Has anyones child been diagnosed with ADHD: Advice?

Has anybody’s Child been diagnosed with ADHD?If so are they been treating with medication? What are the main side effects you noticed on your Child? I’m deeply against medicating my Child. Are their any alternatives anybody is using? I’m taking my Child to be evaluated next week. He is super smart and is one of the top students in the class despite him not focusing and paying attention to the teacher he has the energy for days. We have tried EVERYTHING from taking toys, PlayStation away, TV spanking him, and nothing has worked. Looking for advice.


my daughter was. i was against medications. cut sugar and caffeine out of diet. then we she had a serious issue a little drink if coffee or a bite of chocolate helped. caffeine has calming effect when hyper. also had an IEP for school

You can’t beat a child until their brain changes.


Yup ! Since she was 7! ( diagnosed ) Nothing worked ! She was up for days, climbing out windows in middle of the night at age 3! And i looked into alternative meds and no they didn’t work ! She is now 17 and still on meds ! In order to keep grades up at school etc! Extremely smart but needs meds to focus!

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Don’t try to change him or tell him that there’s something “wrong” with him. Embrace that energy and help him find ways to channel it. Sports, music or even a local theatre group. Some of the world’s best athletes and entertainers have ADHD.


My kid has severe adhd, hyper smart, and yes medicated. Punishing your kid because they are super active won’t work, they can’t help the excess energy. I know it can be frustrating when you just want a few minutes to relax, but if you spank you now just have a hyper angry child. Not an improvement. Try engaging your kids brain, it’s not all about they have energy let’s wear them out. Remember your kids really smart, it’s not just his body that’s hyper active. His minds on over drive too. In fact his brain is more active than his body which is a contributing factor. Get him challenging puzzles and games or get him interested in reading, that was a life saver for me. I’ve always been a reader so to me it was my go to but not many parents think of it especially with younger kids. Your child needs to be actively challenged or he gets bored and destructive.

Try changing him to a plant-based diet. Look at some of the plant-based Facebook groups and join one or two. Tell your story. The members will have ideas to help you. It’s worth a try.


ADHD affects each child different but there are some common things that work and you should look into treatments that don’t involve pills. I believe pills are a last resort when all else fails. Main thing is seek someone who works with ADHD and be consistent, you can’t give up on them or get frustrated, they are wired different and both of you will be learning. Good Luck!


You also cannot ignore a medical condition and refuse treatment bc you don’t think the child needs it, and expect food things to happen.
If parents always knew what to do about every single medical condition, there would be no doctors.
Sometimes you have to listen to people who actually know what they are talking about.
Would you also avoid insulin if the child was diabetic?


If you don’t like medication, many parents go with diet management. Low sugar and carbs, no red dye. All kinds of stuff like that, my kids too much of a picky eater to go this way. Ask your doctor they’ll tell you what foods are best and what to avoid. I can tell you sugars highly affect kids with adhd.tbh other than the sugar thing I really don’t think this method works but many parents swear by it.

My son has been diagnosed with adhd since he was seven. he just turned 11. i been against with medicating him eversince so we just took him 2 to 3x a week for occupational therapy. we have regular devped check ups for years now but as he grows older we realized that ot is not enough so i gave in in having him on meds but on the lowest dosage and i just realized that i have been holding out for nothing. He is doing very well now in school and in his personal life.

Well stop punishing him. My daughter has adhd. She used to use fidgets in school. So many different things he can benefit from. Look up fidgets for adhd. Works great. Punishing him for the way his body is working is going to ruin his self esteem and leave mental scars. Never ever do that. Ever. My daughter is now on meds but not before I tried magnesium, taking red dye out of diet etc. There’s a lot you can try before meds. Do your research. Even IF meds are what you have to use, it may not be forever. You may not like them, I don’t, but If it’s going to help him in the long run, then for the sake od your child’s future, do it. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Just STOP punishing him. Nothing makes me more upset than punishing your kids for something they don’t have control over

I was also totally against medication. I have one that is mildly adhd and can make decent grades without meds, which we do. Passing is passing, even if not straight A’s. She is a senior this year. But I also have a middle schooler that has it BAD, and can not manage to keep it together to stay in the classroom without meds. On the right medicine, (granted, finding that is sometimes a process) you can’t tell he is medicated, unless you know the severity of it without meds.

