Has anyone taken antidepressants while pregnant?

Has anyone been put on an antidepressant while pregnant? I’m ten weeks pregnant, and I have a six-year-old and a five-month-old. I have postpartum depression from my precious baby, and I just can’t get out of it. I am constantly sad, all I do is sleep, I cry all night when everyone else is asleep, I contemplated suicide a lot, my anxiety is so bad that I shut myself in my house and don’t go around any other people than immediate family. I don’t have any energy at all to even do the simplest tasks. I just don’t know how I’m going to make it. Yes, I want this baby, and I am keeping it, my husband is trying to be helpful and understanding, but he just thinks I’m lazy. I also work full time.


Yes, I have. It helps immensely, I was in the same place when I decided to take it. I didn’t notice any huge side effects on my baby or me or the pregnancy in general. I was taking a very low dose


Most of them are safe except Paxil. It will help tremendously.


Talk to your doctor. Continue taking your meds until you can discuss with physician

No never wtf selfish


I’ve been on anti depressants since 2015 and once I got pregnant this year I never stopped my doctor just put me on a lower dosage and it’s helped me lots since the beginning of my pregnancy and I have major depression and anxiety and I’m now 29 weeks but I feel good.


I only take them when I’m pregnant and after I have the baby because it’s the only time I am unable to control my depression. All of my kids are healthy and happy!


Talk to your doctor, there are meds out there safe enough for you to take while pregnant. If you ever need to talk I’m here to listen♤

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I was and still am on pristiq.
My baby did have mild withdrawal for a few days😭 .
Wasnt showing signs of pain but he did have the shakes.
Now I know north America doesn’t have any positive studies done towards cannabis ( other countries do though)but it was also my safest option for medication. I still take it.
It has helped my depression and anxiety beyond anything else. So for me it’s cannabis,therapy and pristiq.
If I were to get pregnant again I’d honestly only stop the Pristiq

Talk too your doctor, your mental health is so important! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

I cannot believe there are angry faces on this post!! Just another forum for some women to be Judgy!! Discusting!!


My doc didn’t take me off of mine

I did, it was necessary and me and baby were fine. Best wishes

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Yep! Wellbutrin has helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after. Twice now. Take care of yourself. I know it’s hard.

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Also there is no shame in taking meds if you need to. I’ve struggled with mental health mu whole life.
You definitely need to way the pros and cons. There are risks. But I also know if I went medically untreated during my pregnancy it could of had detrimental effects to my baby. Definitely talk to your doctor

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My doctor put me on zoloft when I was pregnant and I choose to stick with the lowest dosage until I had my baby. No side effects and she is 4 months old. Very smart and happy baby. I suggest talking to your doctor about this

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I took Zoloft, a very low dose, 25mg, but it made a huge difference. I was at 30 weeks when I started it and stopped about 8 weeks postpartum. I regret not taking it sooner I think I would’ve enjoyed my pregnancy a lot more than I did


CBD is an alternate choice! I use it daily. I’m 9 months pregnant


Honey. You need to talk to your doctor immediately. IMMEDIATELY. This is normal to feel this way because others feel this way so often, but not normal because we are not meant to feel this way! Motherhood is HARD. You are not weak, you need help. The first step is to say it out loud or “online” to others, even if they’re strangers. You can do this.

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My dr put me on Prozac when I was pregnant with my oldest and it helped so much

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I legit probably wouldn’t be alive right now if I didn’t get on a anxiety and depression med. I have a healthy, and BREATHING, baby boy now and have never felt better about my decision to go to the ER to get help.

Inform your obgyn of this. They will help you.

talk to your doctor there are some that are safe during pregnancy and breast feeding… but some also are not so just call your doctor asap and go see what they say about the one you are on

I took it with my last daughter. The doctor gave me a low dose. It definitely helped me alot. My daughter is a healthy 13 year old

The main concern with antidepressants is the neurological defects that can develop when babies are exposed within the first few weeks of development. At 10 weeks you are past this critical stage so you should be ok. It is best to wait until you are in your second trimester but your mental health is important. Hope that helps

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Please see a doctor for professional advice. You are a very strong woman who needs some great medical assistance. I wish you the very best.

