Has anyones baby had Umbilical Vein Varix?

I am 28 weeks gestation, and the baby girl was diagnosed with Umbilical Vein Varix. Has anyone else’s baby been diagnosed with this disease? If so, how did you deliver, and what was babies prognosis? I am freaking out a bit as everywhere I read, it just says it is rare, and no one around me has personal experience with this…


I would get a second opinion from a different OBGYN

Umbilical vein varix (UVV) is a focal aneurysmal dilatation of the umbilical vein, diagnosed when the diameter of the intra-abdominal part of the umbilical vein exceeds 9 mm. Around 100 cases have been reported. (1) It is rare and represents 4% of the umbilical cord malformations.