I guess what I am saying is it’s up to the parent how you choose to deal with it. But also know that if it is or becomes necessary, with the right med at the right dosage, they aren’t sluggish or zombie-like.


The medication is to make the children’s life easier not yours or the schools or anybody else’s. With the medication they are able to stop all the “ noises “ in their heads. My son would tell me “ I’m trying to slow down but my brain is thinking too fast “. Find the right medication ( it may take 2 or 3 tries ) . And DONT give him “vacations “ from the meds. You would not stop insulin to a diabetic on the weekends or summer, don’t stop his meds . Good luck!

No but I have 2 children with PDD and depression anxiety disorders

Behavior specialist is a good alternative teach coping skills for the child. My daughter has ADHD, she is medicated but she is also severe to the point where it affects her school work.

Three months elimination diets strict then medication a few different medications

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Don’t do meds! I regretted putting my son on them! Try coffee or natural energetic foods…Seriously!

Mine gets coffee every morning. It helps.


My son was medicated and now is 23 doing great.

I have ADHD and was diagnosed as a kid. My doctor thankfully didn’t believe in medicating kids. What he did suggest was that my mom give me coffee with creamer (no sugar). The caffein in coffee has an opposite effect on ADHD people. It helps us to focus and doesn’t give us the jitters. CBD oil has also helped me as an adult. I still drink coffee as part of my regiment and limit my sugar intake. Sugar is the enemy and triggers a lot of my fidgeting.

Why in the world would you punish a child because he has a medical condition?? That’s terrible. My son takes Vyvanse. The only noticeable side effect is a loss of appetite. He is consistently on the honor roll. Before he started medication he was a mediocre student.

Mine youngest was on meds during the school year so he could concentrate on his school work and not disturb everyone else, but the breaks they got from school he was unmedicated. I tried all the things you tried and none of it worked. My son wasn’t scared of anything.

My son has been on meds for 2 years and has no side effects. He’s changed for the better as in his grades are awesome, his behavior is awesome and he can focus whereas before meds he couldn’t sit still, couldn’t pay attention and had NO attention span.

My son was diagnosed at 7. Medicated for one school year and then went for no meds as it changed his personality entirely. He’s now a senior in Highschool and is doing fine. Classes have always been a struggle, mainstreamed him freshman year, has played varsity hockey but It was a long haul and now he struggles with anxiety which I’m sure stems from his adhd. I needed to learn to deal with him differently than my other kids, had to talk differently to him so I could help him reason. Spanking him would have never worked and punishments were always within reason because telling him no PlayStation for a week isn’t reasonable. This takes more patience than anything, more being his advocate in school, more following through. Good luck

Also make sure you have an excellent Dr for your son

Im reading a book now about using other remedies instead of medications

Yes! And I made the huge mistake of medicating him. Don’t do it. My son lost all his personality. He wouldn’t smile, he wasn’t himself. I got him off meds and got more involved with his school. I was lucky because he had a wonderful teacher. She said, he just has a fast motor, but he needs the same discipline as his siblings. He just needed more one on one help. Also oral exams, not written. My son is also very smart. He has grown out of the hyperactivity, but his attention still wanders. He’s an adult now and self sufficient, he’s a wonderful cook and a caring person. Kids like ours are a blessing. He’s taught me so much. Hang in there, it WILL get better.

Mine was diagnosed around 9. Severe ADHD yes I medicate. The only prob (?) was she didn’t eat at lunch. That has considerably changed as she’s gotten older. The choice to medicate or not is up to you and your doctor

I ended up medicating my son. He does focus a lot better when he’s medicated. Side effects are mostly loss of appetite.

Look up Maria Emmerich. She has written all kinds of cookbooks that have helped people with all sorts of health problems. People changed their eating habits and healed their bodies from seizures, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, depression, IBS, acne and so much more. The processed food companies and pharmaceutical companies keep us sick.


