How are you handling visitors with a newborn?

How are you handling visitors with a newborn? I’m due next month with my second and am wondering if others have been allowing visitors into their homes since the pandemic started? If so, what sort of restrictions/precautions are you using? I don’t want to be overly paranoid, but I don’t want to be risky either.


Wash their hands and wear a mask while holding

I wouldn’t let to many people come, maybe close family that know they aren’t sick ( I know they could bee sick with out knowing ) make them wear a mask around the baby

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if you’re not comfortable doing visits in person do them over Zoom, Messenger video, FaceTime, etc, if they don’t think that’s enough that’s too bad🤷🏽‍♀️


My biggest suggestion is only do what you are comfortable with no matter what family is pushing you. My little girl is 1 month and I can say I didn’t hold my ground as much as I should have at the very beginning and it made me very anxious. I got my standing now but I had added anxiety for no reason. Follow your gut and do what’s best because you are their mom and that’s what matters. I have now limited it to both mine and my husband’s parents and thats it. They must wash their hands before touching and there is obviously no kissing. However both sets of parents are at home either working from home or not working.

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My daughter was born in April and honestly I treated her coming home no different than my son when he was born the only difference was no one met her in the hospital (obviously because of COVID and hospital rules but also because she was a preemie and was in the NICU for two weeks)


We make family who comes quarantine for two weeks otherwise no visitors.

I wouldn’t. Covid would be my excuse. I am antisocial though. :sweat_smile:

We only allowed immediate family and that was after a week or two, still at 2 months a lot of family has not met my youngest yet, and won’t for a little while.
Everyone had to wash hands, etc. I did change baby, and clean house after and before each person came over.
Still allowing those same visitors just not super often.

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Wash hands. Get the tdap shot. If you’ve felt sick at all don’t come.

Definitely no visitors! You don’t want to risk anything!

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only close close relatives, such as grandparents, ??? your bro/sister’s. wait until baby is a little older. that time just flies.

Even before the pandemic, I didn’t take my kids out or really like visitors when they were newborns. Protect your babies and take this time to really enjoy and bond with them. Stop worrying about what other people want, this is about you and your new bundle of joy.

My doc recommended waiting 2 weeks…as long as people are healthy not just for babies safety but the visitors mostly because we just got out of hospital an get babies immunity built up…but it’s nice to have the chance to settle in with baby an not feel the need to entertain guests and so momma don’t get overwhelmed💁

So I had my son in June just before lockdown was lifted, I had a few visitors but kept it to a minimum, I had strict rules that they had to wash there hands and sanitise them aswell as wear a mask and no holding my son but you need to do what your comfortable with, hope this helps xx

I just had close family and friends in the beginning, everyone had to sanitise hands and be well, no sniffles or sickness of any kind. Would do all this without covid :woman_shrugging: its up to you , you and bubs come first

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Had my babe 6 weeks ago, and all family has done distanced visits on our balcony. They have all respected and understood how important it is to keep babe safe.
The only person that has been allowed in our home, and closer than 6 feet to babe, us my mother in law, (who is following strict personal protocols), as she has been designated our family support person. (You know, for the post partum mental break downs, both personal, and with your partner :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile:)
When she comes over she has clean clothes on (hasn’t popped into stores in them) a fresh disposable mask, she immediately washes her hands, and no kissing babe

I had my baby in October. No visitors.

My daughter was born on the 31st only a couple family memebers have seen her. The only people im allowing to actually hold her is the grandparents and my sister everyone else is 6 feet away (you can look but cant touch) :rofl:

I had my daughter in 2018 with no pandemic and I still didn’t really allow visitors. I sent plenty of pictures and updates, but I’m extremely particular about germs. She’s 2 and I still make people sanitize as soon as they walk in my house.

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I’m having visitors in my home when my son arrives any time now. I unfortunately cannot invite the whole fam to the hospital this time due to covid regulations, so they will just have to come the day I get home. I’ll have them wash their hands and they can’t come if they know they have been exposed to covid.

My baby is due in about two months and we’re not going to have any visitors, but that’s just because I’m not comfortable with having people around her because of all this. It’s really up to you and what you think is best for you and your baby.

It will be our parents and siblings and grandparents but no one else. And baby will be changed outfits after each visit and everyone will be expected to wash hands and put hand sanitizer on and considering wearing a mask as well.


I’m due on Monday and I have talked to everyone about not coming over to see my baby when he is born. I have family that is very upset (mostly my mother in law) but I don’t care. My baby my rules. They can FaceTime all they want. I told them at lease a couple weeks but I’m really doing it for at lease a month or more. Also when I do finally allow them to come over they will not be holding him. I know it’s mean but he has to develop his little immune system.


