Having twins and I'm terrified, advice from moms who have been there?

So I just found out I'm having twins and I'm super excited but also super scared I have 2 girls but the are 2 apart in age 2 and 4 I don't know what to expect with this pregnancy??

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Having twins and I'm terrified, advice from moms who have been there?

I had my first daughter and then almost 18 months later two twin girls. I understand your concern and your worry, but it’s not nearly as hard as what you think it is. Those babies are born, it all comes naturally. Do you have any specific concerns or questions? I’ve been through the whole ordeal and the twins are now 18

And if you worry about mixing them up if they’re identical, just look at their footprints. I remember that being one of my biggest concerns while I was pregnant, but I saw this little trick on an episode of Full House

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Listen to your doctor, take care of yourself. Look into multiple groups in your area

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That’s a lot… my moms had 2 sets of twins 3 1/2 yrs apart!! Very busy… good luck

My twins r 13 now, boy/girl :two_hearts:I had my eldest 2 years before my twins and he was so much help. As far as pregnancy expect things to move fast because ur growing so much faster. Rest as much as u can and as all other pregnancies just go with the flow and expect the unexpected. Congratulations! Twins are fun but the first year is wild at least from my experience. It goes by fast take pictures as often as u can. Oh and don’t try and feed separately or else u will be feeding around the clock!!


Do the twins need their nails done or something?


I had a girl and 5 yrs later twin girls. They are now 5 thought I would mix them up but from the beginning they both had wildly different personalities. It has been a ride but it all just falls into place once they are here.

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I am pregnant with my 2nd set of twin

Hey mamma;you’re gonna do great. If the;others are four years old. Don’t stress;automatically you’re gonna know who’s who.&you can;ask your older kid’s to. Helping out;with the twins. Please simply;remember to make qaulity time for the older kid’s so they don’t feel neglected. Twins sort;out their identity among each other later in life. You’re gonna;do great.

You’ve got this as a mom of twins I was terrified as well! We truly are amazing all will come naturally! It’s easier than your mind is leading you to believe! Good luck enjoy your precious babes! Peace and love from one mom of twins to another!

At least you know in advance! My brother and sister are twins and they are 52. In those days there were no sonograms. And so my nom found out while she was in labor. And at that time l was 4 and my brother 7.

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Twin mom here. My best advice is to act like you have 1 baby feed them both at the same time change them at the same time lay them down for a nap at the same time. Try to keep them on a schedule I know that’s easier said than done but it makes it a lot easier on you.

May the Force be with you :vulcan_salute:

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I had twins 14 years ago and my daughter was 2 at the time she was awsome with them she helped me feed them and she helped alot . They r a handful but alot of fun

I have identical twin girls… baby, rest as much as you can now! You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime! It’s great, and beautiful, and exhausting and crazy and comes in tsunami size waves. Congratulations and good luck!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Having twins and I'm terrified, advice from moms who have been there?

I unexpectedly found out was having twins went from 2 kids to 4 kids in a instant which was :scream::scream: but got thru it, get your self a prep machine biggest help, you will get into a routine that suits you. You will have more check ups at the hospitals and more scans. Good luck with your journey x

Its the most beautiful thing ever!!! Its no different than a regular pregnancy. However I had the stort book pregnancy no sickness, no pains and not 1 damn craving!!! U got this!!

It’s such a magical experience. You will do great, and I’m sure your girls will LOVE helping out. Pro tip: try to sleep when they sleep - get them into routines - take lots of pictures! Time goes by way too quick❤


Aww I had 4 under 4… my oldest was 4 a week after I had my twins AND I had a 21 month old. My second and twins were a cs. My twins were 6lb 7 and 7lb 10… I’m 5 foot! My husband was in the army, so it was tough going but were all still alive lol
My twins turned 18 on Friday xx

Routine is key! If one wakes for a feed, wake the other otherwise you will be constantly feeding.


I had a 4 year old and a 2 year old both girls and had I identical twin boys the girls where so much help with the boys they kept them entertained and always wanted to help with them

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Twins are awesome. I was scared to death but honestly they were great. Adapted to a schedule well. As they got bigger they entertained each other .

