How can I cope with morning sickness?

I’m 13 weeks along, and the past few days have experienced morning sickness like no other. It lasts throughout the day and gets worse in the evening. Today I called the nurse(my regular nurse was out today?and let her know the deal, she told me to pick up some Unisom and take it 3 times a day?
I wanted suggestions of how to deal with it, and advice on things to do so I can at least keep some nutrients in my body. I didn’t want to be told to take a sleep aid 3 times a day.

So, my question to you momma’s out there is, what can I do to slow it down or manage it?
What can be done to make things tolerable again?
And last but not least will it ever go away? Lol

I took non drowsy Benadryl daily through morning sickness stage. Worked like a charm most of the time. Some days there was just no help. 🤷

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Unisom is known to help decrease morning sickness. You could try 1/2 tablets instead of whole. Also vitamin B6. Seasick bands helped me too, I’m 12 1/2 weeks with #5.

& sorry but I think you need new nurses/doctors.

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I had it bad for the first 6 months with each of my 3 kids and honestly nothing helped but waiting it out, lol sorry. For most women though, eventually it DOES go away. How does a sleep aid help w/ morning sickness? My doctors always just told me to deal with it, it’s part of being pregnant.

Definitly Gatorade I had morning sickness my entire pregnancy and for me that was the only thing that helped


I don’t know. Nothing ever worked for me. I had it bad all day everyday for 5 months. I did lose some weight but was able to gain some back after it finally stopped.

I’ve had morning sickness this whole pregnancy, I tried everything the doctor told me to try and nothing really helped me. All I’ve done is try to stay hydrated and hope for the best. I froze Pedialyte in an ice cube tray and just sucked on those and it helped some. I really hope it gets better! Morning sickness is the worst

It will go away… usually. :blush: I’m at 19 weeks and still have things that trigger me to get sick. The constant nausea is gone though and I can finally function. I drank a lot of ginger ale and water. It was so severe at one point that my doctor prescribed Zofran. I took it a few times when it was impossible to even go to work. Just hang in there! It will pass!

Try preggie pops from Amazon or seasick bands. They helped my daughter

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I was prescribed Diclegis (sp?) by my doctor when nothing else worked. It finally did the trick and I was able to get things done during the day

I was super sick for the first 4 months!!! Like constant stomach flu sick. I just toughed it out though. I ate crackers or toast. I ate small portions but all throughout the day.

What I did was candied ginger… tastes gross but will settle your stomach

I take the Unisom 12mg morning and night and the b6 vitiman 3x a day. Helps tremendously!!!

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Unisom + vitamin b6 is the same thing as Diclegious (I’m sure I spelled that wrong), which is an anti-nausea medication. Idk about 3x a day…I’d start with 1 just to see how it effects you.

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The smell of peppermint usually help ( obviously some pregnant women can’t stand the smell of it)

Cinnamon gum!! I probably chewed 10 packs a week but it worked!

I took half a Unisom and b6 at night, it helped me sleep and helped get rid of the morning/all day sickness. Before I learned about that I took zofran, I love it because it works instantly!

Peppermint candy and also whole kosher dill pickles helped me alot

Crackers and Gatorade

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Eating watermelon worked wonders for me. I had horrible morning sickness for months with my first baby. Watermelon is natural, keeps u hydrated, and naturally helps with nausea!:woman_shrugging: worth a shot!:blush: good luck, hang in there momma it’ll pass!

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Protein…when I was pregnant with my daughter, I got sick when my stomach would get empty. I would eat lots of healthy snacks (protein bars, fruit cups, trail mix, etc.) throughout the day. Water made me sick because it doesn’t dissolve quickly, it sits on your stomach, so I could only drink Powerade or Gatorade and mainly the lemon ones.

Sea bands from the pharmacy section help a lot and if it’s really bad like all 3 of my pregnancies get zofran. Dont listen to hearsay about birth defects. I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and my other children were perfectly healthy. Your doctor would not prescribe it if it was not ok. I take 1 tiny pill each night

Seabands. I was sick my entire pregnancy and that’s the only thing that helped.

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I had morning sickness terribly it barely started slowing down I’m 11weeks I try to keep something in my stomach at all times and avoid getting that hungry feeling I snack on things through out the day along with the 3 regular meals a day peppermint didn’t help ginger ale didn’t work and I found that helpful

I was sick through the whole entire pregnancy at one point the only things that I could keep down was hot Coca-Cola barbecue chips I’m pregnant with my second daughter and had hardly any sickness try the room temperature Coca-Cola the fizziness made me burp and that helped …

My wife ate crackers before she even tried to get out of bed

Fan adds

that nothing was ever mentioned about taking the vitamin with the unisom, (as I stated it wasn’t my regular nurse who I spoke to) she also told me to take one unisom before even getting out of bed in the mornings. Which was strange and unusual to me. Lol I’ve had 3 other pregnancies and have never had morning sickness like this. Even the thought or site of food makes me nauseous and vomit.
Thank you all so far for your advice and input, I truly appreciate bit. And I’m also seeing one of the best doctor’s in my area, as I’ve had two prior miscarriages to this pregnancy and was referred to him by my regular doctor, as stated they were both out of the office yesterday when I had phoned.

