Have I gained too much weight with my pregnancy?

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I was 207lbs when I first got pregnant (I’m 5’10), which is pretty standard. Well, here we are, almost in the third trimester, and I’ve already gained 45lbs. I eat healthy-ish, but I do sometimes cave when it comes to craving something junky. Is this amount of weight gain normal for this stage? I should also state that my baby is 2lbs 15 ounces which my doctor said was big for being 27 weeks. Any advice is appreciated!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Have I gained too much weight with my pregnancy?

Enjoy your pregnancy! F the scale.

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I gained about 55 lbs total when I was pregnant with my daughter

I gained 50 pounds all 3 times. I ate whatever I wanted. I will say I wish I did care more about being healthier because getting that much weight off was not easy

I gained 75 pounds with my babe and didn’t have any issues! lol

I gained 60 lbs. with my last son. Its all about your health for the baby and you. The scale shouldnt even be in the home right now. Your growing God’s greatest blessing inside you. Dont stress over the weight gain.

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I gained almost 90 pounds with both of my kids. I hate being pregnant. Never again!

Get checked for early gestational diabetes

Everyone gains different amounts, in my first I gained 80 lbs and in my current one I’ve gained about 30 (I’m 28 weeks)

Ask your dr Hun. Sometimes heavy weight gain can lead to medical complications. If your dr isn’t concerned, then great. If your dr is concerned then it’s best to follow whatever it is they tell you to fix it.

Your doctor should be monitoring your weight. If they haven’t said anything to you, don’t worry!

I gained 100 in one an 130 in an other

Well I went from 120 to 200. I lost the weight 9 weeks after i had baby. As long as your blood pressure is good and avoid salt your doing ok

I gained 80lbs with both of my girls.

Most of its water idk though I only gain like 20lbs w my pregnancies they say about 25-30 is normal.

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My average weight is around 165 and with my son I got up to 215- BUT I refused to weigh myself (besides at Dr. appointments) because your body is working so hard for both of you- don’t worry mama, trust me once your little one starts moving around and crawling there is no sitting down. That weight will shed off! Best of luck :heart:

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I gained 10 pounds with all my pregnancies. They came out big babies and very healthy

If your doctor has not mentioned it…then dont worry about it.

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Ignore the scale. Just take care of yourself and baby. I gained 80 pounds with my first two and I’ve gained almost 50 with this pregnancy… everyone is different… you can worry about the weight after baby is born.

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I gained 64 pounds with my first one and about the same with my second one

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Babe I gained almost a whole 100 lbs while pregnant. You’re fine. You have to have some extra weight and you’re tall.

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I gained 100. It comes back off. Especially if you breastfeed. Don’t worry about it. Pregnancy is hard. Enjoy the indulging

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I gained 87 lbs with my daughter (I was 21) and 13 lbs with my son(I was 34). My doctor was not concerned with either. I’m 5’9

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I went from 120 before my first to now 225 a year pp after my second. 100lbs in 3 years. I never lost the weight from baby 1 before getting pregnant with baby 2. Believe me when I tell you it doesn’t come off as quickly as you think :sob: I know it’s hard to control those cravings but if you’re extremely worried about it, do yourself a favor and try and go for healthy options. It can be so so hard to lose the weight, atleast in my case.

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My first I gained about 20lbs, and I immediately shed the weight until I got on birth control. I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow, I had HG early and lost a bunch of weight, probably 20lbs or more. As I’ve gotten my HG under control I’ve gained about 15lbs, every one and every pregnancy is different. I wouldn’t worry unless your doctor is worried.

I’ve always been on the heavy side anyway, but I gained about 60 lbs with each of my 2 boys … and they were both premi babies. Neither the kids or I suffered any medical complications due to the weight gain, but it can happen, so check with your doctor.

I wouldn’t be as worried about it now as you should be after the birth … it is almost impossible to focus on your own health when you’re a new mom, but you need to … for your sake as well as your family’s sake. How you treat yourself in the first two years after birth with have an impact on your health in the future. Take care of yourself, little mama!

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Gained about 60 with my first, 30-35 with second and third, 20 with my last and he was over 10 lbs lol

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I gained 68 lbs with my first because I was under weight and 45 lbs with my second.