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The twins will be easier than the 2 that are 2 years apart. My experience of course.

Twins will be eating the same type / age food, playing with the same toys, wearing same/ similar size. All at the same time. Guaranteed play mate.

Believe me, I am NOT saying it’s easy. The first few months are a blur You still won’t sleep. You still won’t get to shower. You will wonder how you survived. Just like any other newborn.

Mine are 14 now (and a half if you ask them). They are my youngest of 5.

You can do this.

IV got 2 sets of twins. Now 13 and 8. I went from 0-2 kids then 2-4kids. Any advice or tips honestly feel free to inbox me but for me routine routine and routine was what kept my sanity in tact x

Just relax and enjoy.

I don’t know wat to say on this i have a daughter but hey she gives me hell and i start to think like wat uf they were too​:rofl::joy: anyway all the best anonymous :grin:

I’m a twin mom and I had the same feeling. Just keep them on a schedule a very strict one. It will be ok. You got this! :heart:

Horrible horrible horrible pregnancy. It’s literally twice as hard/painful. I threw up all day everyday for months and months and finally landed in the hospital for the last four months trying to keep them in! Taught me to know better than to ever have another baby! It worked out, though. Now they’re almost 18 and wonderful. But don’t let anyone tell you the pregnancy will be easy.

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Do not try and guess it will just flow, you need to practice calm. The children will fall into sync as long as you are calm. It is mot something you can predict. When you friends say is there anything they can do to help say yes please could you throw on a load of washing or wash my kitchen floors or empty the dishwasher you are not wonder woman and you are the only one who thinks they can be. You also sort out your true friends. You will get a routine no worries.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Having twins and I'm terrified, advice from moms who have been there?

I’m sure it’s going to be hard at first, but it will get better once you figure out some sort of routine. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either!! You’ll do great!

I’m a mum of twin girls i was firstly like this but it really isn’t as bad as you think. I actually prefer them being together its hard work most times but so much easier if u get what I mean. I’m sure you will smash it its the best feeling ever having 2 babies growing up together and the bond they have its so special :sparkling_heart:


I have 2 set of twins feel free to private message me

I’m a twin mom. My girls just turned 18 in August. The best advice that I can give is to get on a schedule. When mine were little, when one would wake, she would be fed, changed and put back to sleep and if the other wasn’t up on her own by that time, she would get woken up to be fed, changed and put back down. I followed that schedule until they became a little more independent. Day or night, didn’t matter, it was always take care of one, then the other. Make sure to include your older two as well. Even though they’re 2 and 4, they can still help and will feel included if you make it seem like you can’t do it without them. Have them get your diapers and wipes when it’s changing time. Have them “babysit” while you make a bottle. My twins were my first, so when my son came along 5 years later, he was a walk in the park, but I always had my twins “help” with the baby so they wouldn’t feel excluded. Single babies take a lot of time, twins is even more time. You don’t want the older two to feel excluded just because they’re a little more independent and there are new babies. There is no handbook on babies/kids, you’ll learn what works for you and your family as you go. Good luck Mama and Congratulations!!


Anna Anna. Any advice since you have twins

First advice is no mom is perfect, the fact that you are scared is proof you will be an amazing mom. You were given 2 beautiful blessings at one time obviously God knows you can do it. Wishing you calmness and strength.

Twin Mommies unite!!!

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Twin Mama Strong Support Group

I had a set of twin boys. I carried them full term but had to be on bed rest for the last couple of months. It is a challenge to have two babies at once but your an experienced mom so you will do just fine!

I had 2 boys singles…then twin boys. It was hard to find a groove and first but we succeed!


Message me if you want! My boys are two. I was considered a high risk due to anxiety and constant low iron. It was definitely rough, I was weak and always tired but after they came it was all worth it.

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9 year old twins! REST. Listen to your doctor. Listen to your body. And take extra good care of your teeth!!

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You got it! It will all come natural in time.

Mum of 26 yr old identical twin boyz. Routine, routine, routine Helps. Color code clothing, ask or take help when offered.

