Has anyone had to had a fallopian tube removed?

Has anyone experienced an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in having to have one fallopian tube removed? Was it hard to get pregnant after the fact? Is there anything you wish you knew or anything that can help me through this process? my boyfriend and I have been trying for about a year and finally got pregnant, only to be told I miscarried, then told it was ectopic, and they had to remove one fallopian tube. We both want a baby so badly, and we’re scared that it’ll be harder for us to get pregnant from here. Any advice? have any of you been through this?


I had my right tube removed by emergency surgery as my tube ruptured with the ectopic pregnancy. I fell pregnant again 2 months later and now have a healthy 3 year old girl. It can happen, sending hugs.

I have had 3 ectopic, one resulting in the removal of my left tube when I was 27 years old. Went on bc after that for a few years. Had my first child (no fertility help) at 37 and had my 2nd (no fertility help) at 39.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had to had a fallopian tube removed?

I had my ectopic on 12/05, and got pregnant again in February and delivered in November. Losing a baby is hard, go to therapy and talk about it, even when it makes those around you uncomfortable.

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I had an ectopic with tube removel I fell pregnant the next month shes now 8. Sending all my love sweetie :heart:xx

I had an ectopic pregnancy and it burst. I only have one fallopian tube. I had one miscarriage after that and it was devastating! I got pregnant four months after the miscarriage and had a beautiful baby girl on Christmas 18 months later I conceived again and had another beautiful baby girl. They are now six and four. It took about a year after my ectopic pregnancy to conceive.

Not from an ectopic pregnancy, but I had 1 fallopian tube taken out when I was 15 because somehow it got wrapped around the ovary… I still had 2 healthy pregnancies

I had an ectopic - it ruptured. I had the left one removed. Due to the blood loss and trauma I was told to wait 6 months before trying. Then it only took 4 months after that and I’m due in July. Don’t worry too much it will happen, just keep an eye on ovulation and relax xx

If your other tube is functioning properly you should have no issues. Without knowing your particular female health issues, everyone and their bodies are different. I had an ectopic in 1994, and I work in the OR and do multiple ectopic procedures a month. Most women still get pregnant on their own

We had an ovary and fallopian tube both removed from opposite sides actually in 2013 and finally concieved again the beginning of 2020 and delivered a beautiful baby girl 5 weeks early last August on my 34th birthday. My forever birthday twin.:sparkling_heart:

I did! I was told the chances of me getting pregnant were low to none. I went on to gave 2 healthy pregnancies and 2 beautiful babies!

I have. It took me two years after that and then three after that

I had my right overy and tube removed 10/08/2020 and got pregnant again in November of 2020. I’m due this August :blush: we had almost tried over a year to get pregnant when I had the ectopic. I thought the same thing that it take forever with only having one tube. So just stay positive don’t get to down on yourself. That was my issue right after surgery. I was so upset with myself. :pleading_face: try and be easy on yourself.

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I had an ectopic rupture, as long as there are no issue with the other tube you should be golden. Good luck!

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Iv had 3 ectopic unfortunately and iv only got 1 tube, however I got pregnant soon after, I wish you all the best x

My mom got pregnant with me and my older brother with 1 tube!

I had the same as u and got pregnant the next month that was 2yrs ago

You can still get pregnant with one tube fact this happened to me

I’ve had 2 ectopic and a miscarriage all a year from each other. 4 years after the last ectopic after sighing up for ivf I got pregnant with my rainbow bubba and 13 months after him I got my 2nd child who’s now 2. Both natural.

I had an ectopic in June of 2019. They removed my left tube. I just had my baby boy in may of 2021. Give your body some time to heal and just make sure you process every emotion you feel.

I don’t, just wanted to send some love! I struggled with infertility and I know how heartbreaking it can be going through that :blue_heart::blue_heart: wishing you all the best and a healthy pregnancy soon to follow!

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I lost my left fallopian tube due to a ectopic. I got pregnant 2 years later. While the dr said I could try again in a couple months emotionally I needed the time to heal.

Had this happen to me at 19 and I then had my.first daughter before my 21st birthday and then her little sister 2 years later and now im currently pregnant. Everyome is different but I had no problems. Wish you the best of luck!

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My daughter had an ectopic and lost a tube. She’s been pregnant 3 times since. Two healthy babies.

I had an ectopic pregnancy in Dec of 1991 lost left tube was pregnant in February of 1992

Had an etopic rupture and removed and 9 months later found out I was pregnant

I had an ectopic back in April of 2018 and they had to remove my right tube. 4 months later i got pregnant

I got pregnant with my daughter her dad got with a 16-year-old girl to live with him and she tried for years to get pregnant she claims she finally did get pregnant and she was in Washington and it ended up being in a tube so she had to have surgery and she’s never gotten pregnant again but because of all the stress and stuff she’s heavyset and that’s probably could be why

I currently have a 2 year old after having my left ovary and tube removed! Your body is more adaptive then we tend to understand


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had to had a fallopian tube removed?