I’m 5’9 I gained 84 pounds with my first and only 15 pounds with my last

I gained 85 with my oldest boy

I gained 40 with my first, 60 with my second, and 80 with my third. My doctor told me it was normal to gain 40+ lbs

I was the opposite and didn’t gain enough, yet my last baby ended up being almost 9 lbs… 100% healthy. all the weight I gained was him, fluid and placenta… each pregnancy each is different . Don’t worry too much about your weight, just focus on if your baby is healthy and growing correctly

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I was 5’10" with my first and 195 lbs. I gained 60 lbs. Dr said I was still healthy & I gained because I caved to cravings. Lol. My second pregnancy I only gained 11 lbs though. I didnt have gestational diabetes either time so all was great.

I gained 60 lbs with my son.

The weight in itself is not the issue, some drs or midwives will just keep an eye out on your blood pressure/blood sugar to make sure you don’t develop gestational diabetes. So if your dr or midwife doesn’t seem concerned, don’t worry too much about, just try to keep your diet more on the healthy side overall, and enjoy the moments you do give into cravings :wink:

I gained 80+ pounds with 3 of my pregnancies, it was all gone within weeks after delivery without me doing anything. A certain part of the population just gains a ton of weight during pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is different. I gained only 15 pounds with my first and second pregnancy and gained 55 with my third. As long as you don’t have any medical issues and you are healthy you should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Idk I gained 25lbs with my first and im current 16 weeks with my second and I’m losing weight

The dr should tell you if it’s too much or not. I was under weight when I got pregnant (104lbs 5’6”) and they wanted me to gain at least 40 throughout pregnancy because of it. To me it sounds like a pretty healthy weight.

I gained 48lbs with my twins. Im 5’5. A week and a half after I had them I was 2lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I ate EVERYTHING I craved (all junk) + regular healthy eating habits for lunch and dinner. Could never do breakfast. My OB shamed me the entire time I was prego. All my weight was obviously the two babies and the fact that I was literally swollen everywhere. Water retention— swollen in the Face, arms, ankles. My ankles were almost the size of my thighs :upside_down_face: it was a healthy pregnancy. I brought a gallon of water with me every time I left the house

Everyone is different. Take it easy on yourself. And don’t ignore your cravings! One of the best things about pregnancy was fulfilling a craving

I wouldn’t worry about it if you and baby are healthy im the same height and have always been around a solid 200 pounds with my first child I gained about 80 pounds I wasn’t happy but I had a big baby and eventually the weight came off I’m pregnant with my 4th now and barely gaining weight people say I look small to be honest what I’ve noticed is a lot of people gain a lot of weight 1st pregnancy its natural don’t beat yourself up your only human

I gained 60 pounds each pregnancy, the first pregnancy it all came right back off from breastfeeding, the second all but about 15 pounds came off. Don’t worry too much about it mama just enjoy your pregnancy.

I was 110 and went to 200 with my 1st two kids with my other two was like 50-70lb over and I went back down to 115 after I’ll pregnancies besides my last one I’m at 140 :pensive:

We’re all so different that the only time I think you should worry is if your doctor is concerned. Obviously none of us like to excessively gain weight or be unhealthy but sometimes you honestly can’t control it and anyone who says you can is a liar. Just talk to your doctor to be sure but I bet you’re fine.

I was the opposite during both of my pregnancies than I am not pregnant. I have such a hard time losing weight normally but when I was pregnant I lost weight both times and gained less than 10 pounds by the time I delivered.


I’m 39 weeks and I have gained 43lbs so far. My last pregnancy I gained 60 so I feel like I’m doing pretty good.

Well shoot, I guess me gaining 100 lbs with my first was too much :joy::joy::joy:


I gained almost 80 pounds with my first and 15 pounds with my second. Every pregnancy and body is different.

I gained about 60 lbs with my first pregnancy.

I went from 138 at conception to 189 by delivery day. I’m 4’ 11”. I would say your fine mama

Watch and see what your sodium content is. Sometimes it’s swelling/water retention.

I gained almost a 100 lbs with my first child.

Im 29 weeks and down 6.4 pounds from pre pregnancy weight but baby is growing and is at a perfect weight . Everyone is different i feel.

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I’m currently 17 weeks and have already gained 30lbs

Everyone is different I gained over 70 pounds with my first and he ended up being 8 1/2 pounds….my second was a little over 6 pounds and I gained 40 so it all depends

I gained 72 lbs with my daughter, and I had a very smooth pregnancy.

