Help with fleas!

Please help! I have been through a terrible divorce, and have remained single for the past several years. I also work more than full time. In turn, I wanted to give my children pets to “normalize their childhood” to have great memories of their childhood, and companionship, which has truly been a blessing… BUT, as I read on the internet page, that some others have encountered the following issue with fleas. They ONLY bite my daughter, and no matter WHAT we do, they still keep popping up! My children adore their pets, so getting rid of them would only leave new scars behind… BUT I CANNOT KEEP GOING THROUGH THIS! Never have my son nor I ever even sustained a single bite, but she stays COVERED in them… and YES I HAVE indeed seen them on her. We can bomb, poison, bathe the animals, vacuum, clean, etc… the poison acts as a party agent, and they still jump straight on her, as she walks through the door. Long sleeves, wearing insect repellant in the house… NOTHING seems to stop her from getting covered in bites! I did read, for those interested, that certain people emit more carbon dioxide than others, which seems to draw fleas to one person over others, but I’m having trouble finding what causes this emission, or if there’s a way to rid her of emitting so much. Perhaps through diet and/or exercise, plants in her room? Air purifiers/humidifiers? Does anyone have any ideas on the subject. It’s truly an anomaly to witness, tbh… but soooo true! We won’t see even one, until she is here, and there they are… they go straight for her! I’m currently bombing, spraying, cleaning, and also bathing the animals until I’m blue in the face, to no avail… please help!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Help with fleas!

Unless you have cats use spme tea tree oil. However if you have cats its poisonous to them so

They hate the smell of sandlewood. Regular flea treatment on the animals monthly, vacuum daily. Wash all bedding in hot hot water and use a flea spray, not bomber, to spray down walls and furniture and carpets. Also sprinkle baking powder in carpets as it suffocates them… you can make flea traps in a dish with dawn dish soap and water too.

Some flea medications for dogs don’t work as well anymore. We had a similar problem a couple years ago and now give our dogs bravecto. It’s a pill that last several months and I swear by it! That with washing all laundry, vacuuming, and everything else you’ve been doing should do the trick!

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You basically have to treat fleas like lice. If you miss a single one, infestation starts all over again!! Buy the capstar pills for the pets, and get a good powder/spray for everything else. It took me 3 days to get rid of fleas in my house. I gave the pets pills and the heavily sprinkled a powder I had found at Walmart. I moved furniture even. Left the powder down for a full day while the capstar worked and vacuumed up the powder with a bagless vacuum. When I emptied the canister I did so in a bag, tied it up, and took it outside right away. You may need to treat your yard also. Good luck!!

Monthly flea treatment for animals. Give them a bath in regular blue dawn dish soap and let sit for a few minutes prior to rinsing. Bowls of dawn dish soap and water mix placed in various areas of the house will attract them to the bowl. Salt and baking soda mixture on carpets let sit for at least 12 hrs then vacuum same goes for couches and chairs. Wash all bedding/washable living room attire in hot water.

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Also spray your yard, you can just keep cleaning the dogs but if the yard has fleas they’ll get on them when they are going outside.

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Our one dog was covered in them so we ended up getting those expensive flee collars and it worked

Sounds crazy, but pour salt down on everything! let it sit for several hours then vaccum up. blue dawn for bathing animals. Wash all bedding/washable items (throw blankets/couch pillows/etc) in hot water. Theyre a pain.

frontline on the neck or the capsule flea treatments for the animals.

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I have been through a similar situation. It costs a lot of money to get rid of then but the best thing we have found is Bravecto for the dogs. We also used pemetherin spray you can find large quantities of it at any farm supply store. Along with vacuuming and baking soda and wash bedding regularly.

Take the pets to the vet n get something from them for the fleas.


Leave bowls of dish soap and water around on the carpets and they jump into it and get stuck

I swear by Frontline… works within the dogs so when fleas bite them they die, when the eggs hatch and the baby fleas bite the dogs/ cats, they die too. Takes an entire life cycle of fleas, but they eventually die off. Permethrin on the yard is a great idea as well.

You’ll need to treat the yard also. Or all the cleaning and baths your doing is for nothing.

We had a similar situation. Basically our dog carried in fleas (even though he was treated), passed them to the cats, next thing we know, they are hopping all over us, hitching a ride whenever we’d leave the house. We tried multiple flea meds, sprays, powders, all natural repellents and flea killers, making sure our grass was constantly kept short and NOTHING was working. They would only repel some of the fleas and send them everywhere else through the house. I was ripping furniture apart daily to clean, vacuuming every crack and crevice, kept flea collars in the vacuum itself, always emptied it outside, even tore out some of our carpeting. Finally I bought seresto collars for all of our pets (1 dog and 4 cats). This was before there were issues reported with them of course. But they worked! Every flea was gone and we haven’t seen them since. After all the articles about issues with the collars came out, I asked my vet if they were safe to continue using. He said it was totally our call but that there was no evidence strong enough to fully support the claims, hence the reason you can still buy them. Not saying it’s the right option for everyone, don’t do it if you are worried, but personally those collars were a godsend for us. Good luck!