Change Diet, less sugars and especially red dye. Tried medication the side effects were worse then the actual Add and Adhd itself. Accommodations and IEP support is crucial and by law they have to accommodate. It does get better with age and consistency and routines help.
Best Wishes

First I would make sure you are positive the dr is right! Yes they have degrees, but let’s be real they spend maybe an hour with your child once or twice a year. Your the parent, so there is nobody who knows your child more then you do. Attention for any child can be off if they have anxiety, depression, etc or it could be as simple as excitement, boredom, fear of not doing things correctly. School can be very stressful!
Ask your child questions, see if you have some of those same problems when your teaching your child stuff! I agree don’t just jump on the meds, you might be medicating a problem your child don’t even have!
But I do believe in medications!


I take methylphenidate and I wish I was diagnosed as a child. I was a decent student . I am back in college and now medicated. I have a 4.0 grade average and absolutely excelling. No side effects at all. I am happier, calmer, my thoughts don’t race. You can give him short acting versions like mine. I take it as needed twice a day and only take it when I need to concentrate, like school days. It has changed my life. Please consider all options

Do not deny your child treatment! I hate hearing parents not treating bc they dont want to medicate. CBD does not work, diets do not work. Even if you find highly stimulating activities what good does that do for them in school. Go to your pediatrician and talk to them about your concerns. They will help you find the right medication and the right dose. My son is ADHD and cannot function without medication. And yes he was that way before medication…he just couldnt function and get through his day.

Headphones with music helps mine, or eating sunflower seed while doing homework, keeps his mouth and.hands moving but allows him to focus better.

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I have ADHDand I’m 42 when I was little I got smacked hit and lots more from it as I grew I just knew I had something that my mama was obviously not aware of so I helped myself with ideas.
My son stands in class to help his and he’s not diagnosed but I am and I see it all. I bought him punching bag and tons on art supplies, sports are big helper he just said it’s not enough and while most would look nuts by now, we just are wired differently and that’s ok.
I was and am a storm walker. Lol. That’s me pisses off basically. I will walk a town in ten minutes. He will want that space. I’d give healthy boudries as time flies. We think a lot and break stuff down too in process. Lol. Well I do. I’ve never been on meds and I won’t. Its who we are and my son is so freaking awesome. Stay blessed and you all will be awesome too.

Watch the sugar intake 100% fruit juice drinks diet helps. NO DRUGS. THEY CAUSE TICS AND SEIZERS

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My son was put on Ritalin at 8 put we only medicated him for school not at night and not in the summer, and school breaks, we also kept him in sports year round they tried switching him to Adderall when he 14 and it gave him eye twiches he begged us no more meds so we stopped and the school never noticed and his grades never suffered. You have to keep an eye on the dosage at first he was overdosed and was just a zombie, I had stopped by the school for a meeting and I couldn’t believe the state he in, I usually never saw him medicated because we only did it for school so I pulled out of school and took him straight to the doctor and asked him if was supposed to be this way and he said no we will cut his meds in half and after that he was fine

My 7 yr old has adhd. My best advice is routine. He thrives with routine . He also is on Ritalin lowest possible dosage to help him during school hours

I use cbd oil…itpainsmehelp in Instagram… You can read all the reviews…

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Black coffee before school worked for mine, I was against meds, but have realized without it many people cannot find peace. Be mindful of your child’s mental health, do what is best for them.


Meds can help, but they’re not the only answer. Every kid is different, and many kids have other issues that doctors will outright refuse to diagnose when they’re so young, so a lot of things get missed and mistaken for ADHD. A common mistake is having your PCP diagnose ADHD and not seeing a psychiatrist. In reality, your PCP likely knows very little about the disorder. Seek out a professional opinion, then get two of them. If you choose to go the medication route, it takes awhile to figure out which meds will work and at what dose.

The other common mistake is to medicate, but not build skills. Medication and therapy go hand in hand. They should regularly see a therapist and learn cognitive behavioral skills with the goal of using skills to replace meds if possible.

