Hospital bag for dad?

What do you pack in hospital bag for dad? I am drawing a blank on things he may need and dont want to forget an essential…its our first baby


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Hospital bag for dad?

Snacks, charger, change of clothes, pillow


Snacks, money for vending machines, phone charger, clean socks and underwear as well as clothes. (my husband forgot socks last time. :nauseated_face:) My husband can’t sleep without earplugs in so those were a must. He also brought his iPad but barely touched it. Lol. Toiletries.

PJ’s underwear, socks, comfy outfit, hygiene products, extra blanket, pillow. Slippers, snacks.

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Snacks, clothes, socks, phone charger, tablet, book, pillow, blanket, earphones.

Idk never had to worry about my partner…giving birth was always about me and baby
We don’t need another thing to worry about
Dad should be able to handle himself and pack his own bag (if needed)
My husband didn’t need anything since he had to go home when visiting hours were up, which is probably standard with covid protocols nowadays


This is what my husband packed when we went to have our 3rd
Bathroom essentials
Body wash
Tooth brush travel toothpaste
Travel size mouth wash
3 T-shirt’s
3 pairs of boxers
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of pants
Sleep pants
His pillow
His fav blanket
Phone charger
Reusable water bottle
His grooming kit
His beard oils
Few of his fave snacks

I was in preterm labor and was sent to university of Washington hospital over an hour away when he was packing I thought he was going overboard but our baby ended up in the NICU for a week because he was early and the hospital made arrangements for us to go to a hotel after I was discharged so we could still be close to our baby and save money on travel
We were told this prior to going to the hospital but after having 3 kids I learned after my first.
Pack as if you are going on vacation for the weekend and to save space pack travel size bottles of personal care items

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tons of clothes and Shower stuff personal thing’s

Swimsuit so he can support you in the shower during labor

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Just the essentials. About the same if he was going on vacation :joy: just like a hotel, take a towel, maybe a pillow, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, clothes, snacks, phone charger, cash for drinks and such.

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Didnt really pack anything for him as such just snacks we had a night birth with our first and he had to leave at 6am the following morning … (was the start of covid and was the restrictions at the time) :unamused:
I also got a check list from my midwife that had what we all needed and for the dad was just swimsuit if water birth, change of clothes and cash for canteen/vending machine :woman_shrugging:
Phone charger is handy to have too.

Snacks, Gatorade/ or coffee thermos.
Toothbrush, earbuds, coins for parking…

Snacks, energy drinks/caffeine, Tylenol, blanket, cash, phone charger, tooth brush, pillow, change of clothes, deodorant, (shower stuff if they want to shower there). Mine always stays with me the whole time and only goes back to the house if we forgot something so he brings the same things that I would need…lol Also all 3 times mine has been exhausted after work or in the middle of the night so caffeine helps :sweat_smile:

Cheese and a mini violin… Mine bitched the whole time, got mad bc I didn’t go home on the 3rd day … the whole experience with a whiny “man” child … 3/10 don’t recommend doing it with someone that has the mentality of a half cooked hotdog… the whole fucking experience was horrid right from finding out to bringing him home from the hospital… I swear dealing with a monster really shit on the whole experience… Maybe next time I’ll get it right. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Clothes, toothbrush, phone charger, maybe a cover, just because hospital ones suck.

Allow him to bring his gaming system lmao


His charger for his phone or his laptop change of clothes body wash shampoo toothpaste toothbrush deodorant and a pair of clean clothes and something he can sleep in that’s comfortable and some snacks and an extra blanket for both of you it gets cold in the hospital

Pretend like he’s going on a sleepover…2 changes of clothes, toothbrush, charger, toiletries, snacks, cash/cc for meals, sleep mask, and dvds/laptop

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Just things to fill boredom, toiletries in case he doesn’t want to go home for hygiene, extra clothes, snacks, pillows, blankets… basically the same as you but not as intense since he has the option to leave.

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Favorite hygiene products, slippers, a pillow and blanket and favorite snacks!

Something to keep him busy while he’s up watching over you

Depends if he is staying or not. I only stayed over night and went home each night to get cleaned up before heading back…

Where do y’all live where you get to stay in the hospital so long? In the U.S. you are sent home unless you are in active labor & dilated past a certain point and then get about 24 hours in the hospital with a vaginal delivery. Why does a guy need a change of clothes for a 24 hour stay? A C-section gets you longer, but unless you live a good distance from the hospital why can’t he just go home to shower, shave & change before coming back?

Also dads without paternity leave (most in the U.S.) sometimes save their leave, go back to work while the mom’s cared for in the hospital (visiting when they’re off work) & take leave (if they have any) to be with the mom at home. Still others save their leave to stay home with the baby after the mom goes back to work for bonding time and to postpone having to pay big bucks for child care.

