Has anyone used VCF vaginal contraceptive films?

I really need advice on contraceptives!! I gave birth to my son almost three months ago. So obviously my partner and I have switched to always using condoms. But when I went to the store, I found VCF vaginal contraceptive films and was wondering if any other mommas have used it and what were your experiences? Is it as effective as a condom? We’re scared to use the films loo.


Ive used them a few times. No pregnancy here.

I started using them in May. Now I’m 14 weeks pregnant. Didn’t work for me. :persevere:


Its ment to be used with condoms, diaphragm, cap ect not on it’s own as it’s not that effective but is good for a back up method

I’ve used it. I’m not fond of it.

I used them for a bout 2 years then got prego with my 2nd… Make sure you are always always within the time limit they say.

I’m honestly terrified to venture out contraceptive wise . I’ve found condoms just work best in my opinion.

They’re supposed to be used in conjunction with condoms for most efficacy from what I understand.

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I’ve used them. You have to follow directions to the letter, they’re not always effective, and for me they also contributed to utis (at least that was my doctors theory)

I’ve used them and never gotten pregnant. Actually Ive used nothing for 14 years and never gotten pregnant again. I don’t know if its just me

I’ve used them but I’m not a huge fan. It’s just spermicide, so if you want to go that route, I’d just get a spermicide and not deal with the film.

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Yess were just going to stick to condoms! I wouldn’t trust it!

Used them…now I have a 3 month old.


I have a 2 week old because of them


Yep, we used them for moths and now we have a 15 year old child. :joy::joy:


I got bad yeast infections with them so after two times i quit using them.

Used vcf for a few years but then it didn’t work for me one time. She is 15 now. :blush:

I used this for years before getting my tubes tied because I didn’t want to take hormones. Easy to use. Comes in a plastic tampon type applicator

Used a few times years ago and (now) husband said they made his pee hole burn :grimacing::eggplant::fire: but no pregnancies! Would NOT use all the time and your main method! Every 9nce in a while will probably be okay.

I got pregnant on it

Spermicide is meant to be used with another form of birth control. I just used the films and it worked great for me for years, but I was also prepared to conceive as well because no birth control is 100% effective. Perhaps use the spermicide with the non hormonal pill or another form of birth control. You don’t get preganat because your birth control failed. You get preganat because sperm has reached an egg during your fertile time.

I like the foam or gel better… been using it for years

Used it for 7yrs no problem, until one day we got a baby out of it. Now have the copper T

We used them alongside condoms. No pregnancies while using them together!

I used it because I have a latex allergy and cant take the pills. Used it from June of 2005 to November…my daughter was born in July. The doctor told me they are suggested to be used WITH a condom :woman_facepalming:

I use them, they’re not terrible

I didnt like the films but I use the gel and have had any babies yet been using them for 2 years now

I tried them and ended up with a UTI… would NOT reccomend.

Just get the implant . You can get pregnant starting a week after removal. And the implant is more affect than condoms

Allergic to the spermicide

Ugh makes you too wet.

I’ve used them in the past, and had success with them. But I prefer the IUD I have now.

I have a beautiful 5 year old and was using them correctly at the time

You can get a free sample through their website, although I think I would use them in combination with condoms.

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They make a foam instead of the film, much more reliable

Make sure you are not sensitive with any of the vcf stuff. Sent me to the hospital from an allergic reaction that caused my urethra to swell shut. I couldn’t pee for days.

Just like every other method it is not :100: guarantee. However if used in conjunction with condom during your fertile period you have a less chance of conceiving. In order to use these you need to be familiar with your body, tour own personal cycle and chart to help. Hormonal birth control isn’t for everyone although copper iud is non hormonal if you’re interested in that and works for 10 years. I’ve used both film and iuds

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We use a vcf on my least fertile days as a special treat every once in a while.

I used to use them and have switched to the gel that they also have successfully for 2 years.

I have a really sensitive balance so the chemicals in it messed my system up down there and it burned and overall I used one in the pack and wont use it again.

I use them all the time. I cannot use oral contraceptives, so these are a GREAT alternative. But of course nothing is ever 100% protections other than abstinence.

I didnt like the film but love the foam

I used the gel inserts and had great success, until I started having an allergic reaction to them. I used them for over a year without issues. I don’t know if they changed the formula, but we had no pregnancies.

My OB told me it’s only like 70-80% effective :grimacing: It should be used as a back up birth control or with condoms.


in my personal experience theyre hard 2 get in place an I had an allergic reaction to them. Not 4 me

I was using them with my ex and one time it didn’t dissolve all the way… which is probably why I’m pregnant :rofl:… it’s more of a secondary back up for if the condom breaks or to cover for the 10% ineffectiveness of bc pills.

I used them and now im pregnant. Wouldn’t recommend

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They were designed to be Back up to be used with the pill or a condom. I would look into the Depo, or IUD more FOOL PROOF

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I’ve used them as a supplemental bc… will warn if not put in in advance he will feel burning when he pees

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I use them but I track my cycle so I know my fertile days

Just make sure you put it in then wait 15 mins worked great for me

Iv used them for years and they worked great. However I also tracked my cycle and dont have sex during my fertile days. They are only about 75% effective.

If you go to their website they send out free samples with a coupon for future purposes. Just make sure you let them completely dissolve and wait 15mins. I personally waited 20 just to be safe

i hate those. they never dissolved and popped out. I like the gel more . They also have sponges. never used them, but it’s an option as well

I used them when my son was 6 months and boom got pregnant again plus I got an allergic reaction

I got pregnant while using them.