From one parent to another, the hardest most difficult part of having a child with a mental health diagnosis is dealing with the judgement and stigma from other parents, teachers, and adults who interact with your child. Even family members can be ignorant and judgemental. They tend to see the behavior, but not the disorder causing the behavior, and your child is an easy target for being labeled as a bad kid. It’s frustrating and you will wish they would just understand the difference between what your child does on purpose and what behaviors are the result of their brain being wired differently. Take comfort that you are not alone in this struggle. There are many parents going through the same thing.

Always advocate for your child, avoid enabling them, and have patience with other adults… they’re mostly ignorant about the disorder, even if they think they have knowledge. Don’t be afraid to teach, explain, and advocate. Don’t allow teachers to make you feel bad or feel like you have a problem child. It’s not your child’s fault, and it’s not your fault either. I hope that helps.

My daughtwr has ADHD and so do i . Punishing him is not gonna help . If he was diabetic would you deny him meds ? Same concept . Its hell without meds .

Daytrana patch it has really helped

When I was young kid I was diagnosed with ADHD and they put me on Ritalin and eventually when I turn into a teenager they put me on adderal. My dad he was also diagnosed with ADHD when he was a kid and he was put on it Ritalin. The both of us suffer from really bad memory loss and we’ve heard the other people who were on Ritalin have the same issue with their memory. Also I remember when I was on Ritalin I was very depressed all the time. When they put me on adderal I basically was always zoned out. I have young kids of my own and if they are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD I will not be put them on medication I will probably look into CBD oil. Also just remember the kids can’t help it it’s the way the brain is the way it’s wired. My parents started taking away all my toys, TV etc. It just made things worse I hate a life cuz I didn’t understand what was going on but eventually my parents got me into something I really enjoy doing and it really helped me. I eventually leaned to control my adhd my self and i no longer needed medication. Hope you find what works best for your kiddo.

I was given medication as a child and it worked wonders, I’m giving the same thing to my children it’s called OUTSIDE and it works wonders :wink:

My son has severe ADHD along with a lot of other issues he’s in vinvance nowfrok a new doc but a previous doc who’s now in prison made him a test subject put him on 15 meds in 2 years. Vicance works well but he’s also on a sleep med. the first was for made for blood pressure I said no so he’s on something different. You have to advocate for your kid. You made them and raise them and live with them. Docs don’t. If the doc won’t listen find a new one

Have you tried giving him Mountain Dew, or Coffee in the morning. That calms them. The school will even help you give him a small cup of one of the drinks.

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dip his finger in epsom salts then he places that tiny amount on his tongue. magnesium works well

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Caffeine does the same as medication without the drugs.


My son was diagnosed at age 6. I’m a Christian and was leery of meds too…it was recommended by his school for heaven’s sake! We went to a Christian psychiatrist and he said if he doesn’t have it then the meds won’t work but if he does than the help calm his brain while he is trying to imput all the info he’s learning. What he said others don’t tell you is that he needs much more than meds alone. I took my son to an occupational therapist also and home schooled him so that i could do all the at home therapies at home while teaching him one on one. I also had him tested by a phycologist and he had an IQ of 105. I’m happy to say that we had him off the meds by age 13 and he’s stayed on the honor roll since. He will be graduating this year and have all ready been picking out colleges. During the time he was on meds we only gave it to him during school hours and days cause it does affect his appetite and sleep. His weight and meds were monitored closely by the psychiatrist and during those years because of all the other things we did with him the dose only went up once as he got bigger. I researched everything the whole time and was in constant contact with the “team” of Dr.s I had put together to see what I could do at home that went along side their efforts. It’s was a long road but structure and routine was a big help to. Get a Dr. You trust an try the meds, you will know right away if it’s what your child needs, and if it is, don’t rely on those alone.

Our 2 boys had tea with breakfast and ate hard boiled eggs for protein. They were able to focus until lunch at school

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I am a medical provider retired now. Medicine can be helpful. It must be right med, and be closely monitored by mental health professional, not your GP. Used correctly can be helpful. Used in correctly can be a gateway drug. Worked in prison dispensary many youthful offenders started off on ritalin. Be your child’s advocate.