Don’t worry about it, everyone gains different…
Start walking now to make labor and recovery easier.

I gained 50lbs with both my first and second. This one I’ve only gained 30 and am in the third trimester. (I’m 5’9) Every pregnancy is different so it definitely normal.

I would recommend taking walks often. I stayed at work until I was ready to pop (I work with special needs so I was constantly on my feet) and I only gained 20 pounds. I believe everyone is different so don’t judge yourself when comparing to others.

My first child I gained up to 70lbs, I’m 33 weeks now with my second and have only gained about 12 & I’m not doing anything different at all! My advice would be to enjoy your pregnancy and don’t sweat it :slightly_smiling_face:

I gained 50/55lbs with my first baby. Less with subsequent babies

I gained 80 with my first and I’m currently 35w 1d and I’ve only gained 20lbs

Everyone and every pregnancy is different. As long as your doctor thinks your ok and you feel ok, I wouldn’t worry(((HUGS)))

Gained 130lbs with my first pregnancy due to water retention and a very full amniotic sac…only 50ishlbs with my last 2 pregnancies…everyone is different

Get then to do a a1c1 testing if your worried about it. To check and see if your diabetic

With my first I gained 25lbs. However I was allowed to workout and be active. So I did. At the gym walks etc. With my second I gained 40lbs. However I wasn’t allowed to workout or really do anything because I had placenta previa. Which is when the placenta is lower than what it should be. So it really depends on the pregnancy I believe. They are all different. Cravings play a big part too. With my second I wasn’t allowed to workout but all I wanted was macaroni. So I gained more. First I worked out and all I craved was wings lol. Definitely better.

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I gained 60lbs with my first pregnancy and she only weighed 5lbs 11oz at birth. I did a lot of walking which helped tremendously when labor time came.

If you bmi is 30 or more it is recommended that you gain no more than 20lbs.

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I gained 102 pounds with my first baby. 102!!! I would not be concerned at all!

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Try not to gain too much as the older you get the harder it is to get the weight off and the easier it is to pack back on. Plus the earlier on you eat healthily the easier it is to make it a habit and keep it up.

Buy your cravings in small quantities: don’t buy a half gallon of ice cream, go out for a single cone, or get one of those mini containers (4 oz. or less) at the grocery store. Don’t buy a pack of cookies, go to the 7-11 and buy one. Don’t get a pack of danish, get one small one from the bakery. Don’t buy a big bag of chips, get the little one from the checkout area or a convenience store. Just get one taco at Taco Bell, not a 12-pack. Get the 4-piece chocolate ballotin, not a bag of candy bars or chips. Out of sight, out of reach, out of mind.

Drink a glass of water, go for a walk, or distract yourself with something else when cravings hit to see if they’ll pass. Be sure you are moving as much as you are able so your weight is more muscle than fat.

Congratulations and best wishes for a safe and healthy birth that is as painless as possible!

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You could just be over eating calories love :relaxed: and holding onto them more. It’s not about how healthy your eating. It’s all in the calories

Try doing a low carb diet

Don’t worry about it girl. Once baby is here u can start on a diet. I lost weight pregnant every time but my babies was healthy. 5 lbs 8 oz 7lbs 6oz 7 lbs 4 oz

I have now had 6 children, 5 pregnancies as my last 2 are twins. Nothing has changed since I had my 1st 21 yrs ago til I had my twins 9 months ago when it comes to recommended healthy weight gain which is said to be between 25-35 lbs total for a singleton baby (if you are at a healthy weight pre pregnancy) and 15-25 if overweight . I was overweight with my last pregnancy (twins) yet still only gained 38lbs which was within the healthy range for a twin pregnancy. With my first 4 children I was at a normal healthy weight for my height (5’1" 105 to 115 lbs) and gained 25lbs, 28lbs, 32lbs and 30lbs. Glad you’re concerned about weight gain during pregnancy. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth :hugs:

Only one to go off of, but I started at 165, dropped to 145, then finished off at 190. My weight was all over the place. As someone else said, I would really be concerned if the doctor is.

My 1st i gained 40ish she was 9 lbs 2oz
I gained 70 with my second and she was 10 lbs and 5oz
Im 27 weeks today with my boy and have gained around the same. I walk everyday and try to watch what o eat but still gain lol my dr. Isn’t concerned at all so neither am i.

