless of your pain I’m afraid learnt that first hand


Inducing labor should only be done for medical reasons, so if baby is healthy and there are no complications, the doctor won’t do it. Especially that early. Pain is unfortunately part of it!


they wonlt that early ive had 5 and my last i couldnt walk the pain was so bad and i still had to wait until 39 weeks i was induced with 3 out of 5 and whoever says the more kids u have the faster the labor they lie my last i was in labor 2 days!!! and my nurse at st marys last one anyways was a pos and let my epidural run out so i felt everything !!!

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Sure, the pain sucks. But you do not need to be induced unless medically necessary. The baby’s lungs are still developing. I have 3 kids and every single time, the pain was unbearable in the end but that’s just part of it. Besides, induction makes for super painful labor and delivery so if its pain that bothers you, please just let baby decide.


I had to be induced because of unbearable “mystery pain” I couldn’t physically move from 35 weeks up to 39 when I finally was able to find a doctor to induce me. But they won’t induce before 39 weeks. And even at 39 weeks you’ll probably have trouble.

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They refused to listen to me and my midwife requesting induction from 38weeks as I couldn’t walk was bedridden with no support for 2 Yr old and then when they induced 4 weeks later after refusing to listen she was 10lb and they had to given me a written apology due to my size they said I could of died and should of listened etc when requested so ask to be seen then ask for scans I wish I had pushed it

If your Doctor thinks its ok then it’s fine, don’t listen to anyone that tells you that you’re any less a mom, or any less than a woman.

I started having pain and contractions at 16 weeks. Steroid shots, hospitalizations you name it. You have to stay strong and wait until the baby is ready. My daughter was still born early and she suffered so much because her lungs weren’t ready.


Coming from a preemie (34 weeker) and micro preemie (25 weeker) mom, thats too early and IDK why you’d rather see your baby suffer than deal w the pain and let the drs do their job. Sorry, harsh truth.


They induced me at 37 weeks. They were convinced she was going to be a 10lb baby. She was 6lb 13.2 oz…

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I was induced 2 days before my due date due to be high risk( they thought her birth weight was low but she came out perfect 7 pounds 7 ounces) it was horrible I would never want to be induced ever again, my body wasn’t ready for labor had to had a balloon inflated in my cervix with no pain meds let me tell you that was worse than pushing out my daughter, I was in labor for 30 hours. Once my labor started started to progress when I hit 7 centimeters it flew by and she was out with less than 10 minutes of pushing, idk your whole situation but I would wait till your body is ready forcing it might worse

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The lungs are one of the last things to develop. Early induction at 34-35 weeks may result in Baby not having fully developed lungs and needing extra care once born. Its definitely not worth the risk.

HOWEVER if your doctor says there is reason to be induced early then theres your answer. Ive heard of women getting induced early because of a petite frame with a big baby or the need to avoid a stressful delivery for both. Is it possible this pain is from something else?

A Dr won’t induce before 39 weeks unless there is a medical reason that the hospital deems emergent because the baby would have to stay in the NICU. I’ve had 2 kids and started having contractions at 29 weeks with my 2nd,had to have steroid shots. The pain is unbearable but you don’t want to have your baby having staying in the NICU.

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9 times out of 10 they will do everything they can not to have your child born before 38 weeks because that’s when the risk of health complications after birth drops.

It won’t happen, just because you’re having some pain, I’ve had five children and let me tell you, I have had some extremely unbearable pregnancies, even then they will not induce you before 37 weeks, a baby/infant is considered fully mature at 37 weeks so you will be very hard pressed to find anyone who would risk the life of your child because you’re uncomfortable …
At 34/35 weeks your infant will need to be admitted to the NICU For lung development and other complications that could arise, I know it’s difficult, wait anyways, it’s in the best interest of your baby to allow them to stay in for as long as possible❣️

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U don’t want that baby to come early hun stick it out. My 3rd is a preemie and the complications that come with a baby that early there immune systems there breathing etc. My little girl picked up late onset GBS meningitis and sepsis somehow on neo natal at 35 weeks. Keep baby in there as long as you can. I was told with my 4th they would sweep twice after 38 weeks but wouldn’t induce until I was late. I have osteoarthritis and have a history of large babies


I struggled greatly with movement and constant pain in my last pregnancy, explained over and over that I couldn’t even walk my already existing children to school anymore as I would spend the rest of the day crying in pain. They let me go 2 weeks over my due date and wouldn’t induce any earlier.