Well my doctor start with the low medication it will give you 3 months if doesn’t work will add it little bit more he didn’t want my son be a zombie. He is 8 years old

I struggled with my son at school starting kindergarten. I was also against medication. But he could never enjoy anything he done. We take him places to have fun he was miserable the whole time. He was always angry and bounced around so much. He got suspended in kindergarten 6 times. I went through 2 and a half years of different meds to find what was right for him. Sounds awful I know. But I found an awesome psychiatrist who I explained everything to and he gave him a new medication. Works perfect. He takes ADHD medication and a antidepressant that has a mood stabilizer in it. My son is almost 10 now. He enjoys his life so much better. Does amazing in school and hasn’t gotten into trouble. He has been on the new medication for almost 2 years and he feels more comfortable and is much happier. I learned that some children act out while having ADHD because they don’t know how to control themselves and they get frustrated. Do what you feel is best and good luck.

My son has adhd and asd. His not on meds as he refuses to take them, they take away his quirky personality and make him drowsy. I can’t force him to take them. I’ve tried taking things away as well and nothing worse he has major anger issues alongside the conditions. All we can do is keep putting our foot down in the hope that the consistency will make them learn. This hasn’t been the case for my son but it may take a little longer their brains are wired differently. In my sons case it’s different as he also autistic. Sounds like your doing all you can tbh and doing great xx

I didn’t feed into the ADHD diagnosis for my daughter. I found 6oz of straight black coffee, calmed my daughter and stern discipline worked. Do research on the medication cause many ADHD/ADD meds can later cause schizo! Pay attention to the foods you are feeding cause many has Yellow 5 such as Kraft’s Macaroni and cheese, that will cause ADHD/ADD

Can’t say I’ve noticed a difference but I tried fish oil. I looked online for natural calming pills like from a natural doctor my son was allergic to it. So I can’t say whether or not it would have worked. Sorry can’t be much help I’m in the same boat. School wants that diagnosis. Thing is he’s calm at home.

First off no more negative punishments! A child with ADHD cannot help his actions.
The best way to handle all of his energy is to involve him in activities such as Sports, swimming, a Y membership, and/or anything that is active and he enjoys.
Make sure he is eating good healthy foods. Lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water…water…water. A child with hyperactivity disorder needs plenty of water! There is a lady named Maria Emmerich who can help with food preparations.
These things will help. Stay consistent. Good luck💞


I’m using cbd, st John’s wart, b12, and omega 3, he also has mt dew and peanut butter in his locker at school.

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There are different types of ADHD, my son was diagnosed as well and he had trouble focusing in school. I was against medication also but tried different medications and finally found one that has helped with school and behavior. Always check for any different signs in behavior after any medication, having a therapist also helps but most of all be patient and change a bit your parenting style to fit his needs. Still hold him accountable for his actions but in a way that will make him realize what is going on. ADHD is more than just unable to focus.

Follow the recommendations of the health care professionals who evaluate him. Stop spanking your child.


My son was diagnosed with ADHD but I opted not to have him go onto the medication. We went to a naturopath and was recommended to go onto a completely natural food diet. No processed foods or foods with added color at all. We made our own juices, breads, snacks etc. What a remarkable difference it made in my son! Before going onto the medication try a change of diet, it might be all it takes to settle the ADHD.

l raised 2 of them 1started drinking coffee at 5 ? dont know why but it helped 1 book said regular children learn something after repeating something 500 times. since they hated the meds we talked a lot especially in the car where they had my undivided attention it was very slow but in their 30s they both have great work ethics and good communication skills

sorry adhd kids need to be told things 500 times regular children 5 times
PATIENCE is the key


Check into a diet called the Hyperactive Diet. Worked miracles for my brother.

Chewelry. Go to Ark.com and get a necklace or bracelet she can put in her mouth. I got one for my son because he chews his shirts and it has been a huge tool in helping him focus as well. Its silicon so you can sanitize all the time.