While you are pregnant there are always slight risk with any medication be sure to talk to your doctor about it and make sure you’re plenty informed. But also remember your mental health it’s super important not just for yourself but you’re living babies and your baby that is on the way. Stay strong your babies need their mama

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I was on zoloft when I was pregnant. It would have been too dangerous to take me off. There’s no shame in having to be on meds. Sometimes it’s necessary.

I have been on Celexa for 20 years and with all 3 of my pregnancies.

You need to get help asap from a psych Dr. Maybe inpatient. Not fair to your kids or this baby . You can’t take care of other people when your not even happy with yourself .

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Get help NOW! So many people try to push through this type of thing when they don’t have to. there are so many resources out there-support groups, medications, therapy, etc. my sister sees a therapist that specializes in postpartum depression and it is a game changer for her. Please get help. If not for yourself then for your children. Hugs!

Get your vitamin b12 checked. A deficiency can cause depression and anxiety among other things. Your children keep you super busy, plus you’re growing another little one, so resting is important. If you’re not getting support at home, please go to a doctor. Sounds like way more than baby blues and feeling tired.

It also may help to boost your prenatal vitamins to get your hormones back in check since you’re pregnancies are so close together.

I haven’t personally been on antidepressants while pregnant, but I do want to share some tips as I struggle with depressive episodes. Keep your blinds open or up all day. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, keep your lights on inside as well. Our bodies feed off our environment. Once I started doing this my mood improved immensely! I also force myself to eat even when I don’t feel like it. Even if it’s a pack of instant oatmeal or a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I struggle with things like house work or self care so I’ve learned to do what I can. If the dishes need done I at the very least let them soak in soapy water. If I can’t get myself to shower, I brush my hair or wipe myself down with wipes and brush my teeth. If I need to, I do this all while sitting down. Small victories help me manage on my bad days. I understand every person is different, but I’m hoping you find some of these helpful. You’re not alone, momma❤ definitely reach out to your doctor to try to find a solution! Living with depression is hard enough without some kind of help. Keep your head up, you’re worth it❤

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You need a doc asap. In not being mean or hateful but you cant be happy and accepting of having another baby and contemplating suicide alot. Your hubby needs to be more supportive thinking your lazy vs. Understanding theres a huge issue are to different things

I took them and they had me take a large dose of folic acid with it to help with any side effects. I have 2 healthy boys. You need to take care of your mental health asap. Trust me, it will help

Your husband isn’t trying to be helpful and understanding if he thinks you are being lazy. Definitely talk to your doctor, they can prescribe you something that will be safe for the baby. The important thing is you recognize that you need help. Prayers❤️

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You need to tell you doctor. The stigma around mental health issues especially with pregnancy are ridiculous. You do what is best for you and your kids no matter what anyone says. Stay strong mama you got this.

I am on Effexor XR. I was on 150 mg but during my first pregnancy I was able to get it down to 75 mg. I’m now 10 weeks pregnant and still on it. Do what u need to do. My OB was fine with it.

There is one that you can take while pregnant.

I’m 24 weeks and started on Zoloft last week and my only regret is that I didn’t do it at the beginning of the pregnancy like I was told. I thought i could handle it but it got so much worse and honestly I just wish I would have listened to my doctor before and started on it at 8 weeks

Talk to your OB! I took fluoxetine (Prozac) while pregnant with my first. I was already taking it before I got pregnant and my OB said it would do more harm to get off of it than to continue. There are certain types that are deemed safe to take while pregnant.