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I have six kiddos- I’ve had twins twice (all natural) it’s HARD but there’s absolutely nothing better.

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I have 12 year old g/b twins at the end I had precclampsia but also had a cousin who died due to an appartment fire the week before they were born emergency csection. You got this you have experience as a mom just relax and breath I was a single first time mom and doing everything by myself. Do everything twice you change one change the other you feed one feed the other. Nap time at the same time.

I’ve 2 sets twins aged 3 & 4 routine is the key x

I have identical twin boys who are almost 15 months old. I also have a singleton who’s 11 years old. My pregnancy was high risk. We only made it to 34+6 when my boys decided that they wanted out.

Had twins last year. You will probably get them confused at some point if they are identical. One of my doctors recommended we paint their toe nails to tell them apart. So for the youngest twin we painted his big toe nails and every time it would be about gone we would repaint them. Once they started getting their own differences (freckles, birthmarks, etc) then we stopped painting the toe nails when we were comfortable enough telling who was who.

Make sure you drink enough water all the time. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but at 5-6 months your body will thank you.

Twins usually (not always) end up in the Nicu for a period of time. Or that’s what the doctor told me anyways. So its good to have a plan for going back and forth to visit everyday and having someone else watch your other children. My boys were in the NICU for 3ish months. Nothing wrong with them when they were born just born to early so they needed help getting to a specific weight and reach certain miles stones.

Make sure that you are going to a hospital and working with a care team at one that does a good amount of twin births. They will be more ready to handle anything that can happen at any moment.

Keep walking and moving around for as far into the pregnancy as you can. It helps for after you have given birth and are recovering.

Make sure to feed at same time so you can rest.

I have twin boys now 9, they are fraternal. They were born at 34w and spent 17days in nicu for growing and feeding. You don’t need two of everything, routine is key, feed one wake up the other. You got this!

Breathe! Just remember your not superwoman! You can do it. It’s all in the routine! My twins are 13 and awesome!

Twins is a whole new world! I have a 12yo daughter, 8yo son, and fraternal twin boys who are 4.5yo and they are like a different breed of kids :joy::joy: They do stuff that my other kids or any kids in our family has done and they drive me absolutely crazy every day…. BUT they also do the coolest, sweetest, and just amazing things my other kids didn’t. One twin walked before the other and even though he couldn’t talk yet he still tried to physically“help” his brother learn to walk! We were cuddling in the bed the other night and one says to the other “your my best friend, I love you” and the other said the same thing. When I take one to do something alone they ALWAYS want to bring their brother something. They help each other fix things, solve problems, and help each other to get out of trouble :joy::joy::joy: It’s an amazing journey. There are tons of moms of twins groups on Facebook that are super helpful but my best advice is to start EARLY with separating them to do things on their own. Even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood. My twins were always together until about a year ago and then I started doing separate things occasionally cause they would flip out if one even walked to the car first :woman_facepalming: And also be prepared to do EVERYTHING TWICE and I do mean everything!!! Even letting them turn off the lights or bring in a grocery bag. :joy::joy::joy: Good luck mama it’s a journey like no other!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Having twins and I'm terrified, advice from moms who have been there?

The best thing you can do now is chill. Just be as healthy as possible and try to get as far as possible with your pregnancy. Happy healthy babies are supposedly easier to deal with.
Good luck and ask for as much help as possible.


Stay active as much as you can during pregnancy and rest when needed. Once they are born stick to a very structured schedule. Twins are amazing, a little extra work but well worth it.


Don’t let these scare you I have twin girls who are 31 now. Mile stones happen at the same time. It was an awesome adventure and a double blessing. I do agree a schedule as close as you can keep it is important.


Organize,who will help you and hire a helper for cleaning, mommy me time a must,put yourself on a schedule…don’t hoof it. Allow others to assist


i had my girls when my boys wherr 6 and three…Its exhausting honestly accept all the help you can get…Our families helped alot the first two weeks…I could rest and shower while they watched the babies and fed them…and i could call them when i felt overwhelmed…but its thr biggest blessings watching them grow…They are 3 already and honestly the tears and sleepless nights dont compare the the fun we have now…

Enjoy this journey, rest while you can…


Let them sleep at the same time let them play at the same time feed him at the same time don’t deviate from your schedule and don’t let anybody get you off that schedule


Been there! My twins are in their 30s now. Just accept help whenever it’s offered, and sleep when you can.