Mine were all 3 born at 38 weeks. The first induced due to having zero amniotic fluid. The 2nd and 3rd were also born at 38 weeks with no amniotic fluid, but those were C-SECTION.

Remember lungs are the last thing to develop & don’t finish doing that til around 38 weeks. Natural or not, the longer, for the most part is SAFER for baby.

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I was induced two weeks early with my daughter and one month early with my son.

unless there is a medical reason the probably womt until you are ful term but you might be able to request to be put on bed rest

I was induced at 39 weeks due to high blood pressure and swelling. I couldnt move for 4 days after my daughter was born. I also had an epidural as well. Its not fun.

I had a stillborn at 36 weeks (no known factors, first pregnancy) and my next pregnancy I had to have a c section at 37 weeks 4 days. They would not induce or take her out any sooner than that. My anxiety was so bad… I couldnt eat or sleep… I know its not physical pain but it caused physical issues.

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39 weeks unless deemed medically necessary. Insurance won’t pay for it.

My state won’t induce before 41 weeks unless medically necessary. Example: high blood pressure, stress on the baby, or something else serious… I was in tremendous pain and could barely walk the last 3 months of my pregnancy. All my dr could do was put me in physical therapy. It actually helped.

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34-35 weeks?? Doctor would always say no if baby is not in distress. Everyone is uncomfortable at that time, sometimes even completely unable to walk or sleep due to pain, but they do not induce at that point unless baby’s life is at risk if not gotten out ASAP. I was in nonstop pain the last 4 weeks with my twins, completely unable to walk, with 3 other kids to care for. That is not a reason to induce early, especially dangerously early, and asking would be putting my children at risk for my comfort. Lungs still need to develop then, and it’s not about how uncomfortable we are, but that baby’s health and our priority being to give them the safest start in life so we just get through it. If a doctor induced at that point, when baby was not at risk, not giving the baby those crucial any point before 37 (most won’t won’t even before 38 or 39 weeks) weeks because mom was very uncomfortable and in pain, just like every mom is at that point, they would be risking their medical license and their malpractice insurance so risking their entire career to endanger a baby.

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No, they will on induce if there’s a risk to baby. I was in agony with both my pregnancies and went to full term x

I was induced at 38 wks…for no other reason then I was 41yrs old🙄 which automatically made me high risk. No problems for me or my daughter

I was induced because i had ugir and my daughter was born with one kidney she came out weighing 5lbs 5oz at fullterm

Where I live they’re not even allowed to induce before 39 weeks without a reasonable cause. I had to be induced at 35 weeks after 2 months of being in the hospital on bedrest. My body was not ready, it was a very long and painful process. My baby was tiny and 5 years later she still struggles to gain weight and has various other developmental problems. I know that’s not always the case, but its not worth the risk in my opinion. Hang in there Mama!

They won’t induce you for that im sorry but you are going to have to go a little longer

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You definitely don’t want that baby born before 37 weeks
But also they wont medically induced you until 39 weeks

I was induced at 28 weeks

He is now 13 and healthy as any other boy his age

No doctor will induce before 41. Some do at 39 if you’ve had a baby before at term with no complications during labor or delivery.

Idk any dr that will do less than 37 weeks because now they say thats technically full term and ok for the baby. I was induced at 37 weeks with my 1st due to pre eclampsia

It is very important that Baby develop in womb until at least 37 weeks

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34-35 weeks is considered premature. I don’t think they would induce unless the baby or mom was have life threatening problems. With my second daughter I had a c-section at 33 weeks because the flow from the placenta to the baby was abnormal. My daughter was serve IUGR. So if she would have stayed in any longer she would have died. She had a lot of unknown issues we didn’t know about until she was born. She stayed in the NICU for 9 1/2 weeks.


Pain? No. When it comes to pregnancy pains, we literally just have to suck it up.

But you did mention contractions. I was having contractions starting at 31 weeks, we stopped them with various methods but they kept coming back. So, by 35+0, they decided enough was enough. I was induced and had my son that day. Not life threatening for either of us. The intermittent contractions would begin to put stress on my baby if it continued. His heart rate already went up a bit higher than normal during one of my hospital visits. It went down to normal and stayed normal. But 4 weeks of contractions was just plain awful.