Honestly the only thing that worked for me during my 2nd pregnancy was Oreo milkshakes. Everything else I tried to eat came right back up, even crackers and pretzels. Sometimes you just have to find that one thing that stays down and wait for the morning sickness phase to pass.

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I wouldn’t take sleeping pills 3xs a day! I’d get a 2nd opinion.

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It’s just a pregnancy thing! Both my pregnancies I was sick the whole 9 months! Nothing worked for me! Hope you find something that helped! I just toughened it out && had to be excused to throw up 24/7

I am 13 weeks too and I take 25mg of vitamin b6 and half a Unisom every night before bed and I can function without getting sick for most of the day. If I don’t take it I am sick all day long. It has helped me tremendously!

I lived on ginger pills for my last pregnancy they worked amazingly

Why would they tell u to take that!? Crackers as soon as u get up, Gatorade, you r feeling sick because the baby is hungry , tums can help a little , eat a cracker and water u will feel a little better than can eat a meal u should eat a bunch of small meals all day long

So breast feeding women shouldn’t take unisom but a pregnant women can take it :thinking:

I found chewing gum great for my morning sickness and I read somewhere that love heart sweets r spos to b great aswel

My OB prescribed Zantac for my morning sickness then bumped me up to compazine. The compazine has been a life saver

My second pregnancy was horrible with sickness. Then a friend told me just to buy peppermint candy and suck on it. I have no idea how it helped but it totally did

I was told unisome twice a day and b6 4 times a day. Trust me it helps. If you only take the unisome at bed time at first it helps. Doesnt harm the baby

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Just keep trying things, mints and green apples helped me,

They have preggo pops it’s like suckers for morning sickness usually and maternity store carries them or you can order them online

Try different things and only eat very small portions. In my 2nd pregnancy i had to literally search for something that didnt make me nautious, which was eventually gatorade and grahm crackers… good luck!

Put a bottle of pedialyte near your bed and a package of crackers. Take sips and crackers before you get out of bed every morning. Keep taking pedialyte anytime you feel sick! I also took a pure ginger pill every morning

I was given this by my nurse for help with sickness.

The only thing I could keep down the first 4 months of my pregnancy was chicken noodle soup with lots of saltine crackers. Everything else would come right back up. My dr recommended taking a b6 vitamin to help with nausea

For me staying ahead of my hunger helped with the nausea. If I didn’t eat every couple of hours (light snacks) I would feel awful. Water also helped. I would drink more than 100 oz a day.

I hate ginger so that always made me nauseous. Toothpaste made me sick as well so instead of using toothpaste I would brush with water and swish with mouthwash. My dentist said a little is better than nothing.

I have to take prescribed nausea meds every day. I’m 14 weeks. I’ve had to with all 3. Hope it gets better!!

Crackers and tums were my best friend when I was pregnant

I had to take diclegis which is basically B6 and unisom together. My first pregnancy I didn’t have morning sickness that was too terrible, I knew certain things triggered it or made it worse for me. My second pregnancy nothing worked but diclegis so I was okay spending the $40 a month on the RX. I never once felt sick while on it.

Probably not a great suggestion but a small drink of coke a cola helped or crackers didn’t matter what sort , or if I felt sick I’d try eat slowly and it would go

When I was 6-10 weeks pregnant I could not keep anything down no matter what I did. I could only eat crackers, cereals and other dry things.
Lime or lemon soda is amazing too.

B6 tablets and unisom was they only thing that worked for me. Preggo pops didn’t do anything. I didn’t want to take the zofran cause I heard it causes birth defects.

If you have a nutrition store near by, get some ginger chews

A glass of tomato juice right after getting up in the morning was the only thing that ever helped me.

Ginger, blueberries, peppermint all used for upset stomach soda crackers 7up not Sprite, dry toast.

Turkey breast worked wonders for me

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I suffered morning sickness for 4 months constant, an tried ginger nut biscuits they helped along with toast, an plenty of milk! Oh an Rennie heart burn tablets

unisom and b6. also peppermint candies. zofran phenagan is the prescribed meds for nausea. tums I was on all this and it turned out to be something more serious. have your ob check gallbladder.

Personally I wouldn’t take any drugs if I didn’t need to during my pregnancy, I was prescribed declectin I believe and I started throwing up in my sleep, so I used ginger candies (pure ginger with hint of flavour work best) peppermint tea, and I kept crackers in bed so I could mow down the minute I woke up, also if your just really sick in the morning I suggest drinking lots of water before you puke so that’s all that you throw up and then you’ll be able to eat and drink again. Everyone’s different though :slightly_smiling_face: