Has anyones babies been diagnosed with Bilateral multicystic kidney dysplasia?

I’m starting to freak out! In 5 hours we talk to the results of our fetal MRI. I know for sure they have found Cyst in both of my babies kidneys. Everything i google about Bilateral multicystic kidney dysplasia talks about death or poor quality of life. I am having so much anxiety! Has anyone else dealt with the same situation? I could really use some encouragement and positive vibes for my baby today!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyones babies been diagnosed with Bilateral multicystic kidney dysplasia?

Stay off Google… it’ll make you crazy. Wait until you get the results and then educate yourself as much as you can. Truly rn only the Dr can tell you what to expect and the chances. Pray about it and put it away til your appt. God Bless and praying for a good outcome for you and your family


Prayers my son don’t have that but he does have spastic diplegia cerebral with bilateral foot pain.
Just let the Dr tell y’all everything go from there google is a medical scare tactic to me personally.

Stay calm, think positive! Sending positive thoughts & prayers🙏

Prayers for your baby and you love
Pray everything goes to plan

It does sound scary when you Google things. I would wait for your doctor to inform you of the risks. Prayers for you and your baby!

Prayers go out to u an ur baby

I pray for you.Take it slow look at all of your options always get a second opinion.My baby was diagnosed with no kidneys at all when I was 5 months pregnant. God be with you and your family💜

Breathe Mama​:heart: Don’t google and wait for results. Trust in your doctor. I am praying for you sweetheart​:pray::pray::pray:

Wait to hear from your doctor. The doctor can tell you more. Insist he explain in words you can understand. Then work from there. Pray about it. God is the greatest doctor. Jesus is the greatest healer.

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STAY away from Google! I’ll pray for you.

I am 29 weeks pregnant with my son who has right Mcdk so far its only his right kidney and the left looks healthy but im still a nervous wreck everytime we go for an US thats something may change however the specialists have been wonderful at explaining everything and made it easier to understand and made us feel much better about our little guys outcome

While I have never dealt with this issue, I have a friend that was told her baby would have deformities and his brain wasn’t developed. All the stress they went through and he’s a perfectly healthy 2 year old now. Pray like your life depends on it and put your trust in God. Faith can move mountains

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My son has multicystic kidney on his right kidney he health even with one good kidney

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My now 4 year old was born with mcdk! Her affected kidney has shrunk and and is non functional and the good kidney has doubled in size to compensate for not having the other. We see a nephrologist once a year to test urine and renal ultrasound. Chin up mama everything will be ok! I know it’s a stressful situation but everything will be ok!

My daughter was born with multicystic dyplastic kidney, she has one fully functioning kidney and is a thriving, healthy almost 5 year old. The other has shrunk to just about nothing. Do not get on Google. Just let the doctors inform you!