My kids were on Vyvanse…no side effects…used only during school and not in the summer…playing as much as possible and as he got older…he started drinking starbucks…ha! He is 17 now and hasnt had meds since he was in 7th grade…they can outgrow it…

My son has it. He was diagnosed at age 5. I did try medication at 1st but I wanted my son not a zombie. I hated the side effects. I would find things for his outlet. For my son drums worked very well. He could focus and had an outlet for his energy. I would just redirect him at times he was wound for sound. My son is now 17 and is on honor roll. Now he finds his own outlets. It also helps for him to be challenged or he gets bored easily. (Some teachers can even help with that at school)

I was absolutely against medicating my autistic son. I tried all natural herbs, compounds, tinctures. No relief. It dropped on me like a bomb. I was being so selfish. He was so tormented, his meltdowns so extreme. Keeping medication from a child who so so desperately needs it doesn’t make sense. Why are you punishing him for your beliefs. And for God’s sake, don’t “spank” your child for behaviors he has absolutely no control over his actions.

Sounds exactly like me want know the teuth2 i was 4 ans1 diagnosed to be treated once turn of age for meds.bad story short side effects memory loss real shit. Dont do it. Effects causeing adhd i have alot my personal opinions. Try help calm your childs nerves and set a schedule go thru it everyday set times and procedures. In life we have responsibilities and only so much time a day. As we get older ww need more sleep this can be exhausting for us and hince children toddlers babys have fits wine etc. As adults we have to take turns watch the infant to kid(s) come teen age they should be where can defend them selfs life stages as women especially. To much to write. Be happy say dont do it try cat mint tea or lavendar you know awesome teas herbs from mother earth anyways need help or someone talk to i can enlighten you

But please never give your children meds they will outgrow any stages they in just give love and nurishment to the future genrations teach them everything good and what to avoid. Its hard for single parents it takes 2 to make it but have alternate times and meet in the middle. This world is going to hell anymore people dont have patience. All children have learn some point. Takes time love and guidance. We started somewhere. The mind is a powerful thing when done right. Remember that. As adults we hold the knowledge we feed to our newer generations coming up. So much bad has came already these newer generations its scary see what comes out the batch. Life is fucking crazy. Dont do it.

Medication has been amazing for my 5yr old, she only takes it on school days because the main side effect is loss of appetite and at one point she lost way too much weight so weekends and school holidays are medication free.
Also as said above fruit juice, cordial etc is a big no no and giving them a coffee or even better a mocha helps to calm them :wink:
Good luck and it takes a while but you will soon work out what works for your child and what doesn’t :crossed_fingers:t3:

Also exercise :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:
Anything from beach walks to kicking a ball on the oval!!

Have you tried homeschooling him so he can expend his energy like a normal, healthy child and not have to sit and wait for the less-bright kids to catch on to concepts he’s already mastered? Find out if you can get him into a program that enhances his ability and gives him plenty of physical release at various points during the day, including letting him stand and dance while doing math, etc. Kids who get drugged are so for the advantage of the adults taking care of them, not for the kids themselves, except in rare brain-difference situations.

Completely change his diet. He doesn’t need meds he needs to be to be able to express himself without punishment. Maybe an alternative school like a Montessori? It’s all hands on. I was ADHD and dyslexic the worst was being punished for it.

He needs a mentor and to be included in group activites outside of school. Hopefully to tired most evenings to misbehave and also something to look forward to whilst at school. Gosh times have changed. Not every child likes school or can be controlled.(now offering parents drugs😷) I was that child. Does that mean there’s something wrong with the child? Or something wrong with society? He needs a fun challenge and plenty of praise. Hope it all works out😎

Am I gonna be the only one here that thinks ADHD is a crock of shit…? :pensive: Please dont medicate your children simply because they are children.

Oh i deal with this daily!! I have tons of advice!!

Have you tried CBD Oil?

Loss of appetite is the biggest side effect to the meds my children have tried.


I use 5htp (all natural anxiety med) and alternative therapeutic school. Good luck. I am also against narcotic meds.

Why are you so against giving him medication if it helps? Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to help your child?


my son has adhd add and ptsd and severe anxiety he is not medicated I don’t believe it in because I’ve seen the long term effects on my family those to their own tho what works work I guess everyone’s story is different so you can not really compare.


My 9 year old daughter has and the medication is the best thing I did for her! She has the chewable tablets and within a week she was happy again focused and no tantrums. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects.

