Has anyones baby had a tumor on their retina?

Hello, not sure where to start my daughter is three she has been under the hospital since she was six months with one long-sighted and one short-sighted eye which caused her to turn her left eye off and has resulted in a turn in her eye we have done patchwork she wears glasses and was discussing her having an op to turn her eye out to look straight… Well, yesterday they did a scan and had said she has a tumor at the back of her eye on the retina?? Now I am waiting for a specialist, but my question is has anyone been through this or has any idea on anything around this please xxxx thank you in advance


:pray: everything is okay

Retinalblastomas, when caught early are one of the most curable childhood cancers. It is really going to depend on how long the tumor has been there and if it has corrupted the central nervous system or metastasized elsewhere in the body.


My daughter has an ulcer in hers and she’ll have to use eye drops for the rest of her life. She’s only 2.

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I’m curious now because my daughter had the same she’s 6. It’s called amblyopia when you atop using one eye completely


My daughter when she was born had the same problem .her doctor send me to eye specialist but he didn’t find the tumor .I her took a lot of times to him and he said to operate her eye lids because he said that was the problem .but that was not .when she was 2 1/2 they found the tumor in emergency room and send us to San Antonio .when we get there they tolds us that she had 5 tumors all over her head …they operated her but could only remove 4 …and start chemo treatment …by 5 she was in remission . she is 13 and she lost her right eye she can’t see anything but for now that’s the only side affect she has …just have faith and be strong …


I have never been through that . but mom to mom I am praying for you mama :heart:

A friend of mine did