Help with morning sickness?

Currently 13 weeks 5 days pregnant and morning sickness has been so horrible. The medicines the doctor has prescribed do not work. Does anybody have any ideas/help to provide?


I used to suck on peppermints and that helped me a lot!

Ginger ale works wonders

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I’m 25 weeks and still vomiting every week :nauseated_face: it’s horrible

Had severe nausea put me on zofran and diclegis and that made so went from puking stomach acid every 30min to 3times a day hopefully u dont have it to labor like me

Dry saltines and ginger ale…eat very slowly


Im 31 weeks now & also had terrible all day everday sickness :cold_sweat::nauseated_face: only cold cold water with lemon helped & Emergen-C to keep hydrated because i couldn’t even keep water down.

The saltines and ginger ale

Ginger tea immediately helped me when I was pregnant

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I had vicious morning, noon and night sickness until I started carrying a half of a lemon around with me. Sniffing it when the nausea would start really helped me. :lemon: 3 or 4 lemons a week and worth every penny. Good luck.

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Ginger candies, anything with ginger in it and b6 and water


Ginger tea. And if you’re like me and easily triggered by different smells, I put a little vicks under my nose so I only smell that!

Saltines and banana, really helped me.

Eat saltine crackers and water before getting out of bed and often during the day

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Nothing worked for me… but sucking on lifesavers prolonged the need to puke. The only thing I never tried was acupuncture bands

Mint gum helped me tremendously!!!

try the acupressure bands (used for pregnancy & motion sickness)

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Crystallized ginger candy, ginger tea, peppermint tea, peppermint or ginger altoids (swallow whole like a pill), and last but not least, preggie pops and preggie pop drops (totally amazing)

Vitamin B6 every morning with water I’m 37 weeks and have been sick whole pregnancy off and on till drs told me to try b6 hope it helps you as much as it has helped me

Nothing helped my sickness. I literally was sick to the day I had my son. It was miserable. I feel ya girl.

The blue mentos gum works for me. It’s something about creating saliva and the strong minty taste… to prevent really. When i feel it coming i just chew the gum and my mind is distracted

Dry toast and herb tea. Get off the meds. Hang in there this too shall pass

i did not take anything for morning sickness when i was pregnant

Keep saltines or almonds by your bed and snack on a couple before you get out of bed. Ginger ale and dry toast helps too.


Sea Bands (special wristbands that hit a pressure point and helps with nausea) ginger pops, ginger candies, saltines, and CBD.

Chew candied ginger.

Ginger oil on your pulse points. Lay still for a moment before you get up and lower your acidic foods.

Frequent small meals and papaya enzyme chews! Helped me

Sip peach juice and I mean the syrup peaches are canned in, sip very slowly. Don’t know why it works but it does.

The body armor drinks worked for me. It has b vitamins and coconut water.

Sea bands were a life saver for me!

In the UK they use doxylamine. It’s Unisom here. I used a half tab three times/day and it helped a lot.

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Ginger tea, peppermint

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Stop taking the medicine. It’ll get better.

eat continuously. At least 3 meals & 2 snacks a day. Every 3 hours if needed…you’re eating for 2.

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Crackers, water lots of it

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Riley Angeline McGuire

Try peppermint tea. It really helped me.

I would suck on a peppermint candy and it helped lol

I had all day sickness through whole pregnancy both times. I honestly just started eating things that wouldn’t taste bad coming up like Jell-O and ice cream or yogurt. I have heard eating salty foods makes morning sickness worse. Sour or bitter foods are supposed to stay down better but I had such bad heart burn I didn’t wanna risk it

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Keep crackers and flat coke with you at all times

My doctor had me take a 1/2 Unisom . Obviously had to take at night because it would knock me out. It helped my nighttime and morning sickness quite a bit. That was 13 years ago, so I would definitely check with you OB before you try it!! Good luck, I know it’s miserable!

Can try figuring out what triggers sickness like motion or flavoring of food, textures of food. Types of food. Most pregnant women can keep down veggies and fruits better than meat I’ve noticed…

Also stress while pregnant can cause bad morning sickness, pretty sure was a big contribute for me. Try to eliminate stress where you can.

Coming from someone who had morning sickness night sickness all day sickness whole 40 weeks with 5 kids The last one I did completely medicine free due to Zofran ( ondansetron) I think that’s how the generic is spelled causing birth defects I didn’t want to take those so after I puked I then got a tea from Mc Ds after I kept that down I would try to eat whatever sounded good because I ate what I could tolerate my doctor agreed I usually didn’t eat for a few hours after I woke up and sip water to keep yourself hydrated don’t guzzle might make you more nauseous

I was all about almonds and cheerios. Hope you find what helps you.

