How can I cope with my health issues?

Okay, I got diagnosed with PCOS a few years back. Now recently now I noticed a lump on my neck. The doctor is saying its Thyroids? The testing is tomorrow. With this, I have rapid weight gain and never had an issue with weight before then bam. Dieting and exercising aren’t helping as much. Plus, I cut my hair two years back really short, and all I got is the length of now is little under my ears. It’s been hard lately, and plus, I’m a single mama of five kids. I’m trying to take of my health to be here long enough for my kids. With these two things going on, anyone has any issues? Weight gain? Hair loss? How can I cope with it? I’m so lost, and no, I have no family. Am I feeling tired a lot? Teeth loss?? Any advice will help me get through it.


Look into Hashimotos hypothyroidism.

If it is your thyroid then they will probably do ultrasound and extract the fluids ( this doesn’t hurt at all and takes about 5 mins I’ve had mine drained 4 ish times ) they may also do a biopsy (also doesn’t hurt and takes very little time) and then medication will help with the hair loss and weight gain.

If it is thyroid disease, all of your problems should get better when they start treating you for it. And your thyroid levels are back to a good number. My mom and sister both have thyroid disease. They will closely monitor your levels and give you medication that will make a huge difference. Good luck!

Weight gain and hair loss are the biggest two symptoms of thyroid issues, it is treatable but not curable like diabetes. Once you get a good treatment going you will feel better.

Sounds like hashimotos ive had this since 1995 . Diagnosed after weight gain 27kgs and tiredness to the point i struggled to wake myself up

Don’t be surprised if the thyroid comes back normal. Weight gain and hair loss are common PCOS symptoms. I have PCOS have tiredness hair loss weight gain hair growth on my face and chest high insulin levels irregular periods

I was hypothyroid for years. I had all those symptoms. I was put on medication for it and things rapidly improved. It was crazy! After a few years it evened out on its own and now I am off medication and just check yearly some lab work. It isn’t too bad to manage in my experience. I’ve always struggled with weight,but there really is no fighting the weight gain when you are hypothyroid. It’s much easier now.

I was diagnosed with PCOS 9 years ago and I was diagnosed with thyroid issues this year. I have all the symptoms. Missed periods, hair loss, hair growth (beard), weight gain, etc. I was put on metformin and it has not helped. I recently read a study about no dairy with people with PCOS. It is because dairy raises your insulin levels which raises your hormone levels. Gluten does the same thing. I have gone dairy free for about a month now and I have lost 7-8 lbs. I don’t have to shave every day (my beard) and my hair has stopped coming out as much. I feel so much better on it and not as bloated.


All symptoms are of pcos. Treat the pcos first, get some counseling for the stress, and most importantly. Draw nearer to God and pray. Your prayers will be answered. So sorry your having a difficult time. Will difinitely keep you in prayer. GOD IS GOOD!

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I just had biopsy on two nodules on my thyroid. No results yet.but it was a little pain but easy .no big deal .I do not know what pockets though?

Make sure you get a blood test of all vitamin levels. A severe deficit can cause serious side effects.

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Avoid dairy and fried foods as much as you can…Diet makes a huge difference

I got post pregnancy hypothyroidism which gave me tons of hair loss, memory problems, low energy, heavy cramping/periods and weight gain. My meds changed all of it and I feel amazing now.
I originally chalked all my symptoms as normal post pregnancy things until I went to see my OB about my cycle issues. My thyroid levels were off the chart.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 22 years old.

I struggled and fought my whole life with my weight and major belly fat!

This last year I started taking it very seriously! I’ve lost 90 lbs so far and hormonally I now have 0 remaining signs of PCOS!

I’m ovulating like a normal person again, the weird hair growth has gone away, and I am down over 90 lbs!!

If you would like to ask any questions… let me know!!


I’m always exhausted because of that and the doctors don’t know what to tell me. They did blood work on me last week will get the results tomorrow. I hope they can find a solution to all the problems from PCOS and diabetes. I wish I had an answer for you.

Ditto. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and most of your symptoms mirror mine. The endocrinologist has put me on a low dose of levothyroxine and it has helped but not with the swelling on my throat. Good luck and try to stay positive.

It sort of sounds like you could have hypothyroidism. You need to get blood work done to check your t4 levels. Its a hormonal imbalance. They put you on medication to help balance your hormones. I had the opposite, hyperthyroidism.

You can message me if you want. I have both PCOS and hashimotos (underactive thyroid). I literally went on a 1200 calorie a day diet for a month and was at the gym at least once a day (sometimes twice) taking all sorts of classes (yoga, barre, les Mils body pump, abs, cycling, Zumba) and literally only lost 5lbs. I’ve had bald spots in my head from hair loss with my thyroid. It sucks. Gain weight so easily. I totally get the frustration and everything.

With pcos my doc has put me on birth control it has removed the pain but I’m constantly changing the birth control.

Going through alot of this. Hang in there.

Very possible that it is your thyroid. All these symptoms I experienced when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis.

I have hypothyroidism. I lost a bunch of my hair. And have gained 40 lbs in less than a year. I eat healthy. I cant stop gaining. Im on 25 mcg euthyrox. Get a good dr! And see an endocrinologist if you are hypo. Im miserable and my doctor wont change anything. Because my levels are “normal” now. But i dont feel any better. GET A GOOD DOCTOR if you dont already have one.