How can I convince my husband kids need a helmet when they ride a bike?

Due in Feb. After my husbands younger brother got a concussion while riding his bike without a helmet the other day I jokingly told my husband I was going to be a mean mom and make our children wear helmets. He disagreed, I’m actually really surprised considering how much of a worrier he is. Obviously he won’t have a choice because the safety of our children come first, but does anyone know of any statistics or personal stories of head injuries among children who weren’t wearing helmets? Just trying to school him a little. TIA


You shouldn’t have to convince a grown adult the importance of a helmet on children. Just put it on them, he’ll be grateful when it protects them.


Definitely look into your state’s laws (assuming you’re in the US); they might do the work for you. In my state, as well as many others, minors are required to wear a helmet.
Aside from that…I wouldn’t make a big deal about it yet. Right now, your baby is more real to you than it is to him because you’re the one feeling them, etc. He’s still in the “hypothetical” parenting stage, where he hasn’t connected all the dots just yet. When they’re here and he’s holding this tiny, fragile creature whose safety is now his responsibility…his tune might change all on its own. If it doesn’t, you’ve still got a few years before it’ll be an issue.

Make them wear a helmet. I, as an adult, went biking with my kids. I skidded and fell hitting my helmet on the curb. My helmet was totaled. A huge split on the right side of the helmet. My kids saw it. They and I wear helmets.

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Cost of a helmet vs cost of an ER trip for not wearing one and having an accident


The law was passed in 1992 and covered riders and passengers under the age of 14. As of January 2022, 21 states and the District of Columbia, as well as over 201 municipalities and counties, had bicycle helmet laws. State laws range from covering bicyclists age 11 or younger to covering bicyclists age 17 or younger.

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Your thought process is all wrong…don’t be a mean mom…start them young…then it will be no big deal…my granddaughter rides her bike in my house and insists on wearing her frozen helmet…


I’m here to add the knee pads and elbow pads are super important too. I flew over my handlebars as a child (with no helmet or safety pads) and landed on my knee in gravel. Chipped my knee bone and split it wide open, they picked gravel out of it for hours… had to get 3 stitches & be on crutches for weeks :sweat_smile:

So wen he gets hurt and he cracks his head open or bumped his head is he not gonna care ?? You would have to take him to the ER and then explain to them who was the one that didn’t wan him to wear a helmet 

I was in a bicycle accident when I was about 10 years old. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet. Doctor told my mom it saved my life. I still wear a helmet as an adult to this day when I ride a bike.

It might just be that you worded it wrong. No one wants a mean mom. Plus your baby isn’t even born yet, don’t fight over things that won’t happen soon. Maybe your kids won’t like to ride a bike.

In my state children have to wear a helmet or the parents can be given a ticket.

when i was a kid it was against the law to let your child ride without a helmet we had a cop stop and give my parents money to buy one told my dad next time he’d get a ticket for me not having one on

Just put your foot down and insist

It’s great you want to put safety first & teach your child to wear helmets. However wearing helmets (wearing seat belts, using car seats etc) mean nothing if you don’t do it correctly. Keep that in mind & frequent bike rodeos (car seat checks etc) to make sure. I’m always checking my kids helmets. My oldest complained it was uncomfortable so his cousin “fixed it”. He fell off his bike & got a good egg on his head. If the helmet was on correctly he would’ve been protected. My youngest did the same. He loosened it & ran into a parked car.

As for your husband I’d contact your local SafeKids campaign. I’m sure they’d be happy to send him info. The local police department might too.

Get the helmets and make them wear them.

Bicycle Helmet Laws For Kids Listed By State - Rascal Rides.

He shouldn’t need schooling, especially after his brother got concussion with no helmet. What more of an outcome dose he need?!

Shoot have states have a law mandating helmets… look up your state. In in NJ. And it’s a mandate…

Do y’all have older children that makes this relevant or are you referring to the unborn child

Approximately 11 years ago, my friend went out to test drive a motorcycle. He wasn’t wearing a helmet because “I’ll be right back”. He’s now paralyzed and has to be in a wheelchair. His speech is also not the same. He doesn’t even look like himself anymore. My boyfriend’s favorite saying is “You want to know the difference between wearing a helmet or not? That depends on whether or not you want an open casket or a closed one.”

I know those examples are for motorcycles but pedal bikes can be just as dangerous. Always, always, always wear a helmet.

In North Carolina it’s a law. Kids have to wear helmets