My granddaughter is 11 months old, and I’ve never seen her. They do live on the other side of the country. They won’t let me come unless I quarantine for 10 days somewhere else. I’m respecting their decision. But it’s killing me

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When I allowed visitors after my now 3 month old came home we did a very strict no kissing rule and use our sanitizer before holding her. This is your baby, you make the rules. Don’t let anyone get to you if they question your rules. We allowed visitors after she was a week old, many family members pushed for sooner but I am very glad we stood our ground. Long story short if something makes you uncomfortable don’t do it.

I would say no visitors

We aren’t allowing visitors without a covid test, and not going anywhere in between being tested and seeing the baby.

My son was born in December. We didn’t really have many visitors besides grandparents until maybe the last week or so? And if I had to go grocery shopping, he stayed in his covered car seat the whole time. Obviously family didn’t visit if they even had a small cough. Just do what you feel is comfortable for YOU and baby.

My son is coming up on a year and still hasn’t met really any of my family. Social distancing and covid precautions have been an issue with family members so they haven’t been allowed to meet him. He doesn’t know the difference and is a perfectly happy kid.

my youngest got pneumonia 4 days old due most likely to visitor…not gonna chance that again people can see my next baby a at 2 months

Right now is the time to be paranoid if you take the virus seriously. Protect your baby!

We just handled things how we would normally with the exception that if you were touching the baby or were close to the person holding the baby they had to wear a mask but after a few weeks if it was the same people they no longer wore a mask. And anyone who goes out of state has to stay away for 10 days

My son is 1 year old. And still hasnt met all the family. He was 6 weeks old when lockdowns started, and has never been to a baby group or anything. I feel safer keeping him away from others. I do have a support bubble with my mum and sister and his dad will be visiting him and looking after him while I work. But that will be it until lockdown is at very least returned to stage 2. I’d literally hate for my son to be unwell and already take a risk working in a supermarket but I still have to earn to pay the bills aswell x

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‘if you want my baby to live a long life enjoy these pictures until the world is safe’ send to all

So in our case my daughter is 18 months and weve had people come over and hang out that weve been seeing regularly but some family have come down to visit for christmas and for her first birthday in July we had family and friends here. Weve just told people if you’ve been around sick people or arent feeling well stay home. Be cautious and wash hands. If they wanted to wear a mask that was up to them. But I think its more how comfortable you feel with it.

Id be overly paranoid due to the fact that we do not know how it may affect them long term so even if they get a mold version who knows what it could do to them long term

My daughter was born last week and we are not allowing anyone to come over. We don’t know where anyone else has been.

I would keep it to people you have been seeing regularly

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We haven’t let anyone in our house, we have had relatives come but we stay on the porch, show with the babies & they are on the side walk. My daughter has a 1 yr old & a newborn. No holding or touching them.


No visitors. Stick with your household. Do a zoom visit.

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We have let family around our newborn. Just normal rules wash and sanitize hands no kissing on the face. But our family is being careful also too.

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What guidelines are you currently following for your first child?

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You don’t let them obviously :roll_eyes:

My daughter isn’t a newborn but we really don’t have many visitors at all and haven’t this whole 11 months. I prefer no visitors because I worry everytime. For the first time ever I have PPD and Postpartum health anxiety from my 3rd pregnancy and I’m honestly terrified of getting it as well. I don’t even know if we are going to be able to have a 1st Birthday for her next month. We just never know where people have been and if they are being careful. I lost my first daughter at 5 months so I’m pretty protective.

Wash hands and sanitize I’m not worried about covid but I am worried for rsv positive cold symptoms but family respectfully knows not to come around unless symptom free

Whatever your comfortable with. I am due in March and have family coming to stay with us to watch our oldest so hubby can come with me to the hospital to deliver. Then more family is coming to visit as well. If I trust that they are taking precautions (mask wearing, hand washing, limiting exposure when possible) I am fine with them coming. Close friends as well. But even without covid you have to he concerned with baby exposure. I have them wash hands and no kisses on the face. I love sharing moments with family and the help they provide with a newborn is worth it to me.

Your baby, your rules! If you are allowing immediate family into your home. My suggestion would be wash their hands, wear a mask, even take temperatures, ask that they do not hold the baby. Make sure they weren’t out and about with crowds and such. Your choice how you want to handle it

I am due in April and do not plan on letting visitors come unless it is the few people that will be helping with my older son for school etc in the beginning. Other people will come later but not entire families just immediate as long as they haven’t been bar hoping and hanging out with groups of people for a certain periods of time. Washing hands, masks, etc

Any family and close friends that wanted to come, and our baby was born in April 2020.

