How can I convince my husband our daughter needs a cell phone?

Can I get a list of reasons for my husband that our teenage daughter (14) who walks from school to home every single day and comes home while we are at work NEEDS A PHONE…he is trying to say she doesnt and doesnt want her on social media which i get but i feel lik ea phone is needed fo rher safety too…HELP


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I convince my husband our daughter needs a cell phone?

Something basic… doesn’t have to be a smart phone!!


Easy, flip phone for emergency


Get her one of those kids phones that can only dial like 6 numbers and can’t access apps and stuff :woman_shrugging:


Well if y’all don’t want her on social media get her an old school flip phone and an air tag if you have a iPhone :grin: if she walks home I would definitely agree that she should have one the world we live in is too dangerous nowadays…


Just get her a phone with minutes that does what it needs to do for emergencies or have access to her phone to block things/see what she’s doing :woman_shrugging:t2:

You don’t need your husbands permission to get your daughter a phone. Just get her a cheap flip phone from Walmart then she can’t get on social media etc just calls and texts.


Do you know of any social workers who can explain the importance. I know that’s a mandatory if you leave your kids home alone in my area.

U don’t. It’s the worse thing that I have ever did

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Yeah she definitely needs one if she’s walking. Doesn’t have to include internet etc.

You can buy it and hand it to her.


Flip phone, no internet, problem solved. Phone to be used for calling and that is it.


You can always restrict apps and limit time via passcode but she should most definitely have a phone for safety. I’m sorry for me she would have one no matter what. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye and she needs to reach your or 911 in emergencies.

I personally think 14 is too young for social media. People are insane on the internet now and there’s a lot of weird stuff on there.

I do think she should have a device for emergencies. They have phone types things like fireflies that you can program only to call a few numbers for emergencies.

I would look into some type of device for her safety.

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In times l8ke theses kids need a cell phone. The first phone my girls got was a trac phone.


Get her a prepaid phone

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If she’s walking alone, she needs one. Simple as can be. Simple flip phone, boom no social media,
Or get a plan withou data


I’m with him… just have a land line at the house for when she’s home


Have some ground rules.
No social media, no internet, start with a prepaid maybe. Show she’s responsible.

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Google search Molly Bish…there’s your reason.

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She’s 14… get her a phone like everyone else has. It’s normal. It’s really not that huge of a deal.


Let him watch the news!

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I use a parenting app called OurPact for our 15 year old. It controls everything, and she’s not allowed to have social media.

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Once in high school yes :100:
Just set age appropriate boundaries :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just put calling on it, most likely she already has a computer and access one way or another,

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She definitely needs a phone at that age! And with walking home to and from school. Dad needs to be more concerned with her safety

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She can have a phone and not use social media. My daughter has had a phone since she was 12 for safety reasons. Explain how helpful it would be in an emergency and then get her one anyway tbh


My daughter also walks to and from school I have her text me both ways so I know she made it! Now days you never know who can grab them. Plus when she walks to her friends house I like to know when she get there and she is safe! For safety!

We use the gizmo watch. We can put 10 phine numbers in it.

If she’s staying home alone, walking home alone etc. I would say a phone yes but you can get one without internet for just calls and texts

Get her a phone for just calling on nothing with all the frills.


She needs one for safety for sure! Peace of mind for parents! When she gets it download Life 360!


As a person who fell when out for a walk and broke her wrist get her A phone

Simple no smart phone. One that just calls and texts. That way she can do check ins and not have access to internet on the phone.


Just give it to her for her walk home and then have her put it in your room. Why is she too young for social media?

My 11 yr old has a phone bc she has to walk a little distance from the bus stop. Ppl are crazy and too much child trafficking happening now. I need to know if she makes it home in the afternoon

Yea I wouldn’t let her walk without having a phone


If she’s walking to school and from. Yes she needs one, and I would just get her one myself if she were my child and tell her it’s for emergency use. Or if she’s with friends. Get her a simple phone. He needs to realize how important it is for her to have one!!!


She absolutely needs a phone for safety. My 8 year old has a phone to take with her to school to contact me in an emergency. The world is insane you can’t be too careful w your babies.


Doesn’t he know they still make prepaid flip phones. Just phone service. No internet

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Tell him to call the phone co and get a land line if he doesn’t want her in social although I think they have computers in school so if she wants social she’ll get it I’m sure she has friends more than willing to help her out dad needs to get his head out of the sand and stop being a control freak smh

Just get a phone for her. You can use parental control apps to make sure she isn’t using what she isn’t supposed to.

