How can I be a good manager?

Okay I am and assistant gm at my local sonic and found out today that my gm has put his notice in and is leaving at the end of the month of June. With that being said him and our area supervisor are wanting me to take over. I have never been a manager until now. Does anyone know how to handle criticism properly and how to be a good manager? My current gm says he has gotten complaints about “my attitude” when in all honesty I am very passionate about my job but it sometimes comes out as attitude. I need help on fixing this without being a “push over”


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I be a good manager?

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To be a really good one, no one will like you,then you know your doing a great job,just kidding keep doing what you been doing it will be ok

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Look at the person who is leaving as a mentor. Everything you hate in that person don’t do that. Be the person who listens to the staff bit also can draw the line of friend and manager. Most of the time staff do what’s needed but do push the boundaries some times. Good luck


Listen to your employees be open

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ask ur emplayers what they want of their employment. what they enjoy doing & try to accommodate them. if ur employees aren’t happy w their job then they won’t be happy w you.

Create a box at your locations for “rants with resolutions” I always tell people, don’t just rant. Offer a possible resolution if you have a negative feeling. Also, don’t be afraid when speaking to apologize in advance if anything comes across as rude as it’s not meant to.

Adopt the current managers good aspects and be better than his less than desirable aspects … you will cop critics no matter what you do so don’t take it too much to heart

When someone comes to you with a problem or complaint, repeat it back to them. Say something like " let me see if I understand you correctly". A lot of times the problem is miscommunication. Don’t answer a question right away, think about what they are saying. Sometimes even saying " let me research that and get back to you", then follow through.


Some times you have to be tough, but also understanding. People will always work hard for you if they feel appreciated, needed and wanted. Also prove to them you’re not asking them to do anything you haven’t done. Focus on: quality control, that’s quality of food, environment, and people.

YouTube some managerial videos and etiquette

Always be firm, consistent, and fair. You can always be kind but if you start out too nice you will never be able to regain control. Also remember you are there to do a job not be everyone’s best friend. Be kind but enforce the rules and schedule. You’re going to piss people off and that’s ok but if you are firm, consistent, and fair you will earn more respect then you think.

I have been a manager in all my jobs ( different fields ) I have always been fair with hours and schedules, I do not show preference with any one, I’m very clear that I’m a boss first and not a friend or family ( my too sister worked with me and I fired both of them ) I lead by example and work as hard as the rest , if they look good , I look good

Personally good management will do anything that an employee wouldn’t do. Maybe look at customer service videos or management videos. Be assertive without demeaning them. It’s a balancing act, a good boss is one they want to come to work with you. Be fair, rotate, jobs schedules, etc. You can do it.

Ultimately be a team player…let the employees know you’re on the same side and always be willing to do whatever you ask them to do

Him wants you take over in your dreams.

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Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t expect them to do anything you yourself wouldn’t do yourself. Don’t demand direct; example don’t: go wipe down the counters. Try; I need you to wipe the counters please


Yup, a bit of kidness goes a very long way…

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I’ve personally never been a manager, but from a workers point of view, don’t belittle people or make them feel stupid for asking questions or making mistakes. Constructive criticism goes a long way.

Ask if there’s something he thinks you can work on. Not only will it give you some insight, but it’ll be a great opportunity to learn how to take criticism. Because no one likes hearing it, but if we can turn it into something constructive, without taking offence, it makes us better as people.
Also, listen to your employees, & make sure to tell them when they’re doing a good job. Thanking people & telling people they’re doing a good job really goes a long way. It makes people appreciate you more as a manager, because they feel appreciated! :black_heart:

You’re going to do a great job if you’re already asking how to be better. :blush:

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Always remember lead by example. People are more likely to work hard and respect you when they see you right in the trenches with them. My rule as management is don’t ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t want to do. And above all else make sure you let them know when they’re doing an awesome job and if they’re not then always critique away from other ears! If your crew feels appreciated by you they’ll go the extra mile everytime. If you can help it always be on the floor during busy hours because 1 way to case resentment is it be doing your office stuff while they’re slammed! I’ve worked in the food service for 20 years now started as a dishwasher and these are the things I’ve seen that make or break a GM. Good luck!!


First congratulations on your promotion!!My advice is compliment your team encourage them! At my fast food job hardly any manager compliments and I gets to me. Always greet employees like “hey good morning how are you doing today”. Genuinely listen to a employees concerns and complaints. I know costumers always come first but I always say if you treat your employees great and with respect you’ll get happy customers.


As a manager it pretty much does not matter how nice you are employees gonna talk crap anyway. But having said that just be willing to be in the trenches with your employees


Try to respond more with facts than emotion

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As a manager I prided myself as being a trench manager. I never asked anyone on my team to do something i didn’t know how or wouldn’t do myself. I was open and clear with them. I listen and asked for advice and suggestions. I treated the with respect and was real. I had to learn to watch my tone as I can be matter of fact and it came come off rude.

Congratulations! Golden Rule, treat people how you would want to be treated! You are going to be an awesome manager.

listen and care for your employees and remember they are looking for leadership not dictatorship!

Never ask an employee to do something that you yourself are unwilling to do. Always use the “sandwich” method to teach someone - give a compliment of something they’ve done right, provide feedback of what needs to be corrected, end on another positive remark. Remember that you are in charge but not better than anyone else working there. Never talk AT your employees, talk TO them, there should never be a reason to yell or talk down them. Remember that mistakes will happen, everything is a teachable moment including for yourself. And lastly, don’t make up answers- if you don’t know something just admit that you aren’t sure but will find out and get back to them. If you’ll be do scheduling, try to set clear expectations for time off. (For example, only 2 people per day can be guaranteed off, use a calendar to write in requests in order of how they’re received, don’t pick and choose. Anyone past the 2 person limit you’ll do your best but cannot guarantee anything). Good luck!


Make sure you know what a lead is and their role…. Always led by example and be a team player… whatever you ask of you team make sure you are willing to do as well… don’t take things personal… don’t focus on things that are out of your control… your team has a voice and their opinions matter…be available to them and for them… listen to understand and not to just respond… remember the things you wanted and you looked for when in a lower position…like thank you or you’re doing a great job …praise and critique all in the same convo…you got this

I was a gm for 10 years. Be kind, always say please and thank you. Lead by example and show people how to complete tasks 1 on 1 and answer any questions. Don’t dictate tasks to people while you aren’t doing anything yourself.

Hold a store meeting to set expectations :heart:

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Be empathetic, listen to what your employees are saying to you! Remember everyone handles every situation differently. Have compassion. Remember they have families! Relate to your employees! Talk to them about things other than work and let them know you’re there for them!

Be consistent, dont over explain, state facts, dont involve emotion, dont react

I always at my job apologize if I even remotely believe I might have sounded snappy or rude. “Thank you” goes a long way as well. Even if another batista is handing me someone else’s order, I always say thank you. I work with a smile. It really helps goes a long way. And by saying something with a smile, it makes you sound alot more cheery, even if you aren’t feeling so.

Don’t treat your employees like you are “babysitting” a lot of attitude complaints are mostly because of tone of voice. Be friendly and open but make sure to retain respect

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Honestly just treat the employees the way you want to be treated. They will love to come to qork every day if there is a good work setting and not a bunch of yelling and fighting

Always lead from the front!! When your team sees you work hard they will follow your lead! Set the standards from the very beginning and be the same every day. People thrive on structure.