When I had my kids both of the fathers left immediately after birth so they could get some rest :woman_shrugging::fu:


Pack a few clothes and toiletries. But hospitals have everything so if you forget toothpaste or something it’s no big Deal

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When I had my daughter her father didn’t need a bag, I was there for like 3 days with being induced, birth being right before midnight and having to stay for all the testing…but her dad just went home for an hour the morning after baby was born to feed pets, shower, and bring me food. I didn’t even need half of what was in MY bag. Simple hygiene stuff, extra clothes, and anything you WANT to have with you but the hospital usually has the rest

I was gonna ask the same question
Will they feed him ( someone told me they would )or will he have to have stuff delivered

Hygiene products, snacks, drinks, phone, phone charger, clothes, and maybe even slippers so he is comfortable too and won’t have to wear his shoes the whole time.

A pillow because that couch he had to sleep on those couple of days sucked and the nurse looked at him like he was crazy when he asked for one :joy: the man was my rock through the entire delivery and at 2 am she acted like that was a crazy request. So for the next 2 deliveries we made sure to bring our own for him

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Ear buds to drown out the noise with music so he can sleep or watch a movie/game without you having to listen to it, phone charger, snackssss, drinks (because of covid he couldn’t leave so we brought a small cooler - i was grateful for the body armor later), his own pillow, toiletries, jammies, chnage of clothes, slippers.

Dad can worry about himself!!! You have enough to worry about


Have him pack his own hospital bag. That way you don’t strangle him in the dead of night after he gets upset that you packed his blue fuzzy sweatpants instead of his black fuzzy sweatpants when you just pushed a watermelon out your lemon hole :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nothing. And if he feels otherwise about it, have him pack what he thinks he will need. My children’s father didn’t stay long in the hospital with me.


Snacks, a change of clothes, Panadol,

Change of clothes and a comfy blanket and pjs in case you are there for a few days

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my husband didn’t pack anything. he brought his phone and wallet and that was it. i would say a change of clothes and his toothbrush depending on how long you’ll be staying. my hospital stays were short. the longest 3 days and the shortness being overnight then home the next day.


Why does he even need one? I’m sure he can pack for himself :grimacing:


The only thing you really need to pack, is a going home outfit for baby. You’re only going to be in the hospital (assuming there are no complications) for a day or two. I had my youngest two via c-section, and we were going home the next day. I wore comfy clothes in, was in a hospital gown for my stay, and wore my comfy clothes home. The hospital provided all diapers, formula, toiletries etc. The less you take in, the less you have to take back home. My support person ( which was my mom) just slept in the recliner in the room, in her sweats.

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For my husband, I packed clothes, pj’s, underwear, socks, house shoes, shaving kit, shampoo, deodorant, phone charger, camera and don’t forget any medication and snacks

Dad can pack his own bag. You’re gonna have a new baby. You don’t need a big kid on top of it, so get in the habit of letting him take care of himself before you get burned out.


Clothes, socks, underwear, tooth brush & tooth paste, deodorant, hair brush, change for vending machines, camera. Dad’s don’t need much besides basic over night stuff.

Deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, comb/hair brush, a change of clean clothes/pajamas for every day/night you plan to be there (if they keep you), chargers for any electronics he is bringing, a pillow, a light blanket, some slippers, and some snacks would probably be nice. Also, maybe some travel shampoo and body wash. In the hospital I gave birth, I had a shower in my room. I don’t know if that’s common or not because I’ve only given birth once lol. But for me, they kept us there for 48 hours. So, being able to shower there was nice. You’re probably bringing wipes for the baby but bring some for him too just in case. I would also say bring some money for food for him. They should feed you while you’re there if you stay. But obviously he’s probably going to want some real food eventually too.

She asked what to pack….not your opinions about it. Pack a bag with the basics of what he needs to get ready. Also, a sweater/jackets. It’s usually cold in a hospital. Enjoy this time!!


I didn’t pack my husband anything. Only because we have multiple children so he didn’t stay over night. He stayed for the birth etc then our friend bought up our other two kids they stayed for a bit then went home for the night. But if your husband will be staying just pack two outfits toothbrush cell charger deodorant and maybe something that he’ll sleep in and I know hosps have blankets and stuff but he may want his own blanket and pillow

I packed a change of clothes for my husband and he never used them

Two changes of clothes, travel size toiletries, flip flops/slides, a phone charger, pillow, blanket, and cash for vending machines or cafeteria at the hospital.

He brought his phone charger that was it lol. No bag

Dad needs nothing honestly. He can come and go as he wants. Worry about you being comfy. Bring bathrob, comfy pj’s and high wasted underware. They will give you most everything else… for baby you really only need an outfit to go home with and have the car seat ready in the car


Snacks, clothes, toiletries and I let my husband take his play station.

I had my son during covid and we’re told by my obgyn that he was not allowed to leave the hospital and if he did, he couldn’t come back. So we packed him a change of clothes and PJs and his toothbrush. Good thing we packed extra cloths for dad because he got pooped on not to long after baby was born. :joy::joy:

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Money for snacks, change of clothes, toiletries, phone charger.

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Never packed a dad bag why do they need one lol

First time I’ve heard this n I love it

They stay over nights too n need things love this

He packed his own (clothes & toiletries. End of 2020 you weren’t allowed to leave the hospital for anything!!

Clothes, snacks, charger, meds if they require any, toothbrush.

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I didn’t pack anything for my husband. We lived 25 miles from the hospital. He went home to sleep and come back.

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Pajamas, very comfortable set of clothes. Underwear. Snacks.

Dad gets to leave and grab everything you forgot and food! We brought something to connect to the TV to watch Netflix.

You deal with you. He can pack his own bag :rofl:


you’re in charge of packing a bag for your husband?


Dad is 100% ambulatory and can get whatever he needs as he needs it. He doesn’t need a “dad bag” Concentrate on the things you need.


Well if dad Dosent want to leave ur side for at least a few days then he will need
Brush or comb
Hair products
During the day cloths
Night time comfy clothes

My boyfriend asked me to pack his bag, needless to say, he didn’t get much.

I was not worried about his bag :rofl:


Yea I didn’t know a dad bag was a thing :joy:

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My husband is responsible for himself in that case :joy: I grew the human, I’ve put in my allotted amount of work.

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I’ve birthed 3 kids and have never packed a “dad bag”. If he can’t take care of himself at this point, you’re doomed.


Clothes and a phone charger. You don’t need much. That’s about all I packed with our second :woman_shrugging:

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You don’t. You have a mom bag and baby bag. Dad brings himself and his phone charger.
He can drive home and get his stuff as needed.


The only thing I regret not bringing is my own blanket and snacks. Kitchen was closed after I gave birth and I was so damn hungry.

Dad can pack his own bag. Worry about you and the baby’s stuff.


Make sure he has food to eat. He won’t have anything to eat while there. He may not have time to drive home. I’d make sure he has clothes too.

Honestly clothes for how ever many days y’all are up there a phone charger drinks snacks :toothbrush: and paste body wash. Just his normal essentials. I believe guys deserve to be praised as well. Especially being a first time dad… no they don’t do all the hard work but they do help us and help bless us with our babies

Underwear…tshirts. pants…sweatpants or pajama pants something comfy…under arm deoderant…etc…brush or comb…shampoo for a shower and soap and a comfy blanket or pillows from home if you like and some snacks

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Energy juice
Pain killers for his headache for when you scream & main at him lol :rofl::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:
A car or football magazine
Shower Jel
Chewing gum
Energy cans
Energy bar

I am so confused why so many people are attacking the poster… I don’t see anywhere in the question that suggests SHE is packing dads bag. Am I missing something?
I believe she is just asking for ideas.

With my two kids my husband could come and go. But this was before Covid.

But he brought change of clothes, shorts for night time. Cash for vending machines for us both. Phone charger. Hygiene items.
Not a whole lot!
Wish you the best of luck with your first bundle of joy!


I threw him in some snacks, outfit change, charger. X

Dad can pack his own bag he’s grown :sweat_smile:


I had enough to worry about during that time. The husband took care of himself.


Clean clothes bathroom stuff and deodorant. Cords for his phone. 

Nothing? Can he run home to shower and change? That’s what my husband did for all 3.


Comfy clothes, charger and snacks

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I brought a change of clothes and extra undies (we ended up staying more days and he stayed every night and rarely left), extra phone charger, power bar/energy bar.

Also, we didn’t have a separate bag. We put everything in one medium sized duffle bag. I’ll do the same this time.

it’s easier for security and also to not clutter up the room.

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Pack like you pack for a weekend getaway in a hotel …

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He needs a change of clothes and snacks. Chargers for his phone/camera. That’s pretty much it…. Maybe a pillow

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With my first we packed extra shorts and shirts like 4 of each and 4 pair underwear
4 pair socks
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Phone numbers (didn’t have cell phones in 87)
Camera charger
Extra cash
Note book and pens
Slippers pillow

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Surely he is capable of sorting his own stuff out? :exploding_head:

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charger, snacks and drinks, comfy shoes, back up entertainment in case phone dies anyway (I’m talking about a book not his whole gaming system), his clothes for the next 2-3 days

Mine just packed whiskey


Tell him to pack his own bag?! Is this for real?


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Honestly, let him pack whatever he wants for overnight. He should pack his own


My husband left to run home and change/shower. It’s also nice to have that time with just you and baby.

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