You can get your child a phone and not allow them on social media… On my kids, phones and devices they can’t download anything without sending a request to my husbands phone and him having to put in his password to approve it. And ask for the phone in general, if she’s 14 and walking home from school alone That right there is the biggest reason. Anything can happen on that walk and if she has the phone she can call for help or at the very least be tracked. my daughter is 13 and has a phone, she can call us from school to say she staying after and last school year was able to call and tell us she was left on her school bus because the bus driver never saw her get on the bus. Thankfully, he came back out to do his sweep of the bus and saw her And brought her home but because she had her phone she was able to call me and tell me what was going on. 

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Moochie watch. Have a research. They are good for young kids who parents necessarily don’t want them on social media… mine have 1 and it has location apps. And SOS button in case of emergencies. Calling. Video calls. Camera.

Flip phone. Only calls and text. No web.


360 tracks her, for her safety, also you can monitor her texts

Get her a flip phone. They make them where you can’t access the internet.
It’s the phone my 12yr old is getting at 13. These kids don’t need social media. I’m 100% with him on that.

My daughter and son both have phones 15 & 16 they can text and call that’s it but like u say safety reasons definitely need them we live rural where everything is pretty much half hr to 45 mins we also have a landline for the young lad obviously old enough to stay home by himself we’re a busy family everyone needs communication

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Buy it for her and you can both agree to disagree.

You can get her a phone & still not let her have social media.

They still do have flip phones with no internet so she can’t have social media.

I mean… there once was no such thing as mobile phones and we all got by just fine however stopping a 14 year old from not having one is in this day and age going to turn her against you. This generation of kids are entitled spoilt brats🤷‍♀️

Pinwheel, Gab, Troomi are all carriers who have phone for kids with only certain apps

I 14 year old a phone and attached it to my phone thru family link. You can see where she’s at, what shes doing on her phone and turn it on and off all from my phone. Approve or deny apps she wants to down load. It’s great.


There are still cell phones without internet

All my great grandchildren ages 10 and up have mobile phones :iphone: with parental control too. Especially for school :school: when on school :bus: bus, what if accidents happen, or like crazy school shootings.?

Just do it. It’s important to me. My son is 10, he has a phone. He doesn’t use a lot of social media, he has snap chat but that’s to interact with his sisters. However, I feel more at ease knowing he can call me anytime of the day that he is not with me. Now days the world is absolutely nuts. Better to be safe than sorry.

She is responsible??If so, get her a phone :phone:

Like during a school shooting having a cell phone would come in handy

She needs one in that situation, u can block her on alot stuff

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I was a single mom for many years and my girls had cell phones (oldest 4th grade, youngest 3rd grade). They were basic and it was to call/text me when they got home, as I was still at work. Everyone is different, but make the decision that is best for your family.


I get what he is saying 100percent I myself gave my child a cellphone too early , but times have changed and it’s dangerous out there she’s 14

I would go get her one anyway …. He can’t argue with a flip phone or get her a watch she can call from .


I hope he realizes that she is probably on social media with or without her own phone, kids do find ways. But I agree with you she needs a phone when she is walking and when she is home alone.

The older flip phones still exist. Get her one of those. Or a landline so she can call when home.

Wow!! I can’t imagine not allowing your teenager to have a phone!! I have 3 girls, all of which received a phone in 6th grade. It’s a lifeline… It’s a necessity!!

Safety is foremost… you can add tracking to know where she is…
Research Parental Controls to ease his mind…
Understand his concerns are valid… you have to bring your valid ones, too.
Also talk to your daughter that she needs to be open n accepting of her father’s love n concerns over cyber bullying and exposure to the dark sides of the world… sex trafficking, catfishing, etc… and that as a minor. her parents will demand access.

I mean you can get a phone without internet use or limit their data.
Phones are not only used for social media

You can get her a basic phone without internet access for safety reasons and still keep her off social media


There is apps where parents can control what kids can and can’t do on there phone all my children have phones for the pure fact if they need to contact us for any reason they can , it’s a safety precaution for us and our children , sit down and have a good talk with your husband and explain what it will be for etc ,

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Why are you seeking his permission?
She doesn’t have to be on social media, at all. Y’all can get her a basic phone or restrict her phone. But it’s definitely needed at that age for safety purposes.

