How can I explain to my christian family that I am pregnant from a one night stand?

Before I read any comments: I am a Christian, with that said! It shouldn’t matter what “happened”. They should support and love you.


If they are TRUE Christians, they will love and support you.
Tell them.


Last I knew there is only one judge and jury.

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Just tell them you are pregnant. You don’t need to get into so much details of how it happen. Its your life and you will take care of that baby and all the responsibilities that goes with the baby, not them. I am a Christian, and if one of my family will tell me the same, I would just say, congrats and good luck.

perhaps your Pastor could assist you

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U don’t have to say it was a one night stand. U can say that ur pregnant by a friend and even though the 2 of u don’t want to be in a romantic relationship together, y’all are on the same page about co parenting.

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