Honestly, it doesn’t really effect babies. Our family got Covid in September, barely realized my baby had it…she just didn’t eat much and was sleepy. We go out to eat at restaurants, I take them to the park, shopping, etc…

Don’t hinder the building of an immune system by staying sheltered. I’m not saying go lick some handlebars, but get out and see people. It’s also REALLY good for your mental health :heart:

When my daughter had her child both people respected the pandemic and did not put her in any position to turn people away. When the visitors did come in their respected to wash their hands, some even wore a mask

Have them wash hands often and ask them to wear a mask when visiting. I would even ask they don’t hold the baby. Whatever you choose just remember it is YOUR house, YOUR rules.


We have agreed that we will not have visitors til the baby is at lest 2 months old after that it will be very limited to people we already interact with. Due in june/July myself.


be paranoid. a baby does not have a fully operational immune system. they can wave thru the window or whatever. whether it bothers them or not your goal is to protect that child. if they protest maybe wonder how deep their committment is to keep both of your kids safe.


I had my daughter in August. We live with my mom and she was with our son while we were in the hospital so she got to see her right away. My sister and my brother in law came over the day after we got home. We went after a week to see my bf’s mom and brothers as we knew they were quarantined because his mom has health issues and cannot get sick let alone get covid. Aside from that no one else met my daughter until my son’s bday in October and that was only 2 other aunts and 4 cousins. My bf’s brothers gf had our nephew at the end of June, my bf’s bday is 4th of july and our nephew was exposed to at least 20 people that day less than a week old and probably 6 others a few days before that. Everyone is different, do what’s comfortable for you and don’t be pushed to do what you don’t want to. They will all get over it no matter your decision

I didn’t allow visitors for about 4 weeks.
When I did, I was very strict on my family washing their hands and using hand sanitizer.

It was just after our baby was born that the pandemic hit hard in my area. I didn’t have any visitors. I felt sad that my family couldn’t share the joy of our newborn with us, but to me the risk wasn’t worth putting my baby at risk. It was very difficult not being able to have our baby spend time with family but at the same time we are all happy and healthy… I think if I did have visitors and my baby did get COVID19 I would completely regret not taking the precautions I did.


All I can say is the first 6 weeks your baby isn’t vaccinated and shouldn’t be around anyone they don’t have too. After that them make that decision

Visitors? I’m not having any of those.

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My son just turned a year and most of my family haven’t met him yet. That’s how I’m handling it lol

I was going to say same, not too many and know who they have been around

I know some people/ friend 's were only letting people see they baby through a window.

Thankfully a lot of my family has been very respectful and understanding

Everyone wears masks and washed hands, no one but parents handle child. Sad but must be done !!

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Your baby your rules…this is your family and you choose the boundaries, my little girl is 17 months and I still don’t let everyone hold her.

Usually people keep it simple for the first 3 months without this pandemic. If you can. Maybe have your close family members to be tested first before coming? I know it’s complicated. And if you plan on breastfeeding. The baby will have the extra antibiotics (immune system) from Mothers milk. This might keep your baby a bit safe but do what you’re comfortable. If I was you. I might will stay with zoom until things are better. And Congratulations

Nope… NO VISITORS!!! They can view through a closed window with being on speaker phone. You have to think about your babies safety over family and friends feelings. If they care and love you they will understand.


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Just zoom call face time ect xxx I ve not had a baby in these different times but don’t risk it xx

My baby was born in June and I let relatives see him. My mom, brother, MIL, FIL, uncle and aunt, and husband’s cousin all came within the first three days.

Just remember infants have no immune system. I would not allow people over till she is older. Most people already have covid for days when they start showing symptoms.

I wouldn’t risk it. And honestly, it’s nice to just have your newborn and your spouse after having a baby. Visitors are not all they’re cracked up to be after you force a person out of your body.

You and your family’s life are important, do not risk it.
I had my baby 4weeks ago and we haven’t had any visitors. I’ve just said to everyone ti wait till the infection rate is really really low before visiting.
I would suggest do a zoom call instead.
Please protect your baby especially.

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My daughter is due end of March. We all know there will be no visiting until this is under control and we all respect that. If any family members had Covid and didn’t know, we could never forgive ourselves if something happened. We can FaceTime and are comfortable only doing that. The risk is not worth it to us.