He demands sex and gets mad if he doesn't get it

How can I save my relationship? My husband is giving me the silent treatment for declining sex.

I’m a busy mama who does most of the work with our kids - bed time, morning routine, lunch time, school drop off and pick up, bath times, you name it. I’d say We have sex 2-4 times a week now after the kids, although doesn’t seem enough for him. We also have very different schedules so doesn’t help in finding alone time. This last 6 months I’ve been working from home due to the pandemic. If he is home and kids are at school my husband will often come to me and demand sex and if I say not right now he gets mad. This happened a couple of days ago and he is giving me the silent treatment and he won’t talk to me still. I told him that morning I was tired and had a lot to do, he saw I was busy and stress, so after He asked I told him i can’t right now but in a bit when I’m done with what I was working on. I used to put him first always but now I feel so disrespected when he doesn’t understand I just might not have the mind (or time! For that right now. Especially when I’m working In the middle of my work hours. But he puts the blame on me. It’s happened again and again and i just feel so depressed when he gives me the silent treatment and acts really angry towards me. He says I disrespect him by rejecting him and turns the blame on me. But it’s nothing to do with rejecting him physically. I don’t know what to do anymore or how to feel anymore. Is this normal for those moms wfh? Is anyone else working from home experiencing this? How would you handle it? I don’t know how to feel anymore tbh. Thank you for reading.

Honestly I am not sure how you can save your relationship. Maybe try counselling to see if that will help. He sounds incredibly childish and narcissistic with his “you disrespected me” comments for saying no to sex. No one is entitled to sex. Personally I don’t know why you would want to save this relationship. It sounds incredible toxic and your kids are going to grow up thinking this behavior is normal.