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I was induced with my first at 34-35 weeks because I was leaking amniotic fluid and then they also had to break my water and I wasn’t dilating completely - and he was still 6lbs 6oz —- he’s 18 today and no medical complications (he a pain in the ass) healthy and normal if you will

It’s different every where and for everyone - good luck!!!

They will not induce you that early unless of a medical complication! Take Tylenol and rest if you’re in pain, I’m sorry, but it is not okay for your baby to be born that early for no medical reason.

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they won’t do it just for pain. i tried. you have to be 39 weeks. my daughter was measuring 8 pounds by 37 weeks and they still wouldn’t do it.

I’m sorry whoever says pain during pregnancy is normal or natural it comes with it is wrong if the doctor let’s you then go for it. My first pregnancy I wasnt in pain didnt need and shots to keep them in longer, currently on my second pregnancy and everything is going well no pain. I could walk into labor and delivery myself my first. Pain is not normal.

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I was only induced early due to blood pressure issues going to possibly kill me and her at 38 weeks. And honestly unless there is medical issue or baby needs to come out now they won’t induce you early cause you asked. Your going to have to just deal with the pain its part of it. Qnd as for the contractions are you sure not Braxton hicks I had those forever it felt like!!

Everything is rough near the end… You think the pain is bad now, wait til labor lol! Hang in there but no doctor will induce you unless there’s a medical reason.

I had my son at 36 weeks, my water broke. Although he was over 7lbs he still ended up in the NICU with breathing problems due to being early, he was still considered early. I would try to hold on as long as possible.

It was on the table. My amniotic fluid was lowering to dangerous levels I was showing beginning signs of pre-eclampsia. I had also been in extreme pain for months because my baby was Buddha style on my sciatica. We took it week by week. We made it to full term but did a pre-scheduled c-section due to all the risk factors. My daughter had a genetic disorder that we discovered after birth and suffered a heart attack because of it at birth. We don’t believe she would have survived if we had not been as cautious as we were.

To be induced early you or the baby has to have some sort of medical reason. I’ve never heard of anyone getting induced before 37 weeks tho. I was induced with both my kids at 37 but because of blood pressure. One baby was perfect just little 5lbs7oz and my last one went in to shock and was having a hard time breathing. So pros and cons… I know the pain sucks but might be best for the baby to keep going.:heart:

I was induced with my 1st baby at 39 weeks due to high blood pressure near the end. My 2nd baby I had a placental abruption at 33 weeks and was in the hospital 2 weeks. I couldnt leave until i stopped bleeding . they did do steroid shots in case he had to come for his lungs. Then at 36 weeks i went back in the hospital for appendicitis that was treated with IV antibiotics. They still wouldnt induce me until 39 weeks.
Both were and still are healthy.

Depending on size of bubs etc and how bubs is forming

You can handle the pain, because as a mother you would never choose your baby’s first experience out of the womb to be Painful IV lines, antibiotics, c-pap machines, incubators, unable to be held and so on and so on.

I kept having contractions and Dr gave me shots to stop it. When I got to 35 wks I had already had 3 rounds of shots and baby was so low I couldn’t even go to bathroom so they induced me. Baby was fine she is now almost 12 and never had issues

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It’s very unlikely that they’ll induce for that, it has to be something that is putting you or your baby at risk. As the mother of a premature baby, which is what your child would be, I strongly suggest you wait! Take it from a mother that has been through the NICU journey, having a baby born prematurely is no game it comes with many health problems. If you’re in that much pain you should be contacting your doctor immediately any way to talk with them about it or be going to to ER.

Depends on the cause of the pain. Some life threatening conditions can cause debilitating pain which doctors could induce for. I’d discuss your pain with your OB to see if they can get to the root cause of it. Extreme pain for long periods puts a lot of stress on the body and that’s not good for the baby. I was induced both times, first was because she was 42 weeks and very late. Second time his belly was getting to big, which can cause entrapment during delivery, when I was 39 weeks along. Talk to your OB.

I was induced with both my children bc it’s what worked for me. However my doctor only did it at exactly 39 weeks. I’m sorry for your pain mama,but in this case I would say wait unless doctor says otherwise :black_heart:

They induce at 39 weeks they won’t induce any earlier its not safe. They will only induce if your life is being threatened or have a major complication going on. It has to be an emergency not just because you have lots of pain. Sorry but thats pregnancy sometimes unbearable and sometimes pleasant but it’s all worth it once your baby comes out on time when he/she is ready. Just a couple more weeks girl you got this. I feel you on the pain part.

