Has anyone tried for a baby right after IUD removal?

Has anyone gotten an IUD removed and immediately started trying for another babe? I got mine removed May 12th and have been trying 3-5 times a week to conceive. I haven’t had a period so I’m struggling on trying to figure out when I should test or best time to conceive. I have been testing 2-3x week for the past 2.5 weeks cause I don’t feel right but all Negatve results. Any advice or similar experiences would be helpful. I’m so scared I won’t be able to have another.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone tried for a baby right after IUD removal?g

The time to try is when you’re ovulating

It can take up to 6 month to a year sometime to get pregnant again after IUD removal.

I would say for sure give your body sometime to bounce back into its normal flow. Especially if you had a hormonal one!

Yes it took about 2 months maybe three after I got it removed. I had the copper iud

I took mine out in April & still no luck :cry:

It took me about 3 months after removal to get pregnant

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Usually you ovulate a week after your period ends, and sperm can live for up to five days, so have sex a lot the first week after your period. Testing wait until a week or less before your next period. You may need a couple cycles for your body to be ready and be able to hold a pregnancy, so try not to get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.

About 6 months after I had mine removed. Give your body time.

It depends if your IUD had hormones. If it did, it could take awhile for your body to regulate again. Give it 6 months. :heart:

I did, and I ended up with twins! :joy: Wouldn’t change it for the world. I can’t picture one without the other.

Totally not saying this will happen to you, but I have reason to believe it’s why I got pregnant with twins, rather quickly.

It took me from removal in October 2019 to March 2020 to finally get pregnant

It took me almost 9 months to get pregnant after removing my IUD

I had an iud in for 5 years then got it removed and was told it would take 1 to 2 years to.get pregnant and within 3 months I was pregnant

Yes! No issues, within a month I was pregnant. :pray:t4:

Look for the signs of ovulation from your discharge. Usually when you are ovulating it will be thick clear egg white discharge and track it in your calender that’s the best time to try to conceive. Also prenatal and a good diet and slot being super stressed helps.

everyone is different. Unless you had a serious infection there is NO reason to think you can’t get pregnant because of the IUD. Relax-anxiety isn’t helpful. Most healthy couples conceive within one year. I’m an RN but have had my share of pregnancies with use of IUD, pills

It took me right at a year to get pregnant after my removal

Give it some time (3 months) your body needs to build a lining in your uterus for the egg to implant

Mine was removed in July I was pregnant by the August and didn’t have a cycle, healthy pregnancy with zero issues, I waited around 3 weeks after and tested to see a positive, dates worked out I conceived the day after I had it removed

Stop stressing and trying, once you do it’ll happen

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My first after IUD baby took 3 years to conceive but we found out it was a blood pressure medicine my husband was taking. My 2nd after IUD baby took about 4 to 5 months

I did not have a period regularly after getting mine removed, tested negative for being pregnant for 5 months and then finally got a positive test half way through the 5th month. Definitely give your body a few months to adjust and it will come when you least expect it!

Yes I got pregnant 6 months after I took mine out and she’s 7 now

I got mine removed Feb. 21’ and got pregnant June 21’. I had the IUD Mirena for a little over 3 years

Twice…the first time I got pregnant after I got my kid’s removed I was pregnant with in the first month buuuuut I had miscarriages those first pregnancies after the IUD was removed

Patients gotta let that birthcontrol work it’s way out of you’re body

I have the nexplnon it took a year after taking the implant out befor I got pregnant with my son

Not saying it will take that long that’s just how long it took for me and we use different kind of birthcontrol

I got pregnant right away.

When I had my IUD taken out, my doctor told me to wait 2 cycles and then start trying.

We took ours out in October, preggers by March? Baby in October. I also used the fertility sticks to know when the best time to conceive was. Best of luck

I got pregnant with the mirena IUD

Sounds like you need a bit more learning on how the body works with ovulation and whatnot. Theres all kinds of different test strips and whatnot on the market for testing your hormones. Also without a period itll be very hard to tell.

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Had mine out mid March had one cycle then conceived in May

It took about 6 months

I got my IUD removed in March 2017 and didn’t get pregnant until March 2018

I got mine removed and got pregnant 7 months later, granted didn’t start trying right after I had it removed but then I have a 1 year old and tried again when he was 6 months and about to give birth.