With my first two babies I lost 35 pounds and with the second I lost 25. With this pregnancy I have not gained or lost any weight at all. I’m 21 weeks, so i have a feeling I’m going to be gaining pretty soon. My dr says it’s not normal but it also isn’t unlikely. As long as I’m eating baby and I should be fine. My baby right now is measuring a week ahead so I’m okay.

The expression eating for two is thinly veiled. The extra amount of food needed is only a small portion. If you are concerned I would advice talking to your doctor

I gained 80lbs with my first and 65 with my 2nd. Both babies were perfectly healthy when born. My best friend only gained maybe 15lb her entire pregnancy (jealous) and her little one is healthy also.

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I’m 5ft 4 and was 105lbs when I first found out I was pregnant and at my last doctors appointment (three days before I gave birth) I weighed 210lbs

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Girl it’s fine, everyone is different. With my first born I gained 85 lbs. went from 130 to over 200. Second pregnancy I gained maybe 30.


I gain 50 pounds. Just keep eating healthy and walk as much as you can handle.

You should.be fine! When the baby comes out! You both will be okay

I gained 100 pounds when I was pregnant! I was huge. I ate horribly but pregnancy is honestly the worst so I didn’t care. I lost 120 pounds within 1 year of having the baby. If you’re hungry then eat, girl. You’re growing a baby.

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Yes it is a lot to gain, which is why your doctor told you so. You can make small trade outs or look into what the underlying meaning of cravings. You could be lacking vitamins/nutrients which makes you crave things your body doesn’t actually need to try and get those vitamins.

Yep. It’s a lot. But if you are dedicated to eating right, you will be okay! I was 145 before having 3 babies back to back to back. I weighed 198 the day before I gave birth. Now I’m 150 3 months later. You know what’s best for you. But let me tell you, it will be a B to lose it!!!

As long as you and the baby are healthy, enjoy your pregnancy. :heart:

Edit: I’ve gained a lot this time around. :sob::rofl:

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In my first pregnancy I gained almost 80 lbs and I ate EXTREMELY healthy. I have no idea how or why, but I had a 10.2 baby… I am now 36 weeks into my 3rd and have only gained 11 lbs, but baby is currently estimated at 7.8 lbs… And that is stressing me out, because I feel I should have gained more.

Moral of the story… All pregnancies are different and there is no perfect target. As long as you are healthy and baby is healthy try not to stress over weight.


Just stay away from processed foods and caffeine so your baby can be healthy. Take prenatal vitamins and drink plenty of water.

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I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy
I’m 5 months PP and down to my original size
My baby was almost 9lbs and we are both happy and healthy.
Don’t stress it mama unless dr seems worried. Mine never was even though I felt terrible about how quickly I was gaining.

I gained 20 kilo with my first and lost it 2 weeks after having my baby. Also don’t always believe weight from ultrasounds they aren’t very accurate

Should gain 10kg for the whole pregnancy is healthy

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Have I gained too much weight with my pregnancy?

I gain alot of weight with my pregnancies because I’m on bedrest during pregnancy. My doctor has never been concerned.

Make sure you stay active!!! That’s the most important thing I found. With my first. I was a total couch potato and my recovery after her was so hard :sob::sob::sob: with my second I was much more active and walked alot. And my recovery was sooooooo much better

I gained about 60lbs with both my pregnancy’s. I did NOT HAVE 60lb babies but I did lose the weight within a year :joy:

I gained about 65 pounds when I had my daughter. I’m 5’7” and when I got pregnant I was 140 pounds, & when I delivered I was 208!!! I was really worried about it, but my pregnancy went great, and daughter was born completely healthy.! I was able to lose the weight pretty quickly, and was back down to 135 in about 15 months! Trust your body!!

I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy! I just had a bigger baby! But doctors keep eye on weight for health reasons. Sometimes there’s just not much we can do. Lots of water!!

I gained 50 with my son. 12 in just a month. Every woman and every child is different. Baby might be so called big now and come out tiny or what they say is average or you can pop out a toddler like I did :joy: as long as you both are healthy I’d focus on you eating habits and not your weight

The most weight I gained during pregnancy was 50 lbs. I am 5 ft and was 80 lbs though, i was considered very underweight so it was good that I gained that. If you are concerned about your weight gain talk to your doctor