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If there in your yard/ground treat it with lime powder from local farm/ produce store spread it all around your yard will fix the problem

Put salt on everything! Leave it for a few days. Wash all your oets in blue dawn . It sounds crazy but the salt does work. The iodine in it eats at the fleas body.

Treat your yard, treat animals with a monthly preventative, and cover carpet and furniture with food-grade diatomaceous earth. Let sit for about a day and then vacuum all up. You can also use on animals.


Put salt down and spray a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar everywhere (the smells not pleasant but it works) then vacuum after a few hours and steam clean everywhere. Xx

Speak to your veterinarian about getting your animals on monthly flea preventatives. They would also be able to help give some advice to treating your home as well.


Vet and get the pills. Vacuum every day. Flea powder in carpet follow directions. Wash all bedding and vacuum furniture.

I have 7 dogs and we use Pet Armor topical and treat the yard for fleas. Some areas the Frontline isn’t working anymore…in the past, whenever we had an outbreak I’ve used table salt in the carpet and furniture and it works like magic. I like to out it down after I vacuum and let it sit for a couple days and then vacuum it up again. Repeat for 2 weeks and it should get then all cleared up. In the meantime wash all blankets, pillows, sheets, etc…treating it like lice. It’s alot easier if you research the life cycle of fleas.

There’s a flea treatment wash you can get at the vet to bathe your dogs and while they are there I’d tackle the house. You need to treat the yard and keep the dogs cats on preventative to stop the cycle. Fleas are invasive so I’d definitely start now.

Treat the yard it’s super important because as you treat inside they are bringing more in. They sell sprays and mixes at Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s. Once you treat the yard then treat the house again. Also look into a flea pill for the animals.

My dog and 2 cats are all senoirs now but this year they caught fleas for the first time, and I got rid of them finally about 2 weeks ago, after a 4 month fight with them. They are treated monthly, so guessing that’s why they have never had them and God knows what happened this year. I treated them with frontline, I did give them a bath with dawn dish soap first as they weren’t quite due a treatment and all it did was really dry their skin out and did nothing to the fleas plus it’s pointless because it doesn’t kill the eggs anyway. So I treated them with frontline, flea bombed the whole house, sprayed it all and bought flea collars for them all to. I hoover/vacuum like crazy anyway. Did cost nearly £200 all in but that’s for 3 pets and they are finally gone :tada::grin:.

Nexgaurd, it’s an oral medicine that your animals take once a month that kills fleas when they bite. Super effective and lasts a month!

Capstar is like a miracle pill for fleas. It only lasts 24-48 hours but completely wipes them out… I would use that, get a good flea preventative and bomb

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Capstar kills them within 30 minutes. Flea bomb every room, open drawers too. Wash all bedding and spray furniture with flea spray. It’s just like lice it will take time but repeat the cleaning every 4 days to catch the cycle

Get some boric acid can be found in pesticide asile of Walmart for example put all pets outdoors sprinkle good amounts all over floors let set for a couple hours and vacuum up wash pets in fawn dish soap this will suffocate the fleas and kill them repeat weekly also id get some Frontline or we switched to a pill form for fleas heartworm and a few other parasites dogs can get ask your vet about it works wonders

Try treating the animals with frontline plus. It kills the fleas, eggs, larva and it’s waterproof. Don’t just buy regular foggers to treat your house. Try to find an exterminating company that sells/treats with chemicals especially for fleas. Theres a chemical that you spray on your carpets to kill the fleas and their eggs. I forgot the name of it because I used it a long time ago.

Bomb the house
Treat the pets with pills they take
Bath pets in Dawn dish soap

You need to get a monthly flea pill, we use nexguard. Once the fleas bite your dog they die because the medicine is in the dogs blood.

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I had fleas bad for a little bit. Pick up capstar. You can get it at either Walmart or Amazon. It’s like $30 for 6 pills but you can give them a pill every other day. That’s all I did to get rid of the fleas

Fleas take forever to get rid of… you need to keep all the pets on flea treatment and treat your home repeatedly… wash bedding regularly in hot water and maybe look at giving your daughter allergy medication in the meantime to help with the itchiness of the bites

Get your animals Next guard from the vet! It eliminates them totally

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You need to treat the animals. It’s the only way to get rid of them. And it isn’t a once in a while treatment; it should be monthly (in conjunction with heartworm medication).

Treat the dogs monthly. Use borax powder on carpet just sprinkle on carpet let set and vacuum up you find it in the laundry aisle, salt works to .