I haven’t had that happen so I don’t have any answers but I really hope that everything goes well with the removal and I hope you get your rainbow baby. I’m so sorry that anyone has to go through this, a miscarriage is bad enough (wouldn’t wish it on anyone) but then to have even more complications has to be a nightmare. Good luck! :heart:

I got my left tube and ovary removed due to a large cyst that resulted in a miscarriage…that was April 2016 and August 2016 I found out I was pregnant.


Yes! I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2005. In 2007 and 2009, I had a baby. We just quit “trying” and it finally happened! Best of luck to you!

I had an eptopic pregnancy in 2012 and had to have my right tube removed. Tried and tried to have a baby but once I gave up i became pregnant in 2017 and had a baby then 9 months later found out i was pregnant again. And then now Iam due again next week. Just quit trying and go with the flow.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone had to had a fallopian tube removed?

I had an ectopic pregnancy and a tube removed but then got pregnant again with a healthy baby x

My mom had seven children after one tube was removed :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck

I had an ectopic and had my Fallopian tube removed, I had three children afterwards xx

I had two after my first my doc said id probably not ever get pregnant properly i had a 200% chance of it happening again an it did so i had 2 removed

I had a tube removed over 30 years ago never had any trouble concieving my 2 kids and had the easiest menopause you could imagine.So good luck you will be fine xx

I had my right tube and ovary removed, had 3 healthy babies back to back only 7 months later. Stressing will cause you more problems then that will!

Had one removed, pregnant 3 months later

I had my left one removed after an ectopic pregnancy… Had 2 babies after that. X

I’ve had a tube removed but mine was due to endometriosis which caused me to have a growth on my ovary which in turn twisted my tube. We went on to have a baby just fine x

I had one fallopian tube removed and still got pregnant had the samething

I didn’t have this operation but found it difficult to get pregnant I took my temperature every morning when it goes up that’s when your overlating then I thought I was pregnant had 2 negative tests told I was 99.9% not pregnant
My son is 41

I’m going to be the odd man out here but I had an ectopic in 2010. Had the tube removed because it ruptured. Struggled for years to get pregnant. Was told the tube wasn’t blocked but then had another ectopic in January of 2020 which we caught early enough that we saved the tube. After that we decided to go the ivf route and are now 15 weeks pregnant


I was born with only 1 and I fell pregnant 3 times

I had my fallopian tube removed after having an ectopic pregnancy, I’ve since gone on to have 3 children.

I had an ectopic pregnancy June last year which ended in emergency surgery losing my right Fallopian tube after 6 months of trying I’m now 20weeks pregnant with my special little rainbow boy. I used an app to log everything and it seemed to work. Think positive and good luck :blush:

had one ovary and tube removed for another reason (large cyst destroyed them) and my dr reassured me it would be absolutely no issue to get pregnant from the other side if I wanted more kids. I still get my period monthly.

I did and was told I couldn’t have any more children. They also had to take part of my uterus too.

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my daughter had exactly the same trouble and had one of her’s removed and was told she would not be able to have children. 8 years later she fell and suffered a miscarriage and one year later she fell again and carried a very healthy lively boy full term. We call him our miracle baby.

One fallopian tube here & have an 11 year old son! You only need one :blush:

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I had an ectopic in 2007 after a year of trying. I had to have my tube removed. I haven’t been pregnant since. But it looks like my case is rare. I know of plenty of women that have had multiple children after an ectopic. I have hormonal imbalances which I suspect has something to do with my infertility.

I know someone who had an ectopic pregnancy n she went on to have 3 more kids.

I had both of mine removed in result of 2 ectopic in both tubes by the age of 27… was told there was scar tissue and a high rate of it continuing. I don’t want to scare you but it’s really based on personal issues. Alot of woman are far more lucky then I resulting in successful pregnancies after. Although I live in Ontario Canada and have access to one round of free IVF so its not completely devastating. Depending on your past(sexual health wise) and reasoning for your tubals will depend on the success rate. Hoping for the best on your journey💜

Mine ruptured and they had to remove it but I’ve had 2 babies since. I ovulate every other month. My period cramps are worse now then before.

Me! Had right tube removed. Was given ok to try again at 6weeks post surgery appt. Ovulation test was positive that day and I got pregnant! It can happen for sure!

I had two kids after my ectopics. I had two ectopics my first one I got my tube removed then got pregnant with my son my second ectopic I didn’t need my tube removed and got pregnant with my daughter. It’s harder for me to get pregnant though.

I had an ectopic pregnancy and had my left tube removed, I went on to have another baby after that x

I had an ectopic 9 years ago it ruptured due to the hospital turning me away resulting in emergency surgery. I now have fertility problems but I believe its diff for everyone. I only ovulate every 2 months… Wishing you a. Speedy recovery its truly heartbreaking x