I dont think any doc will induce earlier than 36 weeks unless medically necessary. If you reach 36 weeks you can have a membrane sweep(look it up) uncomfortable for about 20 seconds but I went into labor within 24 hours after having this done…it was 2 days before due date when I had it done but was super uncomfortable and needed him to come on out. It worked. Total labor and delivery time was 7 hours but he was my 2nd. I was induced at 36 1/2 weeks with first and it was a total of 36 hours.

I was induced at 34 weeks because my water had broke too soon. They couldn’t find a cause for it and it happened when I was 33 weeks. Waited a week to see if he would show up on his own. For how early you want it, and I say this with most sincerity, I don’t think a doctor would accept if you were to just ask. If you truly are in so much pain and you’re willing to risk an early birth, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to your doctor. Both about what you want and what other possible options are.
I really hated not being able to bring my son home right away. I understood that he needed his time in NICU but it was devastating going home everyday without him :frowning::pensive: I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy.

I have because of gd “gestational diabetes

Chat with your midwife, if you explain all your concerns she will advise you best

I was induced for my first, but that was for medical reasons ( high risk pregnancy) with my second I asked about possably being induced and I was told they never induce UNLESS there is medically something wrong etc.so personally unless there is something wrong with baby I dont think induction would be an option. BUT it never hurts to ask :woman_shrugging: hence why I asked with my second because closer to the end of my pregnancy he was bad for pushing on every daum nerve he possably could push on leaving me incapable of taking care of my oldest, and it HURT when it would happen.

It’s very hard to see someone wanting to request this…as a mom of a 24weeker and he spent 156 days in a NICU… and that was before COVID (I can’t imagine now…)unless a doctor deems is 100% medically necessary for you and the baby I would suggest you give those lungs every single day you can. It will be worth it in the end even if you can’t see it now.


I was only induced early due to pre clampsia I’d take every ache of pain to help them grow that little more. One was 36 weeks one was 32 weeks she was in neo for 5 weeks I wouldn’t wish it on my worse emeny. It’s emotional it’s draining and so so hard. Please think of yourself but think of that amazing bundle you’re carrying. Sending lots of strength


I dont think so doctors debated delivering my son early at 30 weeks because he was pressing on my tumor i had grown . but they decided to have him stay to term because he was not in danger i was just in a lot of pain . i was prescribed pain meds to help and my son was born 38 weeks healthy via csection

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They won’t induce you unless you are 36 weeks and the babies lungs are developed

With my last and 5th child I stayed in pain my entire pregnancy. I had SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) high BP, excessive amnioticfluid, etc. I ended up being induced at 37 weeks 2 days due to the excessive amniotic fluid. Made it to almost 8 cm and ended up having a STAT c-section due to his cord being wrapped and heartrate dropping to below 40 with every contraction. Im now 6 months PP and still in pain most days. So being induced does NOT guarantee the pain will go away and you need to let baby stay inside as long as possible. I was extremely lucky that my son had no issues and no NICU stay.

I was induced a week early, pain was manageable. The whole process was long and exhausting

Try physio or massage for pain management if you are able.

At least where I live you can’t be induced electively until 39 weeks.

They literally won’t because it isn’t medically necessary. Gotta wait til 38 weeks. They realistically will say just hurting is part of pregnancy, every heavily pregnant woman is hurting, and it isn’t medically necessary. Bake for as long as possible mama.

I was induced at 38weeks. I knew my whole pregnancy I was going to be induced since I’m high risk. My labor and delivery was not super painful or complicated and my baby was and is perfectly healthy. It was the best decision made for me and my baby by my OB/GYN team and I don’t regret it in the slightest.

They won’t induce early unless its life threatening

They won’t unless it’s medically necessary. The earliest they can is at term at 37 weeks and you have to meet certain criteria for them to even consider the option. Most wont consider it until 39 weeks. They’re more likely to have you put on bed rest or told to take it easy to help ease the pain. They may give you some meds to help.

Doctors induced me. But after 4 hours I refused further intervention and went home. I was almost 2 weeks late when I was induced a second time.
And my body actually responded and I had only an 11 hour labor. Compared to about a 35 hour labor my first pregnancy

I didn’t ask for it, but my doc highly & strongly suggested on my last pregnancy. I was so close to 40 weeks, I was so pissed! Because my boy was huge & I could no longer hold his weight when I stood. :woman_shrugging:t2:

36 weeks is correct. I asked to have my membrane stripped. Worked for the first kiddo. Did the same thing with seconded and she came 2 days later. At 35 weeks start taking primrose pills. Works to soften your cervix.

