HCG level problems

So…here’s a little back story. I am 10 months pp with my second child. I just found out I was pregnant with our 3rd around 2 weeks ago. I had blood work done a week ago (Wednesday) and my HCG levels were 380. I had repeat blood work that Friday and my levels had dropped to 160. I started bleeding that Sunday. I had more blood work on Monday and my levels were still 160 and hadn’t moved. My OB sent me into the ER for an ultrasound and more blood work yesterday (Tuesday) and my HCG levels had risen to 250 but I’ve been bleeding since Sunday but haven’t actually passed anything. They did an ultrasound and don’t believe it’s an ectopic pregnancy but told me I am miscarrying (only estimated to have been 2-3 weeks along) and didn’t see anything in my uterus. I obviously don’t have hope for this pregnancy, but why would my HCG levels start increasing again? I go back Friday for repeat blood work and a follow up exam from my OB but I’m so confused and this has been an extreme rollercoaster of emotions.

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It definitely turned out to be ectopic and I had to get the methotrexate injection. :frowning: