How accurate is a clear blue positive pregnancy test?

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Positives are very accurate with just about every pregnancy test. False negatives are generally just because the test was taken before the HCG has had time to build in your body. But positive is usually positive because if the test can detect HCG than you are pregnant (not necessarily viable tho, you can get a positive with a tubal pregnancy). False positives are usually due to a defect in the testing kit and are like 1 in a million.


All pregnancy test are mostly accurate if it’s positive best thing you can do is go to the doctor and confirm


Most pregnancy test are accurate. Call your Dr to get a blood test and congratulations!!


Clearblue I trust with my life I’ve had a positive five days before I was due with my current and I’m 15 weeks :+1:

Hcg is the hormone detected. All pregnancy tests have the same accuracy

I used dollar store tests for both of mine & well they’re 29 & 18 now, soooo they were accurate.


Most of the time it’s accurate

About this accurate :joy::joy:


I have a 6 year old that proves it’s pretty accurate :joy:

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Pretty freaking accurate lol

My doctor said they use the same kind of pregnancy tests in the doctors office so pretty accurate

Its the same as any other test. I’ve taken literally 50 last month and after three weeks of being late the clear blue was the first to show up clearer

Blue dye is notorious to give false positives. Use a pink dye

Dollar tree tests work best


Probably just fat. :wink:


I took 2 of the digital ones. I’m due in December

I never liked them, it took forever to get a positive but on first response it was instantly

I would say pretty accurate considering the fact I’m 34 weeks pregnant right now

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100percent 4 kids already

Pink dye is the absolute best. Likes it’s been said blue dye is notorious for bleeding and giving false positives. Grab a pink dye test and try it again


Family dollar is pretty accurate lol

They’re as accurate as the dollar tree ones. They’re all about 99.9% accurate when they say positive. A little less when they say negative

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All of mine have been very accurate even before a missed period

I prefer going to the clinic bc mine was negative and it was wrong

As a medical professional it’s is almost impossible to get a false positive on ANY pregnancy test. False negative happen all the time the cheaper the more likely but if it says positive especially with cheap test u better buckle up.

The leaflet tells you…

Very accurate, if it’s your period week or after

I went to a doctor cause I had positives, different brands and they told me a blood test wouldn’t matter, they test it the exact same way so I wouldn’t waste the time. Just set up a confirmation w your ob and wait a week and take more at home tests again. Your pregnancy confirmation appt will be roughly at the 5-8 week mark with a transvaginal ultrasound.

Depends on if the line is thick and clearly blue without question. I like pink dye for early testing.

Probably accurate enough if you’re asking that question lol


Mine were right but blue dye tests are known to be a 50/50 chance

Take another in the morning, HCG levels rose at night and your urine is most potent.

99.4% I believe it says on the package. Both the ones I took were right.

When did this group become a female problem question group??..I thought it was about lying and cheating!!..


Those never worked for me. I had to have a blood test done

Always was right with my pregnancies

Can we stop with this BS? These ‘fan questions’ are getting beyond ridiculous


They are accurated …

No! The 99 cents store or the dollar tree whatever dollar store near u are their best results. I use the clear and blue, it gave me a positive when it was a false positive. Google even tell you the blue types are not always accuracy.

Mine was accurate and I did two different style tests

Pretty friggin accurate.

You’re more likely to get a false negative than a false positive.


These questions lately have me dying :joy:


They’re accurate ,even the dollar general ones, occasionally you’ll get a false positive but if you have 2 positives make a dr appnt and get a blood test to confirm. As someone else mentioned you’re more likely to get a false negtive.

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I did mine through a poop sample and it came back negative

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If you don’t believe that it’s right buy four more :rofl: like me :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:
Then I confirmed with doctors :laughing: I’m not crazy just told for years I’d never have kids

As in clear that it’s blue or not quite blue. Either way idk.

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Used 1 over 15 yrs ago, this was my results #AccurateAF

I would think accurate but im sure u girls know better lol

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Read the box it tells u the answer to that question

The blue dye can give you a false positive because of the evap line. If it’s a very obvious dark blue then it’s probably positive.

There can be a false negative but def not a false positive

Yer knocked up…lol

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Uhm I had 4 positive ones and have a 3 month old so ima go with pretty accurate.

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Get the dollar store one. Many times they are made by the same company as the tests used in clinics and drs offices.


Pretty accurate. But so isn’t a Dollar Tree brand.


Was accurate For both of my pregnancies

Doesn’t anyone know how to use Google?


With my first I did 5 of those tests all positive. I still couldn’t believe it but I was pregnant. Go to your doctor they can tell you accurately within minutes

Not as accurate as blood

Just go to the walk in quick. Youll do a pee test there :slightly_smiling_face:

Last one i took gave me a ? For the result… If it werent a question i wouldnt have paid $16 for the stupid pee stick

Both my pregnancies showed positive w/ clue blue every one of them first time but w/ first response I took like 8 & all came up negative

Sure it tells you on the box but at least 95% accurate iirc (I used to work in pharmacy)

It means you are pregnant. I’ve used clear blue for all of my pregnancies and it’s never been wrong.

Extremely accurate all mine came positive and it was right

What the fuck! C…O…N…D…O…M…S…!! Jeezus!


Pretty accurate i took like 20 of em and all of them were Accurate before I was pretty and after i was pregnant

Took four and all four were accurate so :woman_shrugging:

Why do people take to social media to ask these type of questions?! Why not ask a chemist/pharmacist?! Or a health care professional?! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Not that accurate to me as well as first response too. I could only use EPT. I was 5 months pregnant and clear blue and first response said I wasn’t pregnant.

It depends on when you take it as far as how late your period is… and what your hormone levels are. I’ve never had an issue with them.

Why all the female questions??

It was very accurate for me. I tested 3 days before my expected period, and it was faint but still was a positive lol

They worked for me. I used them both times I tested positive.

Says 99% accurate on the box from the day you expect your period

Not accurate enough for me :joy:I took probably about 5 tests. Even after I went to the dr and was told I was pregnant. Yo I just couldn’t believe it was really happening.

I don’t know, my ass went to dollar store and got the cheap test with my first child, it was very accurate . With my second child, I knew I was pregnant, I sit Indian style all the time, and I had pressure on pelvic area. I didn’t even bother with store bought test, my husband thought I was crazy, I hadn’t even missed my period yet, when I started saying I am pregnant again, so I just waited a couple weeks and went to doctor.

As accurate as a dollar one.

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Lmp 5th march took on 7th April id say they’re pretty accurate

When did this page become a forum for birth control, menstruation, pregnancy, fertility questions??? Call a doctor!! WTF!!

Absolutely accurate. You can even take it in the start of your missed period. Don’t have to wait for 1 week to pass to test. Clear blue digital is the best, but any other clear blue is accurate

Worked for me every 4 pregnancies, this time around I was literally only 4 weeks pregnant when I found out with using a clear blue digital pregnancy test

A Doctor will tell you that false negatives are actually quite common but false positives are really rare. If you have a positive pregnancy test, talk with your doctor.

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Whatever test you decide to take, make sure you take it in the morning when you first wake up. Your hormone levels in your urine are the highest at this time. Which will give you a more accurate teat result.

If you have a positive result, you’re pregnant.
You can have a negative result be wrong if you’re taking the test too early for the hormones to be detected, but positive is always right.

Did you have unprotected sex?

Dollar pregnancy tests are accurate, I worked as a medical assistant at a gynecologist and that’s all we used was the dollar store tests, hospitals use the same. If you take it as soon as your period is due at 4 weeks it will show pregnancy hormones.

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Pregnancy tests dont have tym to play when dey say positive || believe them…