Give your body some time to regulate

I got pregnant immediately after my iud was removed. 20 years ago

Every body is different could take a couple of months for the hormones to go back to normal and work uts way out of your system took me two years nearly after I came off the pill and iud is higher in hormones than the pill I was on so try relax and it will happen

I got my IUD removed in Feb 2014. We started trying right away. We got our positive pregnancy test in Aug of 2014.
My doctor told me it could take up to 6 to 8 months to happen after an IUD removal.

I had mine removed and the Dr told me I was able to get pregnant as soon as it got removed there was no time limit

I’d start by using ovulation predictor strips to see when you’re ovulating


Got it out in March (2nd) of 2021 I was pregnant by the middle of May 2021. (I found out the day before my first missed period) … she was my 4th baby… (I had my 3rd in Jan 2019) we were not trying at all for baby 4 (my 2019 and 2022 girls are 3yrs and 2 days apart) but not preventing. I just didn’t care for the IUD anymore (2nd time getting it. Had the first in 2011 to 2016.

Everyone body is different. I had the morena in for about a year and I got it taken out and got pregnant 6 days later

I got mine removed in April after having it for 3 years and I am currently 8 weeks pregnant

Got my iud removed on August 29 and was pregnant by Sept 10. Never got a period in between.

Pregnant in a week. Everyone is different

Get ovulation test at dollar tree if one is near you

Def I would recommend the ovulation tests. Alot of them come with a pregnancy test also. That way you can see where your body is.

Get you some ovulation tests first and take them every week until they register positive then immediately try if you want a boy or wait 24 hrs and try if you want a girl. Not a guarantee but has worked for many. Trying all the time outs stress on your body

I had mone removed in 2013. 3 months I was pregnant but ended in miscarriage at 6w. Took me another 6 months to have a successful pregnancy. I was told it’s common to take up to a year to conceive because of the hormones.

Had mine removed July 2021 and still had no luck unfortunately :sweat:
Had one removed 4 years ago and fell pregnant 8 months thereafter x

Could take 3 months to a yr.

It took almost a year to conceive for my removal.

We did and my daughter is now 5. We tried immediately and I got pregnant after I had my first cycle. It took like three months.

I got pregnant WITH the IUD :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck!!!

It takes about a year to get pregnant.

Find out when you ovulate and try during that time. I got pregnant 3 months after I got it out.

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Didn’t you have biology in school? Im shocked you know nothing about human body’s


Stop trying so hard . Relax and enjoy the practice.


I did! Had it in four years, had it taken it out and was pregnant within 8 months :blush:

After my IUD removal I had my period a couple weeks after, and then I conceived. (Didn’t get a 2nd period, as I was pregnant)

You should really talk to your doctor to ask how best to go about getting pregnant and when. I know that my dr says to wait until at least after your 1st cycle so that your uterus has shed what is usually a very thick lining after an IUD. He also recommends prenatal vitamins and extra folic acid for 30 days. :sparkling_heart: It can take up to a year for a perfectly healthy couple to get pregnant so don’t stress as hard as it is. Also, the best way to track ovulation is to track your basal body temperature. Good luck!

I got pregnant with the iud had a miscarriage after it was taken out I got pregnant again 2 months later

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I had mine taken out in October, got pregnant in December, that was almost 6 years ago!

Yup got prego within a month month n a half…

Yes. I got pregnant within 2 days but didn’t find out til a month later

I got my period the day after having my IUD removed. It took almost a year to get pregnant and unfortunately I had 2 back to back miscarriages after I did conceive.

It has barely been a month. Why are you wasting money on tests. Even if you are pregnant it may not show yet. Just give it time. Your body needs time to adjust, especially if it was one of the hormonal iuds

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Give your body time to get the bc out of its system just because the iud isn’t there doesn’t mean the medicine isn’t give it 6mths to a year your Dr should have gave you “warnings”

Yesss. And currently pregnant and due any day :two_hearts: took us 6 months of trying.

I had mine removed and 2 weeks later I took a test and it was positive