How Can I Discipline a 2-YO Child I Babysit?

Time outs really worked for me or give separate toys, and also i would speak with the mother and father about what there child is doing .

Please ask the parents of the child and not strangers on the internet. If you can’t handle him then stop watching him. I have watched a child that I couldn’t handle so I simply told her grandma that it wasn’t working out.


Always explain that taking something that is not his is wrong but do it in a serious way “we never take things that are not ours” show him what he may play with and what he may not play with after redirecting a few times he should understand but also understand that a 2 yr old is a baby and still will always want what ever everyone else is playing with

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If one kid takes something from another kid you take it back and give it back to the one who had it.

Maybe give him some toys too? How mean can u be making a 2 year old watching another child play with toys but not allowing him any!


I babysit and I tell her “No” firmly. And we have a time out chair. So both ways work. She’s 16 months.

Ask there parents if it’s ok if u even punish there child first and this is not something u should be getting advise about on Facebook and it’s something u need to be careful with I know if someone tried to punish my child with out me asking first I would raise hell and it would not turn out good for the person baby sitting my kid

How do the parents discipline at home? Communication in a situation like this is important. A child needs consistency in their discipline. If the parents don’t, and don’t want you to discipline them… Maybe you aren’t the right babysitter for them, especially if it is causing problems with other children around.

If it’s a child you are caring for I would discuss it with their parent.

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Ask the parent how they discipline so the kid doesn’t get confused.

Time out for a few min.

Well tech your kids and the other kids to share when I was a nanny I watched 4 little girls and had my 2 as well 3 toddlers but if one of the girls had a toy first and my son snatched it I’d take from him and give it back and if they kept fighting I’d take that toy away and find something they could share together and I’d also sit down with them and play with them showing them how to ask for toys and how to say pleas and thank you it does wonders if you get down to there level and show them throu play


Teach him to share. If he wants something she has tell him they can take turns and right now it’s her turn. Just make sure he gets a turn too. Or tell him he can see if she’d like to trade for another toy, but if she says no to wait until she is done. If that doesn’t work time outs. Two minutes in the corner or sitting down. Then let him up to play again. Just make sure you’re consistent.

First , I’d speak to the parents before speaking to us! Secondly Honey if you want to punish a 2 year old for not sharing you should not be “babysitting” they are still in the learning stage . Which means they just need to be taught and anyone around them needs to be consistant with the teaching. Believe it or not some parents only have one child that does sit in a room and play with themselves and their toys all day. Sharing is a learning behavior. He just needs to know that sharing is a good thing!


You’re not the mother of the child so how about you ask the parents.

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That’s true kids do that at that age they really don’t know better so just try to teach him not to take the toy and to share

Or have him bring some of his own toys

Need more toys. Redirect the child no need to discipline.

He’s 2…no punishment is needed :unamused: Find ways of positively teaching him the right ways to play with other kids. And probably teaching your own kids how to play with a 2yr old, is a great idea.

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Ask thier parents what they feel is appropriate for their child and what they are comfortable with you doing :slightly_smiling_face: redirection has always worked for me. I also teach my kids to share & use positive feedback when they do

He may be young but some grace and courtesy lessons for all children go very far. Before you see this ‘negative’ behavior one day, sit with another child who is playing with a toy and say something in a positive tone like ‘Ooo Amy, I see you have the red car! I reaaaaally want to play with the red car but I will wait because right now it is your turn.’ Then simply sit and wait for your turn, when Amy is done playing with the car, spend a few moments playing with it then offer it to another child saying something like ‘I’ve had so much fun playing with this toy, would you like a turn?’ If not put it away properly. Implementing this kind of speech into your day to day life will help dramatically!