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I have SPD and it causes temporary paralysis and severe pain from the waist down. Some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. My doctors are considering inducing me because the paralysis could become permanent… you know your body better than anyone. Do what you feel you need to do to protect yourself and the baby, do your research and pray. No one knows your pain or your body. You got this girl

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Nope they won’t let you. I begged them to take my daughter out early, even while complaining of preeclampsia for a whole month. They finally induced me a day before my due date :roll_eyes: my 1st born came 2 months early and had a butterfly knot in his umbilical cord, he would’ve been stillborn had he not come early. I had a huge fear it was going to happen again but they still wouldn’t induce me.

They will not and should not induce you unless you or baby are in life threatening danger.

I was i

Knowing this y would someone want to become pregnant more than once? Dont get it

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Sever pain isn’t reason enough to induce baby that early. It has to be a life or death situation.

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Sometimes when being induced the umbilical cord can drop and wrap around the baby’s neck and be fatal. Unless absolutely necessary for health reasons, i would recommend trying to manage the pain until labor starts naturally.

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They won’t just because you’re in pain. I was in agony from being pregnant and because my uterus grew into my ribs and broke them. It was hell. I had an emergency c-section done 34+4. Only bc my blood pressure spiked, my platelets dropped and every time I had a Braxton Hicks contraction Baby A’s heart rate dropped. (During net scan) They were 5.13 and 4.14. I had mild preclampsia and they still wanted me to go as far as possible. I think we were all in extreme pain carrying twins. It’s hell. My girls were premies and you could definitely tell. Their head bones weren’t fused yet,ears still were stuck to the sides of their little heads, tiny and I wish they could have stayed a little longer. We got lucky and my little one stayed only for one night and came home and my bigger one almost a week and a half. Nicu time sucks.

I had a non stop migraine and was in hospital for a week and they ended up inducing me because baby was pushing on a nerve and he was delivered two weeks early. But let me say being induced with both my kids was God awful. I wanted to go natural with my second because of how awful my first was and with my second having to be induced was awful labor and then had to have c section anyways because he got stuck. I’ve heard from many ppl waiting for your own water to break and naturally go into labor is way better pain wise than being induced… Just my experience and also what I’ve heard as well.

I’ve been induced with both my kids only about a week early though. I had to be induced due to medical issues. My first induction was painful but my second wasn’t as bad. Good luck to you!!!

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I asked several times with my last pregnancy because it was so painful towards the end. Like zero sleep and tears from just standing. But I went full term and I’m glad for it, it would’ve been selfish of me to have her before she was ready.

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I was induced at 35 weeks only because my water has broke some & I didn’t have the group b test. Swab done yet. I would rather go into labour on my own than to be induced, my doctor told me it makes everything go faster & the pain comes on stronger. I hated being induced it was horrible, I also hemmoraged pretty badly due to how fast everything went.

I’m 37 weeks today and I wish I was induced. I have really bad pain in my pelvis and heartburn that has mutated into acid reflux.

Go see a chiropractor!

Only if it’s medically necessary to save your lives. I gave birth at 29 weeks and my son spent 100 days in the NICU and then two more week long emergency hospital visits all during this pandemic. It’s been a crazy journey.

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Not been induced early but had to be induced on due date due to waters breaking and her being a meconium birth (she’d :poop: in the womb). I can confirm that Induction makes contractions super painful, especially as it ramped up to next level.

Medically they won’t induce until 38 weeks unless babys life or your life is in danger. I was induced with my 1st 2 and the second baby hurt me so bad. So I feel your pain and I hope you can find some relief​:heart::heart::heart: Unfortunately though I wasn’t able to be induced until 38 weeks at the soonest

I did! It was Xmas time and I had her on Xmas. My family was coming down and I had gestational diabetes

They will not induce you that early… thats way too early and could affect the baby’s health. the earliest is 37 weeks but most wait until 39.

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I was in labour, babies head could be felt and asked them to pop my waters to speed it up a bit. They refused as that would be inducing it. I was 41weeks

It’s unlikely your doctor will allow it before 37 weeks. Unless it’s medically necessary. I tried, I was in so much pain with my 4th.

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