My daughter is 13 and has a phone for similar reasons. We have parental controls through Google family link and all social media sites are blocked. She has to have approval for apps. It’s pretty easy to monitor the stuff. She’s fine with the controls and is happy to be able to text and call her friends. But we also have controls on for when she can use the phone. Not during the school day except for to approved numbers (parents) not after 9 at night, and then it turns on again at 6 am or else she would be up texting all night lol

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With today’s world get her a phone

I’m glad my 14yr old at the time had her phone or I would have never known there was a kid pointing a gun at another kid. I had my spouse run an get her he was there before police cause texted me immediately. They hadn’t even done a lock down cause they wouldn’t confirm it even though multiple kids reported it and called cops. After her got her lock down happened and later on we got an email saying it wasn’t a credited threat. My daughter had a photo of the situation.


Flip phone is a good compermise

A phone can be tracked. Police can find her exact location, if needed. Police can ping where her phone was through a day, if ever needed. There’s nothing wrong with a teen having a phone, just don’t let her download the social media apps. It’s that simple.

Why not start with a tracphone or something? So she can make calls but doesn’t have access to internet or anything. They also have apps to block different sites.

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Look into Gabb Wireless. They’re a cell phone provider that has a phone with no apps or internet. She would only be able to call and text. Plus the phone has tracking. It’s only $35 a month. I have it for my child and we love the peace of mind.

The fact that she walks to and from school is alone enough reason for her to have a cell phone.

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Yes she does there is an option on the phone for parent control you can block sites you don’t want her on

I didnt allow my kids to have a cell phone until they could afford it themselves. They got jobs at 14 and 15 to pay for it.

Make him a deal. If she gets a job and pays for it and minutes every month her self she can have one. If she quits her job she loses her phone. You guys have the right to constantly check her phone. You have to onow all her passwords and can and will do unanounced phone checks.

Yes kids can get jobs at 14. My 14 yr okd works at a thrift store.

There are so many Parental control apps out there. If this is something you feel strongly about then he needs to compromise.

When my daughter started Jr High this year, my husband and I agreed that walking to and from school was reason enough for her to have a (simple flip-)phone of her own.

The cost is well worth the peace of mind knowing that she can contact us or other trusted adults in the event of an emergency.

Ok then a flip phone or get a smart phone and parental control it so she can’t download apps or access the internet on it or something.

You stated the reasons it’s a good idea in this post! If she’s walking alone esp in todays world she should have a phone. If she’s home alone at all she should have a phone. It’s safety and there are really nasty sick people in this world! She doesn’t have to have social media and even some have a parental control option but theres always basic call and text.


Apple allows for parents to control a child account. If they request an app and you don’t want them to have it deny it. You can also have times for phone use and lock it down when it shouldn’t be in use. I have one kid who’s devises stop working from 8pm to 8am. But 14 a little late not to have a phone.

They still sell flip phones. They call or text and no internet access at all.


Gabb phone. Perfect compromise. It has talk and text but no apps or internet. Also has a GPS tracker, geofence, a sound button from the app on your phone incase it gets lost and its cheap monthly. I have one for my 11 year old and my 9 year old and a gabb watch for my almost 7 year old.

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Buy a prepaid phone that has no data

She most definitely needs one especially since she walks home from school. Too much going on in these days and time for her to be walking home without a phone.

Track phone, flip phone, apple tracking devices, I think there might be those kids phones still where it only contacts mom/dad/police

My daughter has a phone and she’s 11. So does my 14 year old son. They get themselves home after school. I need to have communication with them.

I have bad anxiety but the way I convinced my husband was by telling him about my anxiety over never being able to get ahold of my son or know where he is ever. He also walks to and from school. He has also been jumped once and the reasoning for it was “just because” he doesn’t really get bullied. The kid that did it is a bully and trouble maker towards everyone. My son just happened to be the one that ran into him and his friends that day. So that whole thing played a big factor too

It’s much easier and safer for kids to have a cellphone now a day.

Get her a flip phone


What’s nice about cell phones is you can track where your kids are in case of emergency. She needs one if she walks home from school for her safety and your peace of mind.All 4 of kids had one in middle school and High School .In this world you need a cellphone m


She doesn’t necessarily gotta have a smart phone


Omg get that girl a phone!!

Safety for sure. When she is home alone. When she needs a ride somewhere. Block social media. Can you do that? Or restrict it?