You dont say what kind of pets ??
All animals should be wormed and flea treated 4weekly. The house is probably the real problem.
You can get sprays from the vet to control an outbreak but once is not enough…you may kill the fleas first time but eggs survive and hatch daily so keep treating /hoovering etc for a few weeks to ensure you’ve got them all. Infestation a nightmare. You only need to miss a couple of eggs to be back to square one

Seresto flea collars. I promise they are worth the cost. They work and within 2 weeks you should not have a problem anymore!


Diatomaceous earth. I don’t know what kind of pets but look that stuff up


Take your pet to the Veterinarian they will have something that is guaranteed to work.

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Treat your yard for fleas as well as your house. We had a terrible time getting rid of them and weren’t able to completely get rid of them until we treated our yard and the house and pet all at the same time. Good luck!


I get flea pills from my vet. See if your vet has anything for them

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Could be her blood type draws them in same as her diet but take you animals to their vet and get the preventative and a treatment for them then use raid bedbug bombs in the house sounds crazy but I find it really kills them and spray every night on all the furniture to help kill and prevent eggs as well

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Treat the pets and give them baths with flea shampoo and leave cups throughout house with dish soap and water at night

We have always had dogs, but we ended up with a flea problem a few years ago after 18 years of having pets. I had to get them on the monthly treatment to get rid of them. It was the only thing that helped. It took a few months but the fleas finally subsided.

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simparica trio i use that on all 7 of my dogs we dnt have a problem or try advantage as well

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Try the wall plug in for fleas

I’ve found the only thing that works on your pets is the stuff you get from the vet but also for your kid I would try tea tree oil because it works amazing with head lice they stay away they don’t like the smell you can put just a few drops in the shampoo and conditioner that your kid uses and they’ll never get head lice again so maybe that would work with fleas

Give the pets Trifexis. It kills the fleas after 1 bite. I’d bet money that within a week your problem will be solved.

If your saying they only there when your daughter is there, are you sure she isn’t bringing them in from somewhere else if you and your son are not getting bit?!

As far as ur house. Dawn dish soap.we had this issue. Get a spray bottle some water. Idk the ratio I used a ton of dawn tho. Spray ever corner move furniture. They hide in the dark. Have ur daughter wear socks an leggings an spray her w dawn. I get ate up 2 an my kids an hubby dont get Bit. Do the dawn dish soap about every 3 days jus bc their eggs hatch every few days. Then u can also get a silver cake pan fill it about an inch w water an dawn put it on the floor w a heat lamp on it. It will attract an kill fleas. Also salt. When ours was bad we covered the carpet in salt. Then sprayed the dawn dish soap let that set waited an hr an vacuumed. We removed the furniture outside covered it in dawn. Washed the dogs an cats in dawn. Twice that day. It’s a process

You never said anything about taking the animals to the vet to get medication. Have you done so? The store brands just don’t work, same goes for the shampoo. Vets can flea dip (if they are dogs, idk about cats) too. Alongside what you have been doing I would take the animals to the vet

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Go to the vet and get the flea pill I can’t remember what its called but they have a one month or a 3 month.

Allergic reaction, not fleas

Put a pinch of sulfur in their food every other day it gets in their blood and fleas won’t stay my uncle when I was growing up did this with his hunting dogs he would also dip them in burnt oul

Table salt, it sounds weird but I swear it will work better than any bombs or even the exterminator. Get about 4 of the big round containers of salt (depending on how big your house is) and sprinkle it ALL over the floors, in every single room even on wood floors/ceramic floors. Leave it down for about 2 weeks, it dries the fleas out, sprinkle it under furniture as best as you can. It’s annoying as hell walking on all that sand but I had the same problem with my St Bernard, we missed her flea pill by a week and all of a sudden the house was INFESTED but only attacked my husband, he couldn’t walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without at least 6 of them on his legs. We bombed and even paid an exterminator $200 to come spray our house and it only made it worse. Salt works, just try it. And once they are gone make sure to get the animals on flea pills from the vet


Iodized salt…seriously works…sprinkle on carpet broom in let sit long as u can
Vaccuum keep doing for few weeks on and off to completeley kill the life cycle…its
40 cents a can and non toxic

Give the dogs capstar. It kill within 24 hours and is available OTC. Then bomb the house and start regular flea treatment.

Now are you sure that they are fleas have you seen them

Try rubbing alcohol 95%

Diatomaceous earth powder and dawn dish soap soak pets in bath and wash them with the dawn until fleas start to fall off along with flea pills for pets and lots of vacuuming

Pour salt on the carpet. Let it sit for a couple of days then vacuum. Salt kills fleas

Go to the vet and get the pill for fleas then invest in a flea collar. We have one for all 3 of our cats and getting one for our puppy once she’s old enough. One of our cats gets out everyday when we put the dog out and she never brings in any fleas with her.