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Slightly different story but I took adderall for my ADHD (at the lowest effective dose) that when untreated causes depression & anxiety my 2nd and 3rd trimester and I continue to take it while breastfeeding. I have a LARGE incredibly healthy baby boy with an awesome calm demeanor, a great appetite, very social, he’s hitting all of his milestones early. I was afraid and felt very guilty about taking meds and my mental health was spiraling, I was so impulsive I was eating like crap and disorganized I couldn’t get anything done, I hated myself for being so “lazy” I was so stressed out. The way my doctors described it is they know for a fact that stress & depression are detrimental to pregnancies, and PPD would definitely be a detriment to my baby, they do not know that Adderall is a detriment and as far as they’ve seen it doesn’t have an effect on Pregnancy or breast-feeding. In my case the benefits far outweigh the risk. It sounds like the same may be true for you. If you feel like crap it’s definitely bad for the both of you. Take care of yourself! You can’t overflow and give from an empty cup!

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, and it’s understandable that you feel this way. My husband is the same, and I think it’s very unfair to call us lazy, you aren’t lazy! Look how much you’re doing! pregnancy and childcare are incomparably hard, not to mention a full time job?! Anyone normal person would be overwhelmed!

I’ve taken Zoloft after having my son and am currently preggers and doc said it’s fine. Definitely seek help and medication if these are your thoughts, never be afraid to reach out sweetie :heart:

Pray God is good,also try lavender shower gel it keeps yu calm seek doctors advice .

Sounds like post partum, pretty bad. Talk to your ob

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I’m taking Zoloft! Safe during pregnancy. Currently 36 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I also see a therapist once a week.

ai was on anti depressants for my 3rd pregnancy and while breastfeeding him. it saved my life and he is 100 the happiest healthiest baby ever.

Sweetheart, PLEASE call your doctor right now. Dont go another minute feeling like this, your babies need their mama. I have suffered with anxiety my entire life and my doctor was able to keep it under control with medication while I was pregnant. I’m so sorry that you are going through this, it is 100 percent normal to have these feelings, tons of women suffer from postpartum. I know it can feel impossible to go on, especially when your feeling this way, so please please please call you doctor right now (or even 911 if your doctor isnt open right now but you are having those suicidal thoughts). Your babies need you, stay strong Mama.


My Dr put me on buspar while pregnant it helped alot

I was never put on them and I never suffered from postpartum depression I was blessed because I was pregnant 4 yrs in a row 66 67 68 69

I took Prozac and vistaril while pregnant with my last baby. It really helped so much.

Soooo knowing how depressed you already are, you went n got knocked up again that quickly? Good luck with that


Yes I took Zoloft while pregnant

I took celexa throughout my pregnancy. Without it, I can’t function… All others don’t work. My almost 10 month old is perfectly healthy , smart and perfect

I took80 mg of Prozac, 200mg of Welbutrin, 20mg of Latuda & 7mg of Remron my entire pregnancy. My ob and psychiatrist both told me it was better for me to be mentally healthy and happy than to stop medicine. I had a healthy happy baby girl 7lbs 9oz at 39 weeks.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and have been on antidepressants since before pregnancy. As long as dr says the medication is safe, it’s fine. Gotta take care of yourself too momma!

Quit your job. Your husband needs to step up and be a man and take care of his family.


I stopped celexa when i found out i was pregnant but it was to late,the damage was already done and my son has CHD.
His CHD is rare and can not be seen via normal ultrasound so i did not find out till hours after he was born.

Yes , Zoloft is a life saver for me … And it’s safe during pregnancy … Just ask your doctor and they should be able to lead you in right direction … just be sure to take cause of your self. Healthy mama equal healthy babies :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Yup I was (and still am) on Lexapro!

I was on remeron my whole pregnancy with bo complications but it will make you tired… I take it at night as a sleep aid.

Talk to your doctor. Depression and anxiety never goes away. It needs to be treated continuously. Monitoring it by your medical team.

Talk to your doctor. Some antidepressants aren’t good while pregnant. But others are. You are not lazy.

I wasn’t put on my antidepressant while pregnant, but if your doctor deems it necessary and safe to do so for you, go for it. I hope this is what you need to get you through that horrible slump. Sending you big hugs, from one also struggling from depression. Depression sucks, and it drains everything from you. I hope for you and your growing family that you get the help you need.

