Has anyone spotted during ovulation?

Have you ever had spotting during ovulation?? I’m ovulating and wiped, and there was a little blood mixed with the discharge. I have never had this happen before. I had protected sex two days ago… surely it’s not from that, right??


Normal…it can be caused by hormonal changes during ovulation

I’m certain it’s normal but if continues I think you should see a doctor.

I had thick mucus during ovulation. I did have increasingly light periods the first 3 months of pregnancy.

I have my tubes tied and now I always spot for one day the day I ovulate, idk why though I never did before I got my tubes tied but my period comes like normal every month

I’ve never had it happen but I know it does sometimes! Its from the egg bursting out of the folicle

Yup! I usually have more symptoms with ovulation than pms too.

Yes! I could actually tell when i ovulated. It is small sharp pains and aches.


Yes spotting during ovulation became a regular thing for me in my late 30’s. It was like clockwork

Could possibly be starting sooner than normal.

Wouldn’t this be something to ask your doctor…:roll_eyes:

Yes its break through bleeding

You can bleed around O time. If you’re worried, though, go see a doc.

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Yes but only for like 2 days

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Implantation or rough sex🤷🏼‍♀️

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How old are you? Could be the start of the change.