Saltine crackers, ginger ale, water, ginger snap cookies, (basically anything with ginger in it) but remember nibble the solids and sip the liquids until you feel better, slowly and carefully. Don’t take big bites or large swigs as long as you feel like puking.

Fresh ginger root and lemon tea. You can drink it hot or cold

I found real ginger helped - ginger beer, in particular.

Drink orange juice (home made)every morning before drinking any drink or eating anything!its works!

Ginger tea and sucking on ginger candy

Ginger root. Capsules or tea. Eat saltines before getting out of bed.

I had the worst morning sickness but green coconut water help me no meet for m

Apple j was a new drink in Trinidad an I had at least four in a day

After I changed my diet to mostly protein n minimum carb my horrible nausea n headaches during early pregnancy eased off within days… u must try it

Dry cereal before getting out of bed

Have you tried medicine for indigestion, come to find out thats what was causong my morning sickness past 14 weeks, if i dont take anything for it, it comes right back

I hope you feel better soon…and it will pass…Mine would come and go…They day it’s a sign of a good pregnancy…All the best to you♥️

I had it from day one until the day i delivered…all day every day. The only thing that helped was preggie pops. I got them at motherhood maternity, but amazon has them too now. The spearmint was the best.

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Vit B6 and a 1/2 unisom helped with me until I was put in zofran which was a Godsend 20 years ago! Nobody knew the side effects but I can say she is just fine!

With one of my kids, nothing helped. And it was bad. Like in the hospital getting fluids bc i was puking too much bad. All the way till the end i was sick all day long. With bad metallic tastes in my mouth for 9 months. With my son, lemon water helped me. Had to be real lemon. Or just sucking on lemon slices. And once i hit 4 months with him i stopped being sick and having that metal taste in my mouth. My first girl, i had bouts of sickness for 4 months, but no metal taste. My second girl, same. My third girl was the one i was sick till the end with. And my last girl and my last preganacy i had zero sickness. But really, nothing helped much with sickness. Just with my son, lemons helped, and only a little. Good luck

Lemon, ginger and peppermint. I lived off hot teas during my first trimester. I’ve heard that pickle juice is also really helpful although I never tried it myself.

Ginger ale ginger cookies an toast I would eat toast every morning it helped with mine

I had morning sickness the whole 9 months I was pregnant. Unfortunately nothing helped.

I had Hyperemesis gravidarum. I threw up everything I ate except: cereal and yogurt. Lost 50 pounds, baby had IUGR. Towards the end, after trying every other nausea med available, they put me on a zofran suppository. Ended up not needing it as they induced me since she hadn’t grown in 3 weeks. Eat what you can, stay hydrated- if your like me, and couldnt keep water down- Gatorade, boost or ensure with a bit of ice cream, tastes like a milkshake and has a butt load of vitamins and calories.

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When I was expecting my boys I had the same problem. Morning sickness 24/7. Ginger ale and saltine crackers seemed to help. Peppermint tea also.

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Eat what you are craving, u have a better chance at keeping it down. Stay hydrated. When you get dehydrated you feel worse.

If you’re like I was, it’ll change daily. Just try what you’re craving. Sonic ice chips were great, peppermints normally worked well & Gatorade. Good luck sweetie!

I’m almost 16 weeks, and I have been trying EVERYTHING including prescriptions but nothing is working! I have literally been living off of smoothies because it doesn’t hurt as much as other things coming back up.

Peppermint or ginger tea always worked for me and soda crackers but I had to keep it by the. Bed and have it before I could get up or I was so sick

Make Pedialyte ice cubes to put in your water!! Pedialyte has natural minerals that will help ease the nausea. Also, saltin crackers, ginger ale, bananas, grape fruit or anything peppermint.

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Drink ginger tea or ginger ale. It helps. I also heard to just buy a ginger stick and suck on it but never tried it.

Try the syrup from canned peaches, works wonders.

Try these. They worked wonders for me

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Just keep yourself as hydrated as possible and saltiness help.

Ask ur Dr about vitamin b. It really helped a friend of mine. B6 I think

Anything ginger. Ginger ale, ginger candy,

A couple drops of peppermint oil under your tongue might help any health food store will have it

Ginger ale helped my sis.

Crawl over your mates feet

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Sucking on lemon candy helped with me im 5 months know

Lots of saltine crackers. Carry everywhere with you