OMG! Don’t ever look to suicide. Those babies need their Moma. Call a hot line, talk to someone please! You need music, dancing and anything and everything that you love! I’m going to pray for you!

I was on cymbalta for both pregnancies.

Talk to your doctor asap

Yes! I took Prozac before, during and after both of my pregnancies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the correct antidepressants while pregnant. I say correct because some shouldn’t be taken while pregnant, just talk to your doctor.

I’m 33 weeks and taking 100mg of Zoloft. I was taking it before as well.

If you’re contemplating suicide you need to call your doctor. You’re probably having post partum depression along with all these rises in pregnancy hormones!

I took Zoloft my entire pregnancy. Switched from Celexa. Prozac is also safe.

I take zoloft. It helps me some, but really the key is counciling. Talk therapy. Ect.
It’s usually better to start with that to see if that helps, before starting meds. Medication isnt a fix all.

I took Zoloft for the last part of my 3rd pregnancy because I had Postpartum psychosis after my 2nd pregnancy. My OB didn’t want to chance me going through it again. It was horrible.

I stopped taking mine because i was worried about it and it was the biggest mistake. Pregnancy just amplified my depression and i really wish i had stayed on it.

Yup. Effexor XR. I would have been MISERABLE if not for it. I’ve changed meds since then.
If you need them, you need them. Many are safe during pregnancy

I took Zoloft after 3 weeks

I did! I was on Zoloft while pregnant with my third. I regret trying to wean off. It was a really bad few weeks until I got back on the medication. It helped so much.

It sounds to me like the benefits outweighs the risks in regards to taking your meds while pregnant.

I dont know you, or you me. I dont know anything about antidepressants during a pregnancy. I DO KNOW that the best natural antidepressant is exercise . . . Been doing it for decades and i don’t excerise because i love it or to loose weight. I do it because IT WORKS! I go out in the sunlight, snow or rain, and i walk. I walk until i have sustained a fast heart rate for more than 20 minutes. It has saved my life.


My daughter was. My grandson is 20 months old and he is perfectly fine. You should not be miserable. Find help and soon. God bless you dear mama. :raised_hands::heart:

Good lord, go see your doctor asap! nobody should feel that bad and not get some help! Im sure there’s a medication out there for you, just go hey some help I’ll be praying for you xoxo hang in there

I took Effexor with my first and Lamictal and Cymbalta with my second

I took Prozac with my second and third and honestly they’re ahead of their grade levels. I didn’t take anything with my first and she has autism. Related? I can’t say. Your doctor won’t put you on anything unless the benefits outweigh the risks. But also look into therapy, sometimes it helps just to have a non judging ear on the outside to listen and validate how you’re feeling… I know that’s easier said than done with little ones.

I took zoloft when I was pregnant. It helped a lot and I had a good pregnancy and my baby was born healthy.


There are plenty of meds that have extensive research into their safety during pregnancy. My daughter took Zoloft all through her pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Baby is perfect and healthy and mama is healthy and stable, able to meet the demands of being a mom. Talk to your OB/Gyn doctor about what your options are. There is no shame in getting some help during this difficult season. You, your baby and your whole family will be better off for it too! Sending you light, love, encouragement and support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If it was going to hurt the baby the Dr wouldn’t give it to you. It will take some time to work so be patience.

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Your husband needs to check himself!! Talk to your doctor.


I would speak with your ob/gyn about it. Get help from people you trust who don’t judge you. Your husband is a guy. He doesn’t understand. Or he does and he is being an ass. Get help. Please.

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I was on Lexapro while pregnant. My son has some issues and honestly, I wonder if the Lexapro caused it.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself. I wouldn’t take anything while I was pregnant. Too much risk.

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Zoloft works wonders i was on that and im on it now

Yes and it helped me loads! But then the baby was born and it got worse

Some drs will put u on one but u gotta talk with your dr first

I wish I had been on something when I was pregnant with both my kids they are 17 and 26 and I’m still dealing with depression

Um becareful what you take while pregnant and to be honest I was where you where having babies so close can really mess with you .