Mine are identical boys who are now 10… it is a blast. They are independent but never far from each other and best buddies… it is hard at first but gets easier as they always have a playmate. Good luck and enjoy the ride


My mom didn’t know she was having twins until she was 8 mos along. Here I am and I’m told we were a handful when 1 cried the other would. So I say as a twin just expect to do 2 things at once lol best of luck to your blessings and of course you!

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It takes one to know one…so you won’t have them on your due date, they will be like a month early. When one wakes up to eat, wake the other one so they eat at the same time. other wise you will be feeding all day as it is every 3 hours each time. You are going to have your hands full so get some help! God bless you!

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I say try not stress about it. Get plenty rest, eat healthy and dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it!!


It sounds hard but one will be in kindergarten. Hopefully the 2 then to be 3 year old is an easy kid. Line up a lot of help.

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I have a soon to be 25 yo a 21 yo and boy/girl 16 year old twins .
Pregnancy was awful .I won’t bore you the details. They were 38 weeks to the day 6lbs 3 oz , 5lbs 11 oz
First 3 years are the hardest . If this says anything though - Oh how I miss when they were little . Goes by so fast . Congratulations. You will be just fine momma :heart:

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How wonderful. Greatest ever, I have twin boys. Just have them do everything together, eating or it will never end. I had mine in the same bed as infants. Congratulations

I worked up to 34 weeks of pregnancy, delivered naturally at 36 weeks. I honestly thought everything was pretty easy. Stayed home for 13 weeks after delivery. I breastfeed them the first 13 weeks but stopped when I returned to full time job. I thought the baby stage was the easiest but the whole experience wasn’t any more difficult than my single births. (My twins are now 24) stay organized, I always had an extra diaper bag ready (for when I had to run out the door)and structure is important. No matter how tired you get, they learn fast how to push your buttons.

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I didn’t have twins but I worked in a special care nursery for many years and always had three newborns assigned to me for twelve hour shifts. The trick was to have them all on an “every three hour” feeding schedule, (nobody helped, as all the other nurses had their own babies to feed). Be sure to have full time help the first month, then part time help for as long as you can manage. Sleep will be your most valuable commodity.


It will he fine, you may have to stop work early. Maybe even bedrest. But so worth it!!! It was a blessing having my number 6 and 7 being twins. Breast fed for 11 months. Tired when they are little but they played so well together as babies no entertainment needed.

My identical girl twins are 38. Yes, a lot of work/ be organized and keep them on the same schedule. When one wakes, feed, & then wake the other to feed. I nursed them for 9 months! And then went back to my teaching job, full time. You can nurse both at the same time; football hold. They are best friends now! Very close! You will enjoy it ! And them! It’s very special.
Accept help if you get offers! You will be tired, but it’s easily forgotten; and you will look back at it all as the best time!! Relax and enjoy!

I was 23 first time mother and had twins it was hard although I had been raising and caring for kids all my life it was way different - I had a great support system my best friend had already had two children at this time so she taught me alot just take it one day at a time twins are fun you will get the hang of it have fun and congratulations

I had twins. The first year was rough. I really don’t remember many of the moments. Be prepared to deliver early. The one plus is that they played with each other all of the time.

You will be fine. I had a 13 month old & then twins. 3 in diapers & bottles. I’m not gonna lie it gets very hectic but take one day at a time, one problem at a time. As they all get bigger…they entertain each other. Going places will be rough…but dont ever let it get the best of you! God gave you these presents for a reason…he knows you can handle it! Nowadays theres so many more advance things that make life easier. Mine were in cloth diapers back in the day & of course you cant have a job…so hubby will have to be working alot. Ask for help but never leave the children with a stranger in desperation. Nowadays is not a good idea! You will have to sacrifice alot BUT the rewards are the best!

The first year was the hardest- accept all the help you can. I loved raising twins! Mine are girl-boy and are 21 now!