Go by a bunch of salt, pour it over your carpet, make sure to get as close to the walls as possible. Take a broom and sweep it into the carpet. Let it set for 24 hours. While waiting have flea meds on hand and put it on your pets. Mop any area that does not have carpet with dawn dishwater, Next day vacuum your carpet. Wait 3 days and if you are still seeing fresh bites on her repeat the salt and dawn dish soap. I had a really bad flea infestation, and my little girl has sensitive skin so I couldn’t use the harsh flea bombs. It only took 2 applications of salt and they were gone. I stayed on schedule with flea meds and I have never had another flea in my house. Just don’t be stingy with the salt.

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I recommend food grade diatomaceous earth. Food grade is non toxic to your pets and children and will absolutely help. You need to not only treat your home, but your yard too. Bathe your animals in blue dawn, start at their neck and work your way down. Let it sit on them for 5 minutes or so and rinse. Invest in a good flea medicine. You may have to continue to repeat treatment for a little while.


Flea pills work great

flea an tick shampoo for pets an a spray to use on funiture helps

A natural (safe) ingredient you can sprinkle on your carpet is salt, sea salt is best, but table salt will work too.
Leave it for 24-48 hours
But you have to do everything you are treating simultaneously.
So vacuuming furniture and carpet, washing and treating pets, all on same day.

The original formula(blue) dawn dish soap kills (dehydrates) fleas. So does the salt on carpet. Make sure to condition your dogs or they will itch and bite on themselves from dry skin.

I have the same problem, blood sucking things are drawn to me. No one else is getting bit, and I end up with big welts. And the bites swell up bigger than most people’s. It is so miserable. I’ve heard salt works wonders. I guess it massive dehydrates them? Benadryl creme specifically for bites usually works best on the itch for me.

No no no and no to all of it. Buy the light green Johnson’s and Johnson’s. Not only bathe animals but in spray bottle put about 1/4 shampoo and the rest extremely hot water and spray fabric surfaces. It’s kills fleas on contact.

Paying an exterminator to come completely remove them from your home is the only way. Then you need to flea treat the animals every month. It’s the only way to get rid of and keep them away. Also not store bought flea meds, go to the vet and buy the stuff that really works.

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Diatomaceous earth (food grade ONLY). Get the animals in one room. Dust the rest of the house. (Dust carpets, floors, couches, perimeter around the outside of your house, window seals, door threshold, everywhere!
Let the animals out. Let them eat, roll in it! Mine did! But I also dusted the dogs outside! And then let them back in! Dust the room you had them in while they are not. Whole house!!
Then give it some time to calm down. It’s dusty. So wear a mask and gloves. Can make you itch!
This will kill all fleas, ants, roaches, anything that has a exoskeleton. It dehydrates their exoskeleton and kills them. After a week. Vacuum. You can even dust your dogs. They can eat it as well. This is why I said food grade!! There is a pool grade. Not that one!!

Anyways. I battled fleas one time for months! I was losing my mind! Frontline the animals two times in one month. Bath after bath. Flea bomb after bomb. I used salt. Vinegar. I tried everything! Then I read about diatomaceous earth! I don’t use anything else!!! It’s natural. It’s in your bread and grains! I even used to put a little bit over my dogs food. It will kill internal parasites as well in your dogs!
Good luck! I haven’t had fleas since!! It’s been 9 years! No chemicals on my fur babies or in my house!


Diotimatious earth! (Ground and dried coral) it will kill them after walking through it. And it’s all natural.

Sounds more like bed bugs to me. But if they are fleas you need to treat your animals the pills work best, give it a few days and bomb your house.

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Have a pest control company come and spray monthly. We have no problems with fleas and we have 2 dogs.

Call the closest vet to you and go get some flea medicine for them! It will kill them as soon as they bite your pets. Trust me, I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and 2 outside cats. For dogs it will be a chewy pill and for cats they give a topical medicine that you put between their shoulders. Hope everything works out! Dealing with fleas can be really stressful!

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Flea meds first. There is a spray called knockout it’s great. You can buy at vets office or amazon. You use it on carpets, furniture, etc.but not on pets or children.

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Baking soda and salt. Same equal amounts of salt and baking soda mix together and sprinkle on floor and furniture. Leave down for 2 weeks then vacuum it up. And repeat salt and baking soda

Do you animals go outside? You have to treat your yard too

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Flea collar and try biting a sandlewood smelling candles

Once they are there you have to treat everything at once. Yard, house, pets. If it’s bad enough you may want to have someone come spray inside and out and make sure you get flea preventative from vet. It’s not cheap but it works and it’s safer than the $5 crap out of the stores. You will have to vacuum a lot and probably bomb the house once or twice. Make sure all bedding is washed. It’s not easy once there is a problem but it can be fixed! Even if you get rid of the animals they will still be there if they are already there. Good luck.