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Sooo you know he has a chemical imbalance and will not medicate him to fix his imbalance… Good luck…


He’s getting good grades so you punish him? All children have ‘energy for days’ - perhaps you need to reevaluate your parenting.


When the school tried to tell me that my daughter needed medication I went to the herbal/supplement store and got some all natural pills. And I only gave them to her on school days. Maybe check into something like that if you’re against medication.


Unfortunately Only 90% of children these days are ADHD and medicated.
They are quick to throw that out there and medicate the immature and growing brains of these children when so many don’t have ADHD at all. Not saying no one here kid don’t I’m just saying I’m general. So before you all jump on me here. Don’t.
So yes, you’re going to get 500+ comments of mine this and that.
When it comes to medical questions and especially your children… TALK TO DOCTORS. NOT FACEBOOK GROUPS!!! Get multiple opinions. Don’t take one doctors word for it. Also ask questions. Ask how many kids they have in their practice on medications for this. That will tell you A LOT too. I’m serious do not take one doctors word on this. Find old school doctor and new age ones. Talk with therapist. Fight for your children before medicating them. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: GOOD LUCK!

We fought and fought with the fact that our son needed medicated. We tried everything from diet change to cbd. The cbd works short term, but not long enough for him to be able to focus through school. The main side effects we have noticed are loss of appetite and moodiness in the evenings when the meds are wearing off. We don’t mind the tude in the afternoon because it isnt his usual self

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I haven’t given in to medicine yet. My son got a trampoline and jumped in it an hour before school and when he got home. My daughter we had to put on meds. Every kid and situation is different follow your gut

Alright so i was a child with adhd, was on medication from 1st grade until 10th, when my mother decided to take me off of it, 11th grade i failed everything as i had to rewire my brain to focus naturally on something without the assistance of the medicine, taking things away from the child wont help the issue is he has to split their attention between multiple things at once… even now as an adult i have to have something in my hands or playing a video game on my phone while i do my work ( i work as a network engineer so i have the benefit of having a desk job) You can try a fidget toy while they are doing their homework but they have to learn to focus on multiple things at one time if you are absolutely against medicine ( Medicine helped me in the beginning but… when whining off of it… it severely hurt me. Also getting diagnosed and able to continue the medicine as an adult is not the easiest thing to do as you have to prove you are unable of working without it)

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This is a really good article! Not saying your child doesn’t have adhd… but this may help unnecessary medicating if he doesn’t actually have adhd.
Even just read it yourself and/or show others! I think it’s a really good idea to share medical information like this with other parents!!

My stepson takes Focalin. He went from Ds and Fs to As and Bs after he got on medication. We started it when he was 9. It worked really well for him! There is also a generic brand for that medication and it’s cheaper.


Sam Manning Nickerson Heikkila you have been starting this journey maybe you have some input that you’re kids Dr recommend or things you have found to work not work.

I don’t medicate my child either. He gets a cup of coffee every morning a d it has helped for him. We just changed his diet as well. No red dyes. If he doesn’t have coffee in the morning before school I get a phone call every time. We did try the meds and he was very aggressive towards his younger siblings not to mention he was a zombie the whole day. That was not him at all. Do we decided to take him off it. He is A-B honor roll this year and hardly ever gets on trouble. So please try the coffee and he adds the flavored coffee creamer that I use.


Clean diet switch and also no more then 30 mins a day of screen time. More reading, activities outside and crafts.
Diet change should be clean foods, no processed foods, no sugary breakfasts instead whole meals and fruits and vegetables.
Research keto diet.

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I refuse to allow my children to be put on those meds. - pharmaceutical grade Meth that causes major organ damage. Coffee is helpful with my ADHD kids as it has the opposite effect on them than a person w/o ADHD. They also see a counselor to help recognize barriers so they can work to overcome those barriers. And consistency


My almost 5 year old was just diagnosed . They gave me a prescription but like you I was highly against medicating . Until today , today was my last straw . School is the issue. .at home she is fine , this is from today , I get notifications almost everyday but this was the worst my mom had to grab her .