Twins have a way of entertaining each other. I have twin granddaughters that are 22 now and have been a joy to watch growing up. They had their own language for each other.

Congratulations I’ve got twin great grandchildren and they are gorgeous you will cope with them as they keep each other company xxx

I am a twin ,my mum told me that when we was babies one of us used to wake up and wake the other up at the same time :see_no_evil:
I had 2 children very close together not twins though 13 months apart 2 in nappies etc … I used to change their nappies together at the same time and feed at the same time ,double amount of food in 1 bowel 1 spoon feeding together .
Routine is the key do things at the same time otherwise your forever doing stuff with them and your have no time for yourself x

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You’ll be fine!
Lack of sleep in first few months is the worst thing. It will come to an end don’t worry.
I had very little help so thats something I would change - get help with your house cleaning. My two didn’t wake at the same time so hubby and I were on duty throughout the night. Don’t skip their bathtimes in the evenings, it calms them down.
I would use music to soothe crying babies more, and definitely drive them around to quieten them down when needed. Try to get a babysitter in regularly when they’re able to be left . Those little breaks are wonderful.
Definitely find friends with babies so you can enjoy adult conversations regularly - multiple babies can be rather all consuming if you don’t.

All the best and enjoy your babies!

I had twins at age 17. A girl and boy. They are 57 now. I had a boy when they were 18 months old. It was a busy time, as I had to go to work full time in a factory when my baby was 6 weeks old. You will survive , enjoy them because they grow up fast.

My boys were 2, 4, and 8 when my twin girls were born. The pregnancy wasnt bad until the very end and then it was mostly just exhausting from carrying baby weight. As far as having twin babies, I would do it again before I had another single. Mine shared a bed til they were 9 by choice and still do some nights (13 now). I bought 2 of everything! Crib, bouncers, swings, high chairs, you name it we had 2 of them. It was honestly overkill for us. 2nd crib was never used except for stuffed animals/toys, and other than high chairs we rarely needed both items at the same time of anything else. I worked mine into a schedule pretty quickly and staggered feedings, changings, etc one right after the other as much as possible. My husband worked 7 on/7 off so he was gone 50% of the time. It was rough the first couple of weeks but once we got a pattern down it got so much easier and honestly they slept like champs (after the 1st month) because they were each others security! You got this Momma!

My son has twins, they are beautiful but very active. They don’t sleep all night, many times my son went to work with not sleeping enough . Double expenses, double work, you will need a lot of help, plus you have already 2 more kids. Good luck and congratulations

I have 4 kiddos altogether, but my last two are indentical boys. The twin’s pregnancy was by far the worst pregnancy out of all 3. I was sick the entire time and had to be put on expensive medication just to make it through, and most days it only took the edge off. They were 7 weeks early and spent right at 5 weeks in the nicu. It was hectic. One of babies came home on a wednesday and the other baby cam home 2 days later. The first night they both home we got under an hour of sleep. Flash forward to now and they are almost 3.It does get easier, I promise. A good support system helps as well!!

I gained 52 pounds with my twins, but lost all but 3 pounds when they were born. They are a handful at first, but wonderful if you survive the first two years. Have fun!

It will all come natural . Just make sure you keep them both on the same eating and sleeping schedule . Always accept help lol

Get as much rest as you can I had twin boys (now 33) 4 years later twin girls (now 29) don’t be afraid to ask for help if need it. Good luck x


You should expect the unexpected, because there is no way to tell you what to expect. It could go one of several ways

Everyone I know who has twins say it’s not that bad. It’s just double but they are pretty much going thru the same stuff at the same time

When I had mine I feed them same time every day half hour apart worked out very well

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Same as 1 baby just busier.


My niece fed them at the same time no matter what

I had 8 kids ,I always wanted twins

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I don’t blame you . I had twins when my daughter was 6 . She’s now 24 and they are almost 18.
What are you most afraid of?

Don’t stress its the best in double. :wink:

Get organized! You will have your hands full! But what joy!


God must know you can handle it. Be blessed and relax. It is there to be